20 Times Technology Tried To Destroy Us In The Weirdest Ways

Our lives are filled with devices and little bits of tech that are designed to make our day-to-day life much easier. However, sometimes technology can go a little bit wrong...I mean, I'm not talking Skynet, but these hiccups can still be pretty damn worrying.

So, from people who nearly got sucked into escalators to individuals who were nearly pushed to a heart attack by a lamp, here are 20 times technology tried to destroy us in the weirdest ways!

"The waste toner cartridge said DO NOT TILT. I did tilt. You can see where I was standing on the right."

I am devastated that this person did not also post a selfie to accompany this. Never mess with a printer, they are wily beasts.

"Spent 6€ trying to make these things fall. Only got a pic of this postmodern sculpture..and no food or drink."

I have long suspected that vending machines are hoping to conquer the world by slowly starving humanity until they can rise up unopposed.

"After an hour drive home from work, I came home to a pooped-up Roomba."

This poor guy tried his hardest! It looks as though he is cowering away in shame as well. He knows how badly he has messed up!

"Always remember to turn off your iron!"

You should probably just go the whole hog and unplug your iron after using it, or I may be a bit overly nervous there. Although, at least that bit of carpet stuck to the iron will be nice and flat!

"DANGER: Crashing single-engine aircraft may piss explosive napalm on your car!"

I did not know that there were sentient planes out there urinating explosive materials on our cars?! I thought that all we had to worry about was birds pooping on our cars, but clearly not!

"The wheelchair was a little too close to the MRI machine!"

Dear God, I hope that there was no one in that wheelchair when this happened! Being eaten by an MRI would be a really terrible way to leave this world!

"Electricity warning sign from the 1970s."

For anyone who is not aware, this character was actually called Reddy Kilowatt. And yes, he did appear to take great joy in causing mass pain and panic...but all for educational purposes of course.

"The machine crashed after I won the jackpot."

Ah, the classic method of destroying someone...simply grind their spirit down and cause them to have an aneurysm through mild inconveniences over time. It is a pretty cruel way of destroying someone, even for a heartless machine.

"Remembering when the D.C. office building got a security robot and it drowned itself."

Maybe this is the robots' plan to take over the world? They will remind us of the pointlessness of existence and, once we are all full of existential dread, they simply walk into power! Maybe they have formed an alliance with the vending machines.

"Our Automated Future..."

Maybe the "person" doing the sweeping up is actually their most advanced android? No one knows it but this company has already perfected the humanoid robot! The Roombas have already taken over...but they still struggle with cleaning up poop.

The Database Doesn't Like You Jeffrey!

Maybe the database identified that this person might be a threat to it and sought out any reason as to why he could not be hired. Databases can also be very temperamental beings though, so maybe it was just having a bad day?

Death By Embarrassment...

The person who wrote this childish text explained, "Throwback to the time I signed a 'funny' signature, and then the computer froze and I had to explain to the three employees that came to help that no, my name isn't Poop Mouth and no, I don't know why I wrote that, and please just take my money so I can go home and die."

"My boyfriend used my computer for a zoom call with his buddies and then I had a meeting with the SVP of a major insurance company."

What is most amazing about this is that a major company allowed someone with that name into their Zoom lobby in the first place!

"Got angry and kicked the rubbish bin because it wouldn't give me the bag...I think the bin won."

Okay, I know that a bin is pretty low-tech to say the least, but I simply couldn't leave this one out. Injuring yourself in a fracas with a bin is surely one of the most embarrassing ways to injure yourself?

The Shower Outlet!

"The waterproof bluetooth speakers won't do it. Gotta get the entire stereo system and subwoofers in the shower," explained one individual. Some people just love listening to music so much in the shower that they couldn't live without out it...literally.

That Is One Hell Of A Load To Drop...

"Queensland, Australia. Coal truck tray broke free of the trailer transporting it. Road closed for 10 hrs," wrote the person who posted this. I hope that there was another route around this mess!

"Some poor kid's croc and sock jammed in the escalator."

This is a horrific image, especially for someone who was terrified at the idea of this happening to me as a child. I think that pretty much every child is scared of this though, right?

"I've travelled abroad and brought my drone to record it, hiked to the top of this hill and realise that I forgot the batteries at home."

Is there anything more irritating than realising you've left the batteries for your camera on charge at home? I love that, even though we are so advanced with our technology nowadays, people are still forgetting the damn batteries. Some things never die.

"After my 17th near-heart-attack, I realized that I really need to move my lamp."

It appears as though they were so startled by this "spider" that they threw their flip flops at it so hard they stuck onto the wall!

"Charging my JBL speaker before leaving on a beach trip when it blew up."

Someone should probably make JBL aware that their speakers are bursting into flames. That seems like the sort of thing that they would need to know, right?

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