20 Pictures People Snapped Because They Show Off Something Wild

There are some things in the world that are pretty out there. You may see something unexpected in the most random places, like a hospital waiting room, or the passenger seat of an Uber.

These pictures all show some pretty wild things. The kinds of things you probably wouldn't expect to see, but wouldn't be mad about seeing them in any case.

"Last night my wife's Uber had a duck in it."

I know that the duck most definitely belongs to the Uber driver, but I'm having a fun time imagining it being a passenger that just needs to get somewhere.

Should this be a thing? Uber pools, but you share rides with random animals? It's either the best idea I've ever had, or the worst.

"Starship Enterprise “flying” down 1-70 in Illinois."

Believe it or not, there are weirder things to find zooming (trekking?) down the highway. But this is still such a cool sight. I like the fact that the Enterprise has its own set of rear lights, so that it doesn't disrupt traffic too much.

"I ordered a flight of beers and it came in a toolbox."

Maybe I just don't go out enough, but I'd probably never expect a flight of beer to come in a toolbox. Then again, how many of us actually order flights of beers in the first place?

(Or maybe it really is that I just don't go out enough).

"Magnolia tree seed pod looks like an evil snake."

I'm sure this seed pod didn't set out to look like an angry snake or a dragon head, but here it is. It's kind of cool, in, like, the weirdest way possible. I wonder if it'll end up growing into a tree.

"This cat hair found while cleaning an old keyboard."

Oh, the joys of being a cat owner. You'll find cat hairs in the most random of places. Including in between keyboard keys, apparently. As gross as that is, I'm not surprised in the slightest.

(But maybe clean that keyboard out more often...)

"10-year-old cabin air filter versus new."

This is one thing that you should probably be changing more than once every decade. Once a year would even be too little. Air quality is important, y'all!

But there's something so satisfying about looking at the new filter compared to the old one. It's like one of those cleaning videos.

"Near perfect reflection at the lake from my hike the other day. Is it flipped or not, can you tell?"

At first glance, this picture looks too clear to tell. But it really is flipped upside down, isn't it? Those trees on the top half look too blurred to not be a reflection.

What an amazingly cool picture, though.

"This restaurant gave us a discount for having to deal with a bee infestation."

If you go to a restaurant patio right now, you might be accosted by a wasp or two. That's normal.

A bee infestation? Not normal. In fact, that's really freaky. But at least if you're willing to brave the bees, this restaurant will give you a discount.

"When the graphic design intern forgets to change the sample text."

I guess we'll never know what those descriptions were supposed to say, but seeing as how the whole thing is about boba (bubble tea), it probably isn't that hard to guess what they would've said.

And hey, as long as the tea is good, who cares?

"USPS drop box for ants."

I don't even want to know why that tiny mailbox is there. I don't even care why. All I know is that it's so tiny and adorable, it's officially my new obsession.

We should just put miniature versions of things on top of the originals from now on. That seems like a fun plan.

"There's a neighborhood near my house that has wild peacocks."

Depending on where you live, this probably isn't that special. But for a lot of us, peacocks aren't native to our climates, so seeing something like this would be a true shock.

Hopefully the fact that they're such striking birds will help keep them from ending up as roadkill.

"Something about this display attracted all the moths. This was the only display on the high street like this."

I'm not going to lie, that's really gross. And yet, it's also kind of cool. These moths really liked the lighting of this sign in particular, so they all gathered right there. At least that means the other ones in the area are clean.

"My mom's dog sleeps on top of the crate."

Who said dogs had to sleep inside of their crates, anyway. Sure, it's good for when you aren't home. But if your dog wants to take a nap on top instead of inside, who are we to judge. I say that this dog is a little innovator.

"All these seagulls hiding from the sun."

I don't know why, but the way these seagulls are all hiding from the sun in that skinny shadow is kind of funny. They really couldn't find anywhere else to go, huh.

At the same time, though, it was probably a really hot day if they all flocked to the shade like that.

"Today a bird pooped a ketchup packet onto my car."

I have a lot of questions, but I'm positive that I don't want any of them answered.

I feel bad for the person who has to clean that up, especially knowing that the packet of ketchup was once inside a bird's digestive tract. That's just nasty.

"My hotel room has alcohol dispensers."

In some ways, this is really cool. But I can't be the only one who's too afraid to take anything out of the hotel mini bar, right? So these alcohol dispensers are probably going to be a no from me.

I'm sure someone out there would enjoy them (responsibly!).

"Slushee machine in urgent care waiting room."

This is definitely the last place you'd ever expect to find a Slushee machine. Does the hospital think it'll calm people's nerves? Is it there to act as a boost of sugar for diabetics and other people who experience low blood sugar? Who's to say.

"The Queen of England outlasted the commemorative tree."

In two years, the Queen will have ruled for 70 years. This tree was planted 68 years ago and is now dead. Meanwhile, the Queen of England is still alive and kicking. I don't know about you, but I'm convinced that she's going to live forever.

This very broken parking meter.

If the parking meter is broken, do you still have to pay? Will a parking enforcement officer give you a ticket, or just let it slide? I'm actually asking here. It would really suck to get a fine because the meter you parked next to broke.

"The way this bowl cracked."

I'm starting to become convinced that these kinds of things happen on purpose. The way this bowl broke is just too specific. Sure, it could've been the result of trauma over the years, but I dunno. When you really think about it, does it make sense?