20 Problems That You Just Know Have A Good Story Behind Them

There's a story behind pretty much everything. But because life is short and priorities are important, we'll never know the true story behind many things.

We don't necessarily know what led up to the events shown in these photos. All that can be said is that something definitely happened — and it might be frustrating, because some of those stories must be juicy.

"This is, in fact, a Wendy’s."

Reddit | uimonkey

This seems like a pretty big screw-up, and it is, but let's give the driver some credit. Maybe they heard the Frosty machine was about to go out of order and they needed their fix.

"My 9 year old sister destroyed our microwave doing a 'TikTok life hack' (the Starburst melted into the actual microwave)."

Reddit | Agent-Ace

On the plus side, every time this microwave is used, it'll imbue the kitchen with the aroma of hot Starburst.

"My neighbors just throw trash out of their window."

Reddit | PabloDelicious

I love how cartoonishly trashy this is. If these neighbors are in the habit of leaving that window open, it's hard to imagine that there wouldn't be a nasty smell during the summer months.

"I’m an idiot and my wife won’t stop laughing at me."

Reddit | Shaneblaster

Look, I get it: it's hard to function first thing in the morning before you've had your coffee. But I'm still not sure how someone could mess things up this badly.

"When you finally decide to re-purpose those old bombs you had lying around."

Bombs are designed to explode. These bombs haven't exploded yet. I'd be hesitant about getting on this swing set, even if the bombs are super old.

"Tempered glass lid shattered, giving me Schrodinger's Stir-Fry."

Reddit | magnalbatross

Tempered glass is a wondrous thing. It's virtually unbreakable, until it breaks in the most spectacular, unexplainable way possible. At least the cleanup is relatively easy because the shards all stay in one place.

"This has to count."

I think this guy is trying to take advantage of the "must be in a vehicle" rule in a drive-thru. Either that or carrying around this car door is his cross to carry. In any case, it's a weird pic.

"Charging my JBL speaker before leaving on a beach trip when it blew up."

Reddit | dowork821

I like how the poster called out the name brand of this speaker, just to throw a little shade on the manufacturer whose product blew up.

"I was trying to remove a stubborn nail…"

Reddit | otc108

That nail really is stubborn if it's done this to a perfectly good hammer. Or maybe the hammer handle was made of balsa wood. Both scenarios seem equally plausible to me, quite honestly.

"When you really shouldn't drop the rings."

Reddit | aNGLEake

Spoiler alert: they dropped the rings. At least they'll have a great story to tell whenever their future kids ask why they're really good at trapeze stuff but really bad at having wedding rings.

"Oh noooo."

Reddit | MandyYaraaa

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and I would say that whoever made this horrific pizza belongs in that group. May as well throw coconut onto your pineapple pizza to give it some pina colada flair.

"Went fishing, caught two branches in a row, went to take a sip of my Arizona, except there was a bee in it."

Reddit | Hegfith

At least this guy came away from his ill-fated fishing trip with a hilarious photo to show for it. Beware of those unattended Arizona cans.

"The people who have to deal with this need a raise."

Reddit | Shaneblaster

Do you ever see something and feel thankful that it isn't your job to fix it or clean it up? I think this fits into that category. I just hope that no one was inside when it tipped.

"Dropping a medical injection worth $12,000 on the carpet and bending the needle."

I guess they could just crack open the needle and funnel the meds into a new needle, but somehow that doesn't seem like it would be medically responsible.

"Why just break one ankle when you can break both?"

Reddit | [deleted]

This person got a two-for-one deal on broken ankles. For real, I can't imagine how much it would suck to try to get around with a big clunky cast on each leg.

"Angry ex?"

Yeah, I'm going to go with 'angry ex' here. What are the other possibilities? Maybe the car crashed into a lipstick factory? A fender bender with a truck carrying a bunch of red paint? Yeah, it's probably the ex.

"Son decided to swallow a nickel and turn $.05 into $4400.00."

Reddit | Kingsdontbeg

It's like a magic trick: this kid can take five cents, then make it disappear, then turn it into $4,400 that will be paid directly to the medical establishment. Ta-da!

"Having to throw out $50k worth of frozen items at work."

Reddit | Iamnamer

I wonder what kind of apocalyptic freezer meltdown had to have occurred to throw out this much frozen food. I mean, if you could sell it all, it would be a decent year's salary.

"Got to my apartment from work during a rainy day to find a roof leak right over my laptop..."

Reddit | Skaydrel

On the bright side, it looks like the laptop caught all of the leak, sparing that nice table from any water damage.

"First thought it was rice on my garbage can this morning but after closer look they were moving…"

Reddit | Agnar_95

There's nothing like expecting rice (which is a weird thing to expect to see in this context anyway) and getting maggots.