20 Sights That Are Clearly An Omen Foretelling Our Doom

Sometimes you can find yourself about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of...idiocy and insanity. With this in mind, please enjoy this journey into a wondrous land of the weirdest, and most ominous, things that the internet folk have to offer.

From people being happily strapped into moving cars to cats foretelling the downfall of all humanity, here are 20 sights that are clearly an omen foretelling our doom!

"This mug I 'inherited' from my grandfather. He was a potter, and one of his potter friends made this."

Look, I don't want to overreact to this mug or anything, but I can safely say with 100% certainty that if you drink out of this then all of your skin will fall off when you sleep.

Is That A Threat?

Legend has it that the people of Ohio still live in fear of the wrath of this electronic sign. Who knows what the people of Ohio did to incur its fury, but its fury is very much real!

This Threatening T-Shirt Found In A Thrift Shop...

There would not be a satanist's chance in heaven that I would leave this shirt behind in a store. I feel like I need to know who designed this, and why they designed it?!

"What has he seen?!"

It looks like this kid's parents get his clothes at the same shop that every child in a horror movie gets their clothes. This kid and his little telescope bring nothing but death and destruction with them wherever they go...fear him. Fear him!

"I didn't need to pee that bad anyways."

There is no reason why anyone would ever want a urinal that looks like this, or like anything other than the standard design for that matter. Please, for the love of God, leave toilets as they are!

"Found outside Dalton, GA. No idea what it means."

What are you meant to be on the lookout for? This "warning" sign is not helpful in the slightest, all it is doing is making people nervous about some unknown ailment!

What A Great Use For Those Spare Items They Had Lying Around!

Just make sure you only swing backwards and forwards on these things, do not try to make the, swing side to side! In fact, maybe just don't use them whatsoever!

The End Is Coming...

This is it, the cats are clearly starting their rise to power. It starts with them walking upright and then, before you know it, they will be crafting weapons and overthrowing their tyrannical overlords...by which I mean us.

"Existential flushing reminder..."

So, when I flush this toilet am I temporarily not me? Or, am I never really me except for the exact moment when I flush this toilet? Is reality even real? What is the point of anything?!

The Mark Of The Kraken!

Anyone who bears the mark of the octopus will be visited by the Kraken when they next depart from shore. Never get on a boat with this guy...but that's not just because of the kraken thing, just don't!

This 3D-Printed Thomas The Tank Engine Drink's Cap...

It must be truly terrifying inside the brain of the person who came up with this idea. The only way that this could be worse would be if they made a face to go on the top of a bottle of ketchup.

"I have an uneasy feeling about getting my car washed here."

It is a racing certainty that, as soon as you drive out of this car wash, all of those pigeons are going to crap all over your sparkling car. I bet the person who owns this place has the pigeons trained to do this so everyone has to get their car washed twice.

So, Do They Have Teeth Or Not?

It sounds as though this might actually be The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python's The Holy Grail. If it is, then stay way back from this cage no matter how cute and cuddly it may appear.

"My friend found this in her fortune cookie. Ominous?"

I can only imagine that, when this person got home, they found the person who wrote this fortune sitting in their living room with a hockey stick, ready to smash their knees up.

A Crime Against Breakfast Food!

I know that there are some restaurants that sell soups and chowders in fancy, hollowed-out loaves of bread, but this is a world away from that. You would have to eat your cereal quickly, otherwise it would start to seep out of the bottom of the bread!

"This is...ominous."

"Oh, so you're trying to say that you are hiring new staff? That's a relief!"

"Why'd you say that?"

"Well, it just sounds a little like you're murdering people! That would just be ridiculous now that I... Hey, what are you doing with that chainsaw?"

One Hell Of A Reason To Get A Letter Sent Home To Your Parents.

But surely that is the perfect time to be humming the theme tune to Jaws? Although, I guess it depends on the tone in which he was humming it.

"This is just suspicious all around."

Okay, this door is just the stuff of nightmares. What on Earth is going on in here? Are they creating their own Frankensteinian demon children? Actually, one second thoughts, I really do not want to know.

"She's strapped in at least..."

There is a lot to unpack here. However, above all, I simply cannot get over how calm she looks about what is happening to her. Something tells me that this is not the first time she has travelled like this!

That's Actually Pretty Impressive!

My God, the guy that they are balancing upon must both be absolutely hammered and the soundest sleeper in the world for them to be able to manage this! He is in for one hell of a terrifying wake-up come morning.