20 Trending Pics That Showed Off Cool Things People Found

When people find really cool things out in the wild, their first instinct may not always be to post a picture of it online. But some people will end up doing that anyway, and we love them for it.

These particular pictures are a little cool in their own way. They definitely make me glad the internet exists.

"Randomly found an old building that matches a painting I have."

Is this the actual building that the painting is based on? It really does look like it. All the same structures are there, and there's a hill and tree in the right spot. Finding that spot where the painting was probably painted must be, like, a one in a million chance.

This hatchet that's just hanging out above a toilet.

I'm not sure why anyone would need a small axe in a restroom, but I'm not going to question it. Somehow, it actually adds to the decor, which is a surprisingly nice touch. And who knows; maybe it could come in handy in an emergency.

This cicada with a McDonald's arch on its back.

I haven't had a chance to have a close-up look at any of the cicadas roaming around this summer, so I had no clue they were walking (flying?) McDonald's advertisements. The shape and even the color are really so similar to the iconic logo.

A flower growing out of another flower.

I'm willing to guess there's a scientific term for something like this. But honestly, it's kind of really awesome, so that doesn't really matter as much.

But I do really wonder how something like this even comes to happen in the first place.

"My grandparents have a fish pond in their living room."

There's no explanation for this that makes sense. But you know what? I'm kind of obsessed with it. Not everyone can pull off having a pond inside their house, and this one is really cute. And you don't have to worry about it freezing over.

"Found an E that survived the recycling process on the cardboard we use at work."

It's nice to know that, when companies say they used recycled products, they aren't lying. You don't get a printed letter E on a piece of cardboard unless it was meant for something else at some point. That's actually so neat!

This rock with a pond inside of it.

Indoor ponds are one thing, but this is on its own level of awesome! I'm not sure how this rock got hollowed out, but there's nothing better to put in there than some water and aquatic plants. I bet you there's a frog or two in there too.

Try to spot the dalmatian sitting on these pebbles (pun intended).

The spots on a dalmatian's coat don't really look like pebbles, but the way this dog blends into the pebbly ground beneath it is so interesting. All the shapes and colors strangely match, like a lot. It's like some kind of adorable optical illusion.

"On my drive home I saw this in somebody’s front yard."

There are definitely weirder things to find in someone's yard, but this isn't exactly normal, either. In a way, it's pretty cool; how often do you get to see a helicopter this close, after all. But it really makes you wonder why it's there...

These edible straws that are made out of pasta.

There are a lot of ways we could be working toward making sustainable products, but it seems like the world is still obsessed with single use straws. Not that I'm going to complain about this, though. Pasta straws sound like the absolute best things in the world.

A skull made of bubbles in a glass covered in skulls.

It's kind of funny how the bubbles at the bottom of this glass settled into the shape of a skull. And that shape is so similar to the skulls printed on the glass, even down to the one eye that's bigger to the other. So cool!

"My cat sneaked into the fridge and tried to drink my milk."

Cats are true menaces. They can get into things no one would even believe, like a refrigerator. I'm pretty sure they don't have the ability to drink out of straws, but if this cat really wanted that milk, it would get in there somehow.

"This 'floating' table my dad built."

Science, physics, etc., etc. are at play here. I'm not going to pretend like I know exactly how this table works, but I will say that it's super cool. If only more of us had the talent to make awesome tables like this.

"The way these bushes line up with the wheels of this SUV."

This is such a subtly cool picture. The fact that the wheels line up with those shrubs that just so happen to be the same size as the wheels themselves is pretty incredible. I wonder if it's a coincidence, or if they landscaped that yard because they knew how it would look against the SUV.

"Kitchen light bulb lasted 4.5yrs. Msg from my past self."

I once read that the maximum lifespan of a bulb is based off how often you flip the switch, because turning the light on and off uses more power than just leaving it on.

This bulb lasted 4.5 years, but it probably could've gone on for even longer.

"I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D."

This is both cool and a bit concerning. The effect the mosquito bite is giving this person's tattoo is pretty sweet, but the fact that it's happening to begin with? Yeah, I'm not sure I like that. Hopefully it doesn't mean anything too serious.

"The way these shirts are folded so you can actually see the logo."

Someone at this store was having a fun day folding shirts. It's just too bad that someone will come by and mess them all up...

But at least we can enjoy this picture of Pikachu getting ready to use an attack.

"Wear-and-tear on playground monkey bars decreases as the distance increases."

Monkey bars are actually really difficult to use. You either have to have really good upper body strength, or be a small kid (they have less to lift, after all). I don't blame anyone for dropping off after the first rung. Awesome pic, though.

"My Grandad showing off his gigantic homegrown cabbage."

Now that's a cabbage! I bet this man would be set for weeks off this one vegetable.

It's so amazing how huge produce can get in your own garden. It probably helps if you know what you're doing, but you can really do anything out there.

This striped lizard with a fascinatingly blue tail.

A quick Google search tells me that this bad boy is an American five-lined skink. They have blue tails when they're young, but grow out of it as they get older.

And you can find them all around the Eastern United States! How cool is that?