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23 Women Who Gave Their Stylists Full Control Over Their Makeovers

Have you ever wanted a new look, but had no idea how to make it happen?

You may want to start following Oxana Trunova. She's a makeup artist who specializes in doing makeovers that don't involve you at all! She picks the new looks and hair while her clients sit back, relax, and wait for her to work her magic.

This client wanted her personality to match her look.

This is such a fun makeover! Alena here wanted a look that expressed her true self. Oxana described Alena's desired look as "bright and positive," and she totally nailed it!

OMG, her hair.

Look at those CURLS! Catherine here didn't know what to do with her look — or her curls — so Oxana and her team dove right in. The new hair is stunning.

This new look is so sleek.

This is Arina. She waited a long time to work with Oxana, and it was worth the wait! Her new look is so professional and striking. Her brows look so good, too!

This client travelled a long way for this makeover!

This is Sveta, and she travelled from Paris to meet up with Oxana and her team! Her new hairstyle is GORGEOUS and totally modernized her look. She looks amazing.

The inspiration for this look was fun.

Natalia asked Oxana to make her look more fun. She said she was, "[...] tired of being just an aunt." Oxana and her team turned her look into something punk-like and fun!

This teacher wanted a brighter look.

She wanted to look brighter and more charming, so Oxana got to work! The shorter hair is very fun and such a teacher haircut. You gotta love it.

Pink hair, don't care.

This is Hope, and this is the look she chose for her wedding day! I love that she went for pinky-purple hair. It's super fun and such a young look.

This color refresh is great.

The new hair color here totally rejuvenated her look! The makeup really brightens her face up without being too heavy, and her brows look so good without being too dramatic!

I love this makeover!

Adding eyeliner and eyeshadow under her eyes really opened them up! The new hair is super pretty, too. The desired look here was "glam," and that's exactly what it is.

This new look is full of light.

I really love the use of light here. The darker hair makes her gorgeous skin pop, and I like that Oxana didn't shy away from doing a bright lip on her!

This interior designer got a look refresh.

Darkening her hair and changing the part totally changed the way Natalia looks! She seems way more confident now. I also love the eyeshadow they used on her, it's so soft!

This look so so sweet.

Olga here wanted a look that was romantic and feminine. Oxana and her crew updated her hair color and opened her eyes up with a smokey eyeshadow look!

Natalia here waited two years for her makeover.

Oxana decided to add drama to this makeover, and I love it. The eyeliner is dark and smokey, the glow is nice and bright, and the hair is so chic!

This client wanted an acne solution.

Oxana did some color correcting to make this client's acne disappear! The new eyeshadow really makes her eyes pop, and the new hair color is so flattering on her.

Time to get some movement back in this 'do!

Let's be honest: the style in the before photo was flat and needed an extra lift. Thankfully, with some help from Oxana, this look is fun and full of life again!

Loving this client's new, bold red color!

Experimenting with hair colors is an experience that is both terrifying and exciting. It could go horribly wrong or, like in this case, it could go so, so right. Is this the color for fall? I think it is.

Time for a big chop!

Some people are very attached to their long hair and I get that. It can be scary to do a big chop! I think more often than not, many people with long hair simply don't know how to style it or what would look best. That's where Oxana steps in. Sometimes all you need is a professional's eye.

Are we loving these asymmetrical bangs? Yes we are.

This chic and modern style is perfect for a put-together, everyday look. The overall cut is very subtle but also shows the world that you know exactly what's trendy right now.

Infuse some color into your look and see what a difference it makes.

These auburn highlights added a much-needed splash of color to this client's overall look. I love how Oxana played up the natural red hues in her client's hair to make her blue eyes sparkle. Simply gorgeous!

This sleek look is effortlessly beautiful.

I know side parts are a controversial topic these days but when they're done right, they can make a world of difference. A face-framing cut with a new side part elevated this client's look to the world of sleek sophistication.

Wispy bangs are so underrated.

Women with fine hair have long been told that they can't pull off bangs and that is simply not true. Light and wispy bangs are like the cherry on top of this beautiful bob haircut.

A few small changes can make a huge difference.

A small trim and changing up this client's part were all it took to give this client an uplifting new look. Her natural, fresh-faced makeup also highlights her gorgeous skin and eyes!

Time to shake up a routine!

This look was created to shake things up! The client wanted a change from her regular look that she'd been rocking for many years. I love the new hair!