20 Fascinating Views You Almost Never Get A Chance To See

There are a lot of things we're used to seeing. But there are probably even more things out there that we've never seen, or have seen very few times in our lives.

Things like these interesting views, which show us a lot of neat things we definitely don't get to look at every day. These pics will definitely shake things up in your life.

"Saw this natural line dividing the sky on the way home."

I've yet to see this happen in real life, where one side of the sky looks totally different than the other thanks to clouds and stuff. But enough people post these kinds of pictures online that I feel like I'm right there with them.

"90 feet off the deck."

I'm not going to lie, this view is kind of disorienting. You know that all that machinery and those garage doors are super big, so this view is from pretty high up. Like, 90 feet kind of high up. This definitely isn't the best view for anyone who's afraid of heights.

"My neighbor’s cucumber growing through this mesh fence."

Fruits and vegetables are so weird. They start growing at weird angles because of their surroundings, and then they just stay like that.

But how many times do you ever see something grow through a fence? You'd have to cut it open before you could even pick it.

"Interesting rock stack on my walk this morning."

It must be nice to live close enough to a forest to be able to take walks in it. But man, this view is kind of...well, strange. You know someone was there, stacking rocks. But why? Just for fun, hopefully, and not for, like, some kind of demonic ritual.

"Dumpster bin was too heavy to pick up, so it lifted me and my truck in the air."

Now here's something you don't get to see every day. Trucks are meant to carry really heavy loads, so when you see one tip over, you know that whatever it's trying to lift is really heavy. Good thing it's not so heavy it'll make the truck fall over.

"Abandoned railroad in Vermont."

Here's another really neat view you don't really get to see that often. This abandoned railroad almost looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Everything is so overgrown, like humans stopped living here decades ago.

But there are still people around; they just don't care about this spot.

"Spotted this mini forest in back of forklift at work today."

This seems like the last thing you'd expect to find in a forklift. But if this truck is used in a storage room where seeds of some kind are stored, that may explain things.

Either way, I wonder who's gonna take care of it.

"An old saferoom turned into a closet."

Now that's a super cool closet. I wonder if that safe is still used, and if it has anything valuable in it. We'll probably never know.

Man, that's not the kind of safe you see every day, though. It's so heavy duty, like it'd belong in a bank!

"Pit dug for oil changing lanes at Pep Boys."

This is the kind of sight you never get to see. Like, ever. This Pep Boys is still very much under construction, but you can see exactly where the oil changing stations are going to be. It's like being able to see a building's bare bones.

"Taken from inside the White House on my iPhone X."

I wonder how many of us can say we've been inside the White House before. Probably not too many.

The view from the inside looking out is so nice, though! It feels so clean, so inspiring. In a way, it's really presidential.

"Dollars on the ceiling of this bar I went to."

I'd say that's a waste of money, but look at all the graffiti on those dollar bills. They'd probably too messed up for stores to accept them anyway. Plus, you'd have to spend money decorating anyway, so this is like a break even kind of thing.

"Michigan side looking at Chicago."

This is such a pretty view of Lake Michigan! Depending on where you are in the state, you can see Chicago on a clear day. Too bad the skies aren't clear enough here, though.

Still, even without the city skyline, this is one super impressive view.

"Bird landed on the wiper of my truck and took a ride for about 5 minutes."

I don't think I've ever seen something like this happen before. Don't birds usually try to avoid cars? How did one not only land on a windshield, but stay on it for several minutes? Pretty weird, but at the same time, quite the story.

"Beekeeping in Madison, Wisconsin."

This is such a cool shot of the inside of a beehive. Even if it is a human-made one and not one that bees naturally made in the wild. Those bees look like they're hard at work, making honey for their home.

Glad to see they're doing well!

"Zion National Park from above."

I'm pretty sure the last time I flew on an airplane, I mostly went over ocean. But wow, the kinds of views you can see from the sky are usually so much nicer than that.

Like this incredible park. It looks so impressive from up in the air.

"Working on the inside of the escalators."

Did you know the inside of an escalator looked like that? Because I didn't. There's actually a lot more room underneath the steps than I realized. This is definitely a super rare sight to see (unless you work on escalators for a living, I guess).

"I caught a meteor while I was checking out Andromeda tonight."

Now this is a view we don't get to see a lot anymore. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere and have, like, no light pollution, you probably won't see that many stars in the night sky.

And to top it all off, a shooting star... So cool!

"Interior and controls of my garbage truck."

It's funny, we see garbage trucks all the time (at least once a week). And yet, we never see what's inside them. All those buttons seem really complicated. Being the person who controls a garbage truck can't be all that easy, that's for sure!

"Inside the operator cab of a 240ft tower crane."

Meanwhile, the interior view of this crane is something else! The controls may be a lot simpler (but still super complicated-looking), but that view! You never really think about just how high up a crane operator is until you see that view for yourself.

"Somewhere in Tennessee."

I've always secretly wanted to visit an abandoned amusement park, even though it probably isn't that safe... So, this picture is the next best thing.

It's a little bit creepy, but mostly cool. I wouldn't try riding on that Ferris wheel, though. Doesn't seem that structurally sound to me.