30 Times People Posted Something You Have To Admit Is Pretty Cool

Every now and then, people post images online, because they think they're cool. They think that other people will think those pictures are cool, too. And you know what? They're right about that.

You may have to admit to yourself that all the pictures in this list are pretty cool in their own ways. They may even be cool in surprising ways.

"I spotted a giant equilateral triangle from my flight."

You have to kind of look closely at the middle part of this picture, but you can definitely see the triangle in the ground. If it's big enough that someone can see it from the sky, then you know it's pretty big.

"Terra cotta walrus heads along the 3rd floor of this hotel."

Reddit | Seattle-Princess

I'm a sucker for really cool architecture, and this definitely fits the bill. Why are they walruses? Who knows? And honestly, who cares? What matters the most here is that they're really well done, and they look super awesome.

"This Stranger Things Coke can I had."

I guess there are stranger things than a Stranger Things-themed can of Coke. The fact that the Stranger Things logo is upside down on the can is a really neat touch, too.

The only thing is that I'm pretty sure this Coke must be super flat by now, so maybe don't drink it.

"This map of the world I drew from memory on the back of a receipt."

For a map drawn by memory on the back of a receipt, this is really accurate. It has all the continents. It even has some of the islands, like Greenland, Japan, the Caribbean, and New Zealand. That's actually super cool!

"My mall has a cake vending machine."

This isn't just a cake vending machine. It's a Carlo's Bake Shop vending machine. As in, the bakery from Cake Boss! I hope I wasn't the only person obsessed with that show back in 2008.

Whatever mall this is in sure is lucky to have it.

"This Batman I saw at Starbucks."

Not only is this kind of cool, but it's also kind of funny. Imagine Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne the billionaire, working at a Starbucks. I dunno, I just think that's funny.

I wonder if it helps bring in business, or if people just ignore it.

"My frozen pizzas fit perfectly on the stove top."

What are the odds that the frozen pizzas were the exact same size as the stove rings? Sure, those pizzas probably come in standard sizes, and those stove rings probably also come in standard sizes, but I like to think of this as one cool coincidence.

"This tree standing on top of the ground."

I can't tell if this is some kind of photoshopped trick, or if the base of that tree really does look like a human foot. Either way, though, it's cool.

It really makes you think about all the weird shapes trees make, too. Like, their branches bend at such odd angles, so having a base like that wouldn't be too nonsensical.

"Minnesota's newest snowplow, Plowy McPlowFace."

I really want to know who named this plow, because whoever did deserves a raise. Plowy McPlowFace may not be the most creative name in the world, but it's just so much fun. I'm sure in a place like Minnesota, it'll get a lot of use, too.

"This albino buck in our back yard."

Albinism is so interesting because it can affect pretty much any animal out there. Even bugs can be albino! But you don't see them in the wild all that often. When you see one, you kind of have to take a picture so that everyone else can see.

"This fire extinguisher is flat rather than cylindrical."

I never thought I'd see a fire hydrant that wasn't cylindrical. I just kind of assumed they'd all look the same. But this one. This is just weird.

And yet, so cool. It would definitely take up a lot less space, and be a bit less of an eyesore.

"One of the most beautiful minerals on Earth is Larimar, found only in Dominican Republic."

Larimar is such a cool stone. It looks like ocean waves. It may be kind of expensive, but that's how you know it's a top quality specimen.

It's amazing that it's only found in one place in the entire world.

"I took a picture of Jupiter (with moons) rising over the mountain forest."

Any picture of the night sky where a bunch of things are visible is really cool. It's amazing how clearly you can see Jupiter in this pic. Some of its moons are visible, too! You can probably only take a picture like this on a super clear night.

"The servers at this restaurant noticed I was a lefty, and they laid out a set of left-handed silverware."

As a fellow lefty, I can't help but love this. Life as someone who's left-handed is a bit inconvenient, since everything is made for righties. This is a pretty small thing, but it's cool nonetheless.

"My cats stripes are hidden under his black coat unless in the sunlight."

