20 Things That Set A New Standard For Low Effort

As children we are all told that we should give everything all that we have got! However, there are some people who lose that gusto as they get a little older, which results in some truly weird things and situations.

So, from people who didn't have the heart to tell us something wasn't butter to the most understated tattoos of all time, here are 20 things that set a new standard for low effort!

"Q for sQuirrel and V for Violin!"

It is incredible that they couldn't be bothered to think of a word starting with Q so just picked a word that has a Q somewhere in the middle. They could have had Quail or...well, anything beginning with Q! That "violin" hurts to look at as well.

This seems like a terrible idea...

Judging from how poorly most men use urinals I can only imagine that this would leave your bathroom walls in one hell of a state. Also, who cannot be bothered to lift the lid of a toilet?

"My dude got the Pringy™."

I can only assume that their slogan is something along the lines of, "Once you pop, they taste fine"? I like how it literally looks as though they have put the Pringle's man's cousin in a cheap disguise as well.

"Ah, yes my favourite movie!"

Ah, the Freeze franchise, it boasts such wonderful songs as "I built a snowman but he melted due to the inevitable heat death of the universe, fear it!" and "Stop bloody banging on about it!"

What's That Doing In There?

This was posted by a mechanic who explained, "This guy crammed a bag of garlic cheese curd inside the fuel filler door on top of the gas cap. Either he though that would fix his evap leak, or lactose intolerant vampires kept syphoning his fuel."

"This sign near my school..."

I had no idea that we could just stick a piece of paper with a new speed limit on if we didn't like the current speed limit?! Well, this will certainly make the roads near my flat a lot more interesting!

"How lazy my kids are..."

I hope that this person made their kids go in there and change it themselves — if they didn't, then they cannot expect their kids to act any differently! This really is laziness on another level!

"Got that body painted for you, boss!"

It is the thought that counts! The person who was supposed to paint this is clearly lazier than whoever named the sequel to "Now You See Me" as "Now You See Me 2." You had one job man, come on!

"This billboard literally makes no sense."

So, did they just think that they would go for a "sex sells" approach to this advertisement? That has to be the case, as it says "all female skilled nursing wing," and yet there is a shirtless man on there?

"This cover is a mystery."

Why is Scoob the only one who got away without having his face swapped? That would only have added to the nightmarish nature of this thing! I can't take my eyes off it, but I feel as though it is bad for my brain somehow.

"Changed the name of the street!"

Why bother taking the old street name down when you can just put the new name over the last one? This guy was paid to put up a new sign, not to take down the old one!

"Did I pass the test?"

You really would have thought that this would have been enough times for them to write "Do not run" for someone to have known not to run it. And yet, you should never underestimate the stupidity of some people.

"This is a notepad with the perforation on the wrong side."

What a wonderfully inconvenient thing to happen. This kind of mild irritation is what makes the world go round! You could still use the torn off parts for some very tiny notes as well.

Wait, What Does That Say?

Be very careful when trying to work out what this says! Trying to decipher this awful tattoo has resulted in many people going completely insane, and developing a severe headache is almost a certainty.

"You're a wizard Hannah."

I do not think that I would be able to resist buying this bag if I saw it in the wild. And, no matter how much it cost, I know that it would be worth every single penny!

"I can't believe it's not butter."

They really tried their hardest to avoid a lawsuit here! I personally can't believe this isn't I can't believe it's not butter. If there is a knockoff of this one then that would be called...oh, who am I kidding, you can see where that was going.

"Let's install an Amazon Locker on a public playground sidewalk one block from a half-vacant strip mall."

Yes, but without Amazon doing this sort of thing we wouldn't have a useless billionaire desperately trying to get into space for no other reason than to massage his fragile ego!

"No, no, it makes sense to tell us this way. Thank you!"

God forbid they would blue tac that sign onto the wall! Also, why were people leaving paper on top of a microwave in the first place? That seems unnecessary.

"How to fix an exhaust rattle for $0.25."

That is a nice cheap fix! It is a much better alternative to taking it into a shop in order to be charged through the nose to get it fixed, that's for sure.

"I've been living in Italy for a year, and it's common to see things in English that do not make sense. Today, I found the winner."

This is a tattoo that does what it says on the tin. It is a tattoo that simply says "a potato," who wouldn't want that?