20 Times A Cool Picture Needed To Be Shared With The World

One of my favorite things to do when online is just stare at a bunch of cool pictures. Funny pictures, creepy pictures, and even heartwarming pictures are nice, but nothing beats looking at things that are just super cool.

This list is a cool collection of cool photos. Each one has its own charms, and you're bound to love them

"This Chinese flower that blooms once a year for only one night."

This flower is apparently called a Saussurea obvallata, and it's native to the south of China and India. And like, it's super pretty. I wish we had flowers that looked like this over here. That would be really nice I think.

Looks like Candyland got a makeover.

Candyland took the time to switch its brand up and add a bit more diversity to the mix, which is really nice. For a game that's very much for kids, it's good to see them showing diverse people. It's truly a game for anyone.

"Found an old cheat sheet in this hand-me-down TI-83's case."

Hopefully, that old cheat sheet has enough information on it to help the student who inherited it in their scientific calculator. Math is hard, even for people who are good at it, so a little extra help is pretty nice.

"Cheese sticks that form a complete pattern."

There isn't much to this picture. It's just really neat. Marbled cheese is cool because it looks really fun (and it tastes way better than regular cheddar, even though it's just yellow and white cheddar combined). This pattern is simple, yet really awesome.

Is that the moon? No, it's the top of a post with the paint peeled off.

It's kind of funny how much a circular piece of concrete can look like the whole moon. I guess because the moon has craters, and concrete gets chipped and faded in a way that makes it look like it has craters?

"Our ramen kit came with a LEGO man butter."

I've never seen a ramen kit like this before. It's nice of them to add in some butter for the pork, but they didn't have to go out of their way to make it look like a LEGO man. The fact that they did, though, is super cool.

"A parking garage in Detroit."

This is equal parts cool and sad. Sad because whatever this building used to be, it's nothing but a parking garage now. But cool because, even though the old building couldn't stay as it was, it got reused to make a really pretty parking garage.

Not even a wire fence can stop a tree from growing.

Trees are so cool. They'll absorb literally anything that stays too close to them while they grow, which means all sorts of random things will end up in the inside of a tree. And they grow through fences without a second thought. Now that's heavy metal.

An ATM where you insert your card horizontally.

This is cool because it's something we probably would never think of. After all, our cards always go in chip first. I wonder if this is, like, some sort of extra security measure. Would this help people from getting their banking info stolen?

This sneaky little garbage thief that got caught in the act.

Bears may be frightening, but baby bears are just plain cute. This one seems to be a bit of a kleptomaniac, though. I'm sure this person wasn't planning on using that garbage, but this might not be the best habit to get into.

This mare who is very, very pregnant.

Horses are such big animals, so it makes sense that their babies are big, too. But man, this pregnant mare is pretty huge. I wonder if it's hard for the horse to walk with that much extra weight.

Good thing pregnancy doesn't last forever.

What the edge of a piece of paper looks like under a microscope.

Even though these bits of sharp-looking fibers are super tiny, they still look a little dangerous. Like you could get cut by a piece of paper at any time. I guess that's why papercuts happen so often, though.

Just thinking about it is making my fingers hurt.

"Fish scale stairs at my grandma's house."

This is really neat, even if it is very disorienting. On one hand, since this is how people normally climb stairs (one foot at a time), it kind of makes sense? Knowing me, though, I'd be tripping on every other step.

At least it's sort of artistic?

"I forged a couple of ladles."

I wonder how people get into metalwork. Like, do you just show up to a blacksmith and ask to work with them? Do blacksmiths even exist anymore? I need answers, fast!

On the plus side, this is one super cool pair of ladles. You could actually use them!

"Hotel I stayed at was formerly a train station and had an actual train inside it, with rooms inside each car."

This has got to be the coolest train station/hotel I've ever seen. It's all the benefits of staying in a train without actually going anywhere, which might be nice for people who get motion sickness but love trains.

I think I've found my next vacation spot...

"Rural theater."

Now that's how you make use of a space. Don't have an indoor venue? Just stack some hay bales and stick lights around them. Looks like it has enough room for a lot of people, and it would probably keep the sound really well. What a cool idea!

"When I bought my house, the title company gave me a digital copy of all my documents on a thumb drive shaped like a house key."

This is fitting, that's for sure. I guess you don't need to have all your documents on paper anymore, since we use computers for pretty much everything now. And the thumb drive makes it all so much more exciting.

This snake that just wants to stop by and say hello.

I...don't think I'd be letting it in. But if a snake wants to come to the door and say hello, I won't stop it.

Hopefully this isn't a poisonous snake. Hopefully it doesn't find a way to get inside...

"I gave a carrot to a caterpillar this morning and when I returned it had turned orange and started pooping carrot."

Well, that's probably the last thing I'd expect a caterpillar to do when it was given a carrot. But at least it got to have a fun snack? Honestly, I know nothing about caterpillars, but this is still pretty cool.

"My high school cafeteria has a half table for student to look out the window while eating."

This is such a nice idea. Some people like to be outside when they eat lunch, but if the weather isn't nice, this would be the next best thing. It makes those boring high school days a bit easier to get through.