Not only is this pretty cool, it's pretty cute, too. Then again, it's a kitty cat, so that should go without saying.

But wow, it's kind of weird how this cat's fur pattern is mostly hidden unless it's in the sun.

"This nifty graffiti art in my neighborhood."

Some call it graffiti, others call it street art. But whatever you want to call it, you can probably admit that it looks really cool. Really nice graffiti can liven a space up, that's for sure.

Seriously, look at all the talent on this one wall!

"This Gatorade they brought me at the hospital tonight was in a can."

There's something really weird about Gatorade in a can. I've never not seen it in plastic bottle form. And yet, it's actually kind of cool. It seems like it would be just the right amount you'd need at a time, especially if you're in the hospital.

"I took a macro photo of my eyeball."

You don't really get to see eyes this close up every day. Which is kind of a shame, because the human eye is just so interesting! The iris, the pupil, it all looks so fascinating this close. There's definitely a lot more detail than you can see normally.

"My 94 year old stepfather just completed this puzzle of the '16th Chapple.'"

Apparently, this person's stepfather emailed this picture to them, calling it the 16th Chapple, instead of the Sistine Chapel. As funny as that is, this puzzle is incredible. It must've taken a long time to get all those pieces into the right spot! Color me impressed.

"Bart has been threatening my windshield from the back of this truck for a few miles now."

I'm not gonna lie, this would probably freak me out the first time I saw it. But if I was following this truck for as long as the person who posted the picture did, I'd probably get used to it. I'd definitely take the hint not to follow too closely, though.

"This clock in a barbershop is reversed so it can be read in the mirror."

This is actually such a cool idea. For barbers, who are spending most of their days facing a chair and cutting hair, this would make a lot of sense. It would probably help barbers keep an eye on the time without always having to turn around to see the clock.

"Wilted flower looks like an eggplant."

If you just looked at this picture quickly without giving it a second thought, you might actually think that it was a picture of an eggplant. But it's just a purple flower that wilted and fell off its plant. Honestly, I think that's pretty neat, the way it tricks your eyes like that.

"My total was $23.23 and my order number was 23."

The number 23 sure does show up a lot here... Isn't there a movie that had to do with that?

Well, in any case, this is definitely one crazy coincidence. It's almost like this restaurant order was meant to be.

"Cloud this morning that looked like the United States."

Okay, that's actually such a cool cloud. It even has that bend in the north east corner where the great lakes would be. And a little dip for Florida, and a slightly larger dip for Texas. What are the odds that a cloud could end up looking like the entire lower 48?

"Built a sofa for my partner and I. Not perfect, but I’m so proud of it."

How cool is it to see people build their own furniture? We live in a society where we get most of our things made for us, so seeing someone build something by scratch is always impressive, whether they're a pro or just a beginner.

"Hell yeah, that's what I'm talkin about!"

This is probably the last thing I'd ever expect to see on a biker jacket. But I love it. It really makes the idea of reading cool, in my opinion (even though reading is cool and a lot of fun and everyone should do it).

"Sun creating an early Halloween mop bucket."

Look, it may still be summer, but I already have Halloween on the brain. And there's no better way to celebrate the holiday than by decorating your house with spooky stuff.

Looks like this mop bucket has the right idea. Such a cool shadow.

"This cottage in my village older than the U.S.A."

It's so weird to think that there was a whole world that existed and functioned long before the idea of the United States was even conceived. North America is such a tiny blip in the history of the world, and so much of that pre-American history still exists to this day. So cool!

"Skeleton fork and spoon."

It's official: I'm going out and buying these for myself. There's nothing fundamentally different about these forks; the skeletons are just decorative. But, like, they're skeleton cutlery. That alone makes them 200% cooler.

I just need to know where one would be able to buy these.

"Our ice maker made 8 cubes without breaking them apart."

Sometimes, something super simple can be really awesome. There's nothing special about this unbroken chain of ice cubes, and yet it's such a cool sight to see. It's almost hard to stop looking at this solid chain of freezer ice.