30 People Who Let Their Genius Show

One thing that people love to do on the internet is share how much of a genius they are. This often takes the form of people sharing their own little hacks, some of which are decidedly more...ramshackle than others!

So, from people who became geniuses overnight to individuals who made guitars out of what they had to hand, here are 30 people who let their genius show!

The Perfect Solution To Working On A Hot Day...

This is also a great way to make yourself look like a fried egg, should you want that for whatever reason! I like to imagine how pleased this guy was with himself for creating this.

"The obvious solution to a missing retaining screw. This lasted 3 years until I moved out."

Yep, that is a lolly pop. The genius who posted this also explained, "I sucked it for about 10 mins beforehand so that it would stick down. Yeah I'm surprised the Irish rain didn't effect it that much."

The Guitar Hero Genius...

"Back in 2006 when we lived in Thailand I couldn't find a Guitar Hero guitar for my PlayStation 2 so I hacked a knock-off Dualshock controller and a mosquito zapper into a DIY Guitar Hero controller — complete with a mercury switch for Star Power," wrote the mad scientist behind this creation.

"Customer installed their own headlight."

What is great about this headlight is that the bulbs will last for ages — you pretty much never have to replace them. Although, they are a little on the dim side, which can be a bit of a problem.

"Partner asked I scrub the walls, I didn't want it to take all day, half hour later here's a simple solution! It is a multitool after all."

You could also use this to scrub yourself clean when you are in the shower...actually, that could be a truly horrendous idea on second thought.

Perfect For Sleeping On The Train?

There will be a lot of people decreeing this idea for being dangerous, and that is because there are a plethora of dangers associated with this weird sleeping position. Can't say I'll be giving it a go.


The explanation behind this modification is: "Dad doesn't toss his hoodies when the zippers break. Buttons made from a broken broom handle and loops from p-cord. This is an upgrade from when he used to just apply a strip of duck tape."

"My dad's decided to grow tomatoes this year, here is the harvest."

Well, this is one more tomato than they had for free last year! Sure, it might make for a bit of a meagre salad, but it's still a salad nonetheless!

"I recycled a free trampoline into a quail coop on my hobby farm."

I love the idea of having a little quail coop, but I lack both the skill to build this and the space. The person who made this went on to add, "There's 11 [in there]. They get a nightly head count. They have bush areas and tunnels inside to hide and nest."

Fixing A Broken Gate!

It might not be the prettiest of fixes, but it is pretty damn smart. I hope that they had a spare seatbelt lying around and didn't use one right from their car though. Having seatbelts in the car is more important!

"Our doorbell has been broken so we had to improvise."

If you honk that doorbell and three clowns do not come to the door then there is something wrong with the world! I bet that the sound of honking got really old really quick though.

"Improvise, adapt, overcome!"

I am mostly just impressed that this person managed to actually accomplish this. I hope that they are just moving this gazebo and that this isn't their permanent plan to keep their car cool in the summer.

"Liam Nissan, The Final Frontier."

This car comes with a very specific set of skills, skills that it has acquired over a very long career, skills that make this car a nightmare for people like you to drive. Take heed!

"Honk honk! Get out my way!"

Christ, who knew that air horns and bike horns could be such useful tools in this day and age?! They have only one real use I guess, but that one use is a pretty damn important one!

"It makes sense."

This would also be a great way to start a cosplay of the sun from the Teletubbies. Are the Teletubbies still in the zeitgeist enough for me to be able to reference them? Well, I've done it now.

"I don't usually have much patience with tourists on the road, but this...this is just spectacular."

That lightsaber windshield wiper is an incredible touch! It's great to see someone embracing their love for Star Wars in public, what a great show it is!

Not Wrong!

"My fourth grader’s math homework. She said, 'This way I didn’t even need to think about it,'" wrote the proud parent who posted this. This kid has a future in a job where she has to find loopholes...whatever that job is.

"This school uses two Chromebooks as clocks."

I like that they are trying to think green, but I really do not see how this can be more environmentally friendly than one normal clock? Surely this uses more power than a regular clock?

Nug life.

When you don't have gas money but you do have nugget money, you've got to do what you've got to do, I guess. So, sure, this isn't quite the same as driving-thru, but at least he's in the spirit of the thing.

"Newest swimming pool heating technology."

Well, heating things up is what radiators do, so yeah, I can see where their head is at. I pity them when they try to get this contraption out of the pool, though.

"When you need a lot of freshly ground pepper."

It is a brilliant idea if for some reason you need that much freshly ground black pepper — maybe we'll see this at Chili's one day? — but I'm not sure we should be giving Black & Decker any ideas here. Unless you want a branded high-powered pepper grinder for Christmas.

"My bike and the open road."

The best of both worlds! You can't really haul a camper with a motorbike, and you can't feel the wind in your hair on a road trip riding anything else, so credit to this person for rolling both of those into one vehicle.

"I am so freaking done with this!!! Tonight is the last night I’ll ever be slinging cushions."

I'd say that if you have to resort to such measures, you've already lost the war — but I've also been the cushion-slinger frantically searching for the remote, so you go, bro. Show that remote who's the boss!

"Found in the wild on the hillsides of Astoria, OR..."

I am in awe of the simple solution this person found to their all-terrain barbecue needs. Not sure I ever would have thought to meld the grill with a wheelbarrow, but it works!

"Oculus 2 weight balance fix."

Is there anything that a bag of rice cannot be used to fix and/or improve? I suppose that it cannot be used for solving complex mathematic equations, but someone could still invent the rice calculator!

"No alcohol beyond this point..."

You've got to know your audience, and this person is likely to get more people coming back this way rather than encouraging them to pour their drinks out. If they remember they were ever there, of course.

"Poor Marjorie."

Yeah, someone is letting their evil genius show. That is, unless the object here is to help Marjorie kick caffeine to get her going in the mornings. Then it's a brilliant set up.

"Only had two batteries, and also this thing was crazy bright with three."

Another individual point out that, "I’ve seen this also works if you need AA only have AAA batteries by filling the empty space in the battery terminals with foil balls." I'd be curious to know if this actually works.

"2021 apocalypse buggy."

If you worry about the price of gas and emissions, this is the way to go. Now you just have to worry about the price of oats and a different kind of emissions.

Well, that's succinct.

Although maybe it should be "If you've ever used a floppy disk..." Lots of people know what a floppy disk is, even if the tech didn't exist in their lifetimes. Still, this sign does get the point across while making you feel like the Cryptkeeper!

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