20 Baffling Things That We Almost Feel Awful For Wanting In Our Lives

There are inventors and creatives out there who spend their lives making the strangest of things! And, while some of these things are wonderful, there are some that are just downright odd for oddness' sake.

So, from people who wanted cube-shaped eggs to individuals who wanted their shredded cheese with a side of salvation, here are 20 baffling things that we almost feel awful for wanting in out lives!

And Rightly So...

Look, I don't mind a pickle from time to time, but nobody should be ordering pickle-flavored cotton candy, surely? Is there anyone else out there who would like to try this or is this person completely alone.

"I found legitimate nun-chucks at Goodwill..."

If the person who found these did not buy them then they need to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror. A find like this does not come along every day!

"The perfect cradle..."

It appears as though this baby absolutely loves his new cradle as well! It does look kind of like a cake though at certain parts. Now I cannot unsee its cakeiness...and yes that is a word.

"Warheads extreme sour craft beer."

If you drink this then you will be the scourge of both doctors and dentists across the land. Nothing like a hangover and a sugar comedown at the same time. Now, excuse me while I go and order some.

"Marketing briliance right here!"

Is it just me or does Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, look a little bit peeved at the idea of having cheese smushed into his face? I cannot see why he would be miffed at that!

"Elvis' Favorite Recipes."

And before you ask, yes this is a realy product. And yes, I will be buying one as soon as I have finished writing this sentence. No regrets on that purchase, can't wait to be making Elvis's favorite mash.

"This reversible pillow."

I cannot see a single reason why someone would not want this in their house. It could be the perfect gift. One happy customer added, "I have one. The sequins are red, so my kids like that he can cry blood or shoot lasers from his eyes with that reversible color. Everyone should have one, really."

"The detail on this motorcycle helmet."

The fact that the ears look like they are glistening is making me really uncomfortable. It looks as though his ears have been ridden by a hundred slugs, which is an image that I am sure nobody wanted!

"A quick way to fill up water balloons, there's bands on the ends so they just drop off and self tie when they're full enough."

I do not know a single kid who would not want one of these. This takes all of the difficulty out of a water-balloon fight!

"I usually try to go to sleep at 11cos(0) every night."

Thank God everyone knows what the face of a clock looks like anyway. I can just imagine that Math professors everywhere would lose their mind over this weird little watch.

"Mac n Cheesus!"

Wow, what is it with people being obsessed with getting Jesus into cheese-based products? I tell you what though, that is some damn pricey mac and cheese! It had better come with extra salvation or something like that!

"World’s Most Unnecessary Card Game..."

And yet, I would still be tempted to buy it. I purely want to see how it differs from the somewhat classic way of playing rock, paper, scissors...you know, the one where you just use your hands?

"Gamer Gummies!"

I do not know why, but I really want to try one of these to see if they actually do anything. I cannot help but feel as though they would take a terrible toll on my insides though.

"Ramen! Now with Pringle flavoring..."

I would buy these in a heartbeat! Although, I think that by buying them I would actually be severely limiting the amount of heartbeats I have left in me life. Worth it though, I imagine.

"Ear Candles. Why does this even exist?"

And what do they do? Are they designed to help clear your ears out, or are they just candles that you light in your ears? It seems a little dangerous either way if I'm honest.

"An old egg cuber advertisement!"

Who would not want a square egg for their breakfast? I can imagine that a lot of people might be creeped out by the idea of a square egg, but those people just lack imagination and vision!

"A little stuffed Bob Ross."

Okay so I do not feel even the slightest bit ashamed at wanting this one actually. This is one of the single greatest products that I have seen in recent years. What a happy little tree he has as well.

"A hot wheels bath bomb?"

I really want to know what it smells like. I mean, it says that it is "cherry," but something tells me that this will really smell of petrol and burnt rubber...with a cherry aftertaste.

"Tell me you're from Colorado without telling me you're from Colorado."

The person who posted this strangely enticing trailer went on to explain that, "Every 3rd car is a Subaru in Colorado, seriously." I wonder why that might be exactly?

"An Oreo wax-seal stamp I received for Christmas."

Now you just need to get some white sealing wax and you can make wax Oreos! Don't eat them though, as much as you may want to, they will not sit well in your stomach...or go well with milk for that matter.

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