20 Pictures That Are Begging For An Explanation

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words. Other times, you can look at a picture all you want and still have no clue what's going on. Or, just a tiny bit of a clue.

These pictures all have explanations, but we need more. There just isn't enough to go by. If only they could make, like, just a little bit more sense.

On the left, a lemon. On the right, a massive lemon.

The biggest question I have about this giant lemon is: how? How can a lemon grow that big? How can a tree even hold a lemon that big? There's no way it could reach that size without falling off first.

This devilish tomato that looks like it has horns.

Tomatoes are such weird fruit. For starters, they're fruit. And they seem to have a habit of growing into each other, which means some of them have weird appendages. But this one has two. It's twice as odd, and looks kind of sinister to boot.

The can of Dr. Pepper on the left is floating because it's full of nothing but air.

Some people have been posting pictures of their strange, empty, unopened cans of soda. But this picture is showing how empty the can is in a pretty unique way. It floats because it's full of air, which is both cool, and confusing.

This shrub that someone shaped into a whale.

I'm can't lie, that whale shrub is pretty cool. But also, why? It's such an odd design for such a normal neighborhood. It also seems like it would've taken a lot of time to do, and probably takes a lot of time to maintain.

These slices of Swiss cheese that have exactly one hole in them.

I have no idea how Swiss cheese is made, but I'm pretty sure the process is what gives it so many holes. So, how does Swiss cheese end up with only one hole? Does it taste any different? I really need to know this.

This farm that has a fence made out of old wheels.

Again, this is actually really cool. It's pretty stylish, too. But, again, how? You'd need so many wheels to make a fence that long. Where would you even get all those wheels?

That fence sure is lucky it's super cool.

This strangely spherical pineapple.

This is really messing me up. Pineapples are supposed to be, well, pineapple shaped. And this pineapple is not that, that's for sure. It's just so weird and round. It's kind of stressing me out.

Seriously, how does a pineapple end up getting it so wrong?

This card sleeve that has the remnants of a mosquito embedded in it.

Those rotten mosquitos. Everywhere you go, they show up, stealing your blood like they own the place. And they just had to get stuck in a factory that makes card sleeves, too. What an annoying stain you can't even get rid of.

Peel the label on a bottle of Sprite back to reveal a smiley face.

I wonder why they'd print a smiley face on the label like that. It's in a spot that no one really sees, unless you're the type of person who takes the labels off your drink bottles. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice gesture. It's just so random.

"Hammerhead gargoyles in Ireland."

These little guys are so strange. They're literally humanoid hammers reading the morning paper. I'm not sure what that's supposed to symbolize, but it kind of doesn't matter. As weird as these hammerhead statues are, they're also pretty awesome. I almost want one for my front yard.

There's apparently only one way to advertise duct cleaning.

What are the odds that all of these duct cleaning companies use a pigtailed little girl aggressively blowing her nose into a tissue to advertise their services? What if it's the same girl, and she's just making bank with all these different companies?

This toaster that's built into a wall.

This would be a kind of cool concept, since it would take up less space than a traditional toaster. But I feel like it would be harder to clean, too.

Also, there's a sticker that says it isn't even functional. So why is it even there...?

This counterclockwise clock.

In theory, this is kind of cool. It really flips our perception of time. But that's also why this could never work in real life. It would confuse too many people. Even after staring at it for a while, I have no idea how I'm supposed to read this clock.

The way this parking spot has no other parking spots around it.

I almost feel like there could've been more parking in that area. That almost feels like a waste of space.

Then again, it also looks like a super important parking space. Like, it should be reserved for the president of a company or something.

Do you think it's a stage name, or...?

I'm actually so curious. Is this the guy's birth name? Do his parents just have a super strange sense of humor? Or did this guy get really into rodeos and decided he needed to change his name to fit the part? Either way, it's a cool name.

This brick chimney that looks like it's completely flat.

I'm pretty sure this is a triangular structure. But from this angle, it looks completely flat. That wouldn't even make sense, since it looks like it's thinner than the average brick.

Perspective really can make or break an image, can't it?

This car that has a rather interesting decoration on it.

I don't know about you, but to me, this looks like some serious child's play.

But really, why would you put anything on the front of your car like that, let alone a Chucky doll? It's going to get so dirty.

Wait a second, is this car floating!?

Lighting, man. It can make a picture look so odd without even trying. Even though I know the back of that SUV isn't floating, it really does look like it is. That's confusing at best. And in a strange way, kind of impressive.

"UV lights burning the room I just cleaned in the hospital I janitor at."

UV radiation is a pretty good way to burn unwanted germs and bacteria, which is probably a good thing to use in a hospital room. There are plenty of infectious diseases that go through those rooms, and you'd want to keep them from spreading.

Even if it means using a super creepy light.

This Arby's sign that has something interesting to say.

Is that even allowed? Are stores allowed to warn people about speed traps? Because it seems like the kind of thing that shouldn't be allowed.

I mean, at least they're saving people from having to pay fines and take hits on their licenses and insurance.