30 Things That Were Destined To End In Disaster

It is normally possible to sense when something is going to go wrong, it is part of growing up I guess. However, there are some people who never develop the ability to recognize a terrible idea.

So, from people who found the worst time for pyrotechnics to individuals who committed crimes against food, here are 30 things that were destined to end in disaster!

Did They Really Think That They Would Fit In There?

The person who posted this added, "He was drunk, I told him not to get in the car but he didn't listen." This is just further reasoning as to why you should never get behind the wheel while drunk.

What In God's Name Is He Doing?

This guy must really hate pedestrians if he is this committed to clothes-lining as many as he can in one single trip! Or, maybe he is trying to turn walking on the sidewalk into a limbo competition?!

"This car's rims..."

They really committed to the whole gladiatorial aesthetic! It is a bold look to go for, and I can only hope that the driver is sat in the front seat dressed up as Russel Crowe from Gladiator.

"Never a good sign…"

There are few things more unnerving than a message from a local authority saying, "Essentially lads, you're on your own for a while!" Pretty good reminder to make sure your fire extinguishers are all up to code I guess.

"Looks like a new final destination movie or something."

Well, thank you to whoever didn't secure this sheet of metal properly for re-igniting my fears of being impaled by flying debris on the road! Years of therapy down the damn drain!

They Technically Ate "Half" Of Them...

I like this kid's dedication to the bit. At least, I hope that they knew this was a joke and that this isn't actually what they thought their uncle meant! They were either a genius or a bonehead here...

"I'm having a disaster of a morning, and then this goddam squirrel stole the croissant I'd been saving to finally enjoy when I got back home."

Look, if you do not feed your local squirrels properly then they will resort to stealing your food! Do not mess with the squirrels my guy!

"Bear eats Lexus interior."

This is what happens when you pay for the meat-flavored seats add-on package for your Lexus. More and more people are opting for this extra only for them to have their cars ripped apart by ravenous bears.

"Is this really necessary?"

It is absolutely sacrilegious to put anything in a Guinness glass other than its namesake drink, the finest alcoholic drink on the face of the Earth. Are people expected to eat this out of the glass, or do they tip it out? What's the point?!

"So I tried to cut my own hair..."

I do not even know how you would go about trying to fix this. Step one would obviously be going to a trained professional though. I sense a pixie cut in their future!

"Rhode Island is removing trash cans from public parks and beaches to save money. No way this could go wrong..."

A lot of people take their rubbish home with them anyway, but this is just encouraging the rest of the people to abandon their trash wherever they want.

"Doing this so that no one can sit next to you on a full bus..."

If you are the sort of person who does this kind of thing then you have to be prepared for someone to sit on your avocado!

"A random brake pad at a roundabout. Someone is in for a surprise."

I do not think that it is just one person who is about to be in for a surprise, it is more like to be two people!

"Should I wear the helmet? Nah, I'll carry it in my lap so I can look cool!"

Something tells me that this guy got given this helmet as a present, so he needs to be seen to be having it with him but doesn't want people to think he is a nerd!

"The way my mom drives..."

It is also a bit of a mystery as to why she has secured her walking stick in with her seatbelt. I hope that she isn't using that walking stick to operate any of the pedals!

"It Just Bothers Me."

And so it should. How can anyone let their laptop get to this state? Surely this has to make it hard to use or...something! I refuse to believe that this sort of behaviour will go unpunished!

"Idiot doesn't know how to haul a ladder properly."

How are there this many people on the roads who have absolutely no concept of spacial awareness? I like that this guy is trying to turn every car on the road into an open top, but the method is a little extreme.

"That's an AirPod down there…"

If you have a plug that is that exposed and wear your AirPods in the bathroom then you have to expect this thing to happen. It is similar to the law that no matter where you drop your toothbrush in the bathroom, it will always end up in the toilet.

"Came back home after two weeks of holiday to find out that the cola I left in the freezer exploded leaving the freezer door wide open, for two weeks"

Freezers and cola generally don't mix as well as you'd hope, but this is some next level misfortune. Usually the can just explodes and makes a slushy mess, not absolute ruination on everything inside.

"Me and my mom failed to notice our car keys and bag hanging on the chair when we gorilla glued the top piece of the chair back on."

Is this even a chair anymore, or is it now the world's least convenient keychain? The bonus is that now they're not going to lose their keys down a drain or something, but I suspect they'd rather worry about that than have to drag a chair around everywhere.

"Stop lights were added to a roundabout near me, making the traffic flow substantially worse."

I struggle to fathom what the local government was thinking with this boneheaded move. Roundabouts are supposed to replace lights. There's no way that adding lights on top of a roundabout wouldn't result in worse problems.

"My 9 year old sister destroyed our microwave doing a “tik tok life hack” (the starburst melted into the actual microwave)"

Sometimes kids are just determined to learn the hard/expensive way, aren't they? At least this one didn't involve eating laundry soap. Replacing a microwave is much less trying on a family than a trip to the ER.

"The aftermath of a gender reveal party at a public park."

Why are gender reveal parties even still a thing? I mean, I guess no one died at this one, nor was a small section of their county blown up, but it's also pretty inconsiderate to just leave all kinds of pink confetti around.

The Worst Idea For A Wedding...

"Wedding party I went to decided to light fireworks inside a warehouse type building with no proper ventilation which caused people to leave soon after," explained this person. I am baffled that no one else thought that this might be a bad idea.

"The worst beer pour in history."

Yes, that's absolutely what that is. You have to wonder who this person angered behind the bar, because there's no way a trained bartender pours that by accident and then has the audacity to actually serve it.

"Why tho."

Okay, admittedly it's been a long time since I've had to deal with schoolyard bullies, but even I know that this advice is really just going to get more kids bullied even harder. Also, this feels a whole lot like victim blaming.

"The toilet paper my parents buy for the guest bathroom."

Wow, why not just put a roll of duct tape out? It would certainly get the message across that guests aren't welcome, and might be less expensive in the long run compared to how much of this sorry excuse for paper they'd have to use.

"Don't have to go to work if you are not alive."

There is no paycheck that could possibly have enough zeroes on the end of it to get me to try the balancing act this person is at least temporarily pulling off. This should be the new definition of the word "perilous."

"Craving pizza but convinced myself to get groceries and make a healthy dinner instead. Why do I even try?"

And to think that people say that God doesn't give people signs! This is clearly a sign from above to eat a damn pizza already!

"A Rube Goldberg machine of broken bones starting with guy on the left."

The sheer confidence it would take to get anyone up on that roof, in that situation, is hard to comprehend — if only because it should really be an unattainable amount of confidence for anybody.