30 Photoshop Addicts Who Made 2021 Even Weirder

Photoshopping photographs is becoming an ever-more prominent occurrence on social media, especially now that there are so many free apps to help you "touch up" your photos. However, not everyone understands the idea that sometimes less is more.

So, to fill your nightmares with frankensteinian bodybuilders and terrifyingly contorted social media influencers, here are 30 photoshop addicts who made 2021 even weirder!

"Female Body Builder meets an NBA player at the gym and thinks that no one will notice the extreme leg photoshop."

It looks like she has tried to absorb muscles from his left leg into her own legs! That is the only explanation that I can think of here, it's a curse.

"Where do I start?"

I feel as though Pablo Picasso would have really loved the new terrible photoshopping trend on Instagram. Although, it might have put him out of a job at the same time. The eyes are truly haunting.

"Spotted this one on Bumble."

I am not really sure what they were really going for with this photoshop job, but I am sure this wasn't the overall intended effect. Maybe they are just leaning really far back to create this effect?

"Rubber hose arm?"

As someone else pointed out, it looks as though Gilderoy Lockhart has still not mastered the art of the Brackium Emendo spell. And yes, I did look that spell up, if I had known that off the top of my head then I would have needed to get out more...definitely looked it up.

"Something against knees! Found on her Twitter."

I know that there are some people out there who think that knees are weird and all, but seeing legs without knees is much weirder! She must have real trouble walking without knees as well.

"Honestly I'm more confused than anything."

I pity this poor woman, it must be an absolute nightmare for her to find pants that fit her properly. I wonder if there is a specific shop that caters for people with legs like this?

"Her head is bigger than her torso."

And by God those are some massive feet judging from this picture! She looks like she should be playing left back for a Sunday league soccer team! No one would get passed those feet.

"I really thought at first glance this was a Sims Freeplay edit."

There is something really unsettling about seeing an almost entirely CGI face with someone's real hair. I am not sure why that is, but I cannot reconcile the two things together.

"Victorian photoshop!"

Aha! So it is not only the newer generations who are manipulating pictures to make themselves look thinner and more...well, alien I guess. This is some really old school trickery, she must have been one of the original influencers!

"Left did middle dirty."

I do not even know why the person on the left felt the need to photoshop this one, they all look perfectly fine on the regular one!? Someone experiencing something similar added, "This is what my sister does to me every time. I refuse to take photos with her now."

"Can you spot the edits?"

You have to look really closely with this one, but you can just about make out a few tweaks here and there. The alterations are so subtle though, you really have to pay close attention!

"Will never understand the appeal of little head syndrome..."

It looks as though his body is in the foreground and his head is way in the background, and yes I did steal that line from The Thick Of It. Is this supposed to make him look like a bodybuilder?

"No, she's not CGI and yes, she scares me."

When you wake up in the middle of the night and see a pair of glowing eyes glowering at you from the corner of the room...this is who will be waiting in the darkness for you.

"This girl's waist is apparently slimmer than her neck."

This one is pretty sad actually. No one's body could function with a waist like that. Although, I am loving the Reptar trousers she is wearing, those are pretty damn incredible.

"Where have her knee's got to?"

Okay, at what point did humanity declare war on their knees? Did I miss the big memo that told everyone that we are not meant to acknowledge knees any more? People have knees okay!

"Wait what..."

Someone else also pointed out that this guy looks like a Minecraft character on the left. Who decided that this was the look that they wanted to go for? It is just not even close to any semblance of reality!

"Her face looks a little bit fake..."

I really do not think that it is just her face that she has been touching up with this one! This could be the most egregious example of photoshopping nonsense that I have ever seen.

"Palm readers are out of a job now I guess?"

Ah, so it is not only knees that humanity has declared war on, but the creases on people's palms as well? I really don't fancy getting botox injections into the palms of my hands though if I'm honest.

"Daycare didn’t get the memo to filter the photo."

To be fair, that second image does look a little unfortunate in regards to the lighting, but that doesn't change the obvious face-smoothing on the first pic. Though I guess Disney princesses have never been known for their basis in reality.

"The contrast between her face and his makes it nearly impossible to *not* notice her edits."

This always feels so shady, but it's also feel scummy if they did edit the other person. There's really no winning in these situations, it seems the answer is to stop Photoshopping anyone at all. Please. Please let that be the answer.

"I think I found one in the wild."

Another case of 'where does this woman keep her organs if her waist is that small'. No, really, I'm starting to get worried. Not to mention her ribcage must be scarily warped to look like this. Reckon she got the bottom two removed?

"She has the same ultra-smoothed face in every post and Photoshops most all of her backgrounds. So bizarre."

I understand the desire for dramatic makeup and such, but something about the clearly edited under and overlined eyes really spooks me. The highlight that just looks like white paint, the needle-thin nose, all of it makes for an unsettling visage.

"What influencer posted (L) vs what her friend did (R)."

While this one isn't as dramatic, it's still sad. Why did she feel the need to do this? The person who posted this comparison said the friend took down her original photo and uploaded the edited one soon after, which makes it even worse! Stop enabling this!

"Stick figure."

Someone pointed out that not only does she look extremely edited, but so does the room. I think it's perhaps less editing and more deliberate staging, making it look so spotless it comes off as fake. You're allowed to live in your rooms, you know.

"Still from a music video. Only men are allowed to have skin texture."

This we've known for a while seeing as even a majority of entries on this list are women. Of course, men are subjected and subject themselves to mass editing and other appearance-altering practices, but to this immediate and direct comparison is terrible.

"Looks more like a painting than a real face."

While I can appreciate a distinguished color pallet and someone who knows their aesthetic, as tacky as I may find it, this image really does have a certain... dream-like feel to it. Not in a good way, though, it's more unsettling.

"The Crest White Strips Filter."

Someone pointed out that she's probably sticking her tongue out but the editing made it appear white, which is still bad! That's still super weird! What type of editing are you doing that turns your very pink tongue white?

"Went ahead and pasted on a whole arm."

This just looks like a painful existence. Also, no wonder he is in the passenger seat, he can probably barely fit behind the steering wheel. I cannot tell if he is smiling as he is happy or smiling through the agony.

"Totally natural hands modeling rings for sale on Poshmark."

First the palms of hands were being erased in the name of skin smoothness, but now the backs are too! No tendons in sight, no knuckles, just a perfectly slick surface reminiscent of a sculpture one would make with Play-Doh.

"I hope she's not teaching anyone Photoshop..."

It looks as though even teachers are at it nowadays! I wonder how she will teach the kids about human biology, it will be difficult considering that she is missing half of her organs.