15 Actors Who Got Uncomfortable While Filming Scenes

Actors go through a lot for their craft. Those iconic shots that so many of us love and adore don't come easy and often require countless hours of work.

It can get downright annoying at times. Have a look below and check out this list of actors who were incredibly uncomfortable while filming some of your favorite scenes.

Lili Reinhart felt incredibly off-put by her "Dark Betty" scenes in *Riverdale*.

“It was supposed to be this dark side of her that she wasn’t able to express otherwise," Lili explained to Teen Vogue. "And it just became this weird sexual thing that people didn’t really understand.”

Jessica Alba's death scene in *Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer* nearly made her quit acting.

Jessica claims that the director wouldn't stop berating her during the scene. He would scream at her to cry prettier, and also chastise her for making her death look too realistic.

Emilia Clarke felt incredibly vulnerable during her love scenes in *Game Of Thrones*.

Emilia had been on a film set only twice before filming her infamous "rape" scene with Jason Mamoa. She says that she's since become much savvier and better at expressing the things she will and will not do.

Jamie Dornan has some regrets about making *50 Shades Of Grey*.

"A part of me still can't really believe I did those films.," Jamie said during an interview with The Irish Sun. "There's an element in me that's going, 'why did they make movies out of those books?'"

Penn Badgley was deeply disturbed by the masturbation scene in *Joe*.

He said that he found himself surprisingly disgusted with himself and absolutely loathed every minute of filming the sequence. Penn has stated on numerous occasions that playing Joe takes a deep psychological toll.

Denzel Washington was not fond of filming the sprinkler scene in *The Equalizer*.

During an interview with Cinema Blend, Denzel said that he understood the cinematic vision and what the director was hoping to achieve. But by the third day of getting rained on after filming for 13 hours — he'd had enough.

James Marsden says filming the near-rape scene in *Buffy The Vampire Slayer* was incredible difficult.

James told The A.V. Club that "It was the hardest day of my professional life. I was curled up in a fetal position in between takes. I can’t watch scenes like that. I choose not to. I won’t go to a movie that has something like that."

Kate Winslet's nude painting scene from *Titanic* still haunts her.

“There’s a photo of it as well that someone has lifted from a still of the film," Kate explained to Yahoo! Movies. "And that photo gets passed around too. I’m like ’No! I didn’t mean for it to be a photograph that I would end up seeing still 17 years later.’"

Daniel Radcliffe felt a certain kind of way about quidditch during the *Harry Potter* films.

Daniel has said that there are many things he misses about playing Harry Potter: the cast, the crew, and countless other incredible memories. One thing he absolutely does not miss is filming the quidditch scenes.

Kit Harrington doesn't mince words when it comes to filming the dragon scenes in *Game Of Thrones*.


"It was horrific," Kit told Evening Standard. "It’s not acting at all. It is not acting, it never will be acting, and it is not what I’d signed up for. It is very uncomfortable as a man.”

Matt LeBlanc initially refused to do a kissing scene with Jennifer Aniston on *Friends*.

According to producer Kevin S. Bright, Matt felt that this was a huge betrayal of the character. He argued that Joey and Ross were best friends and that he'd never go behind his back with Rachel.

Shelly Duvall was reduced to tears filming the scene with the baseball bat in *The Shining*.

This is because the infamous and controversial director, Stanley Kubrick, made Shelly film the scene 127 different times. By the end, she felt as if she really was losing her mind.

Mila Kunis said that her sex scene with Natalie Portman in *Black Swan* was awkward.

Mila told Parade that "I don't think we were laughing between takes. I think we were like, 'Let's just get this over with'. It's uncomfortable doing a sex scene. It's just bizarre. Luckily, we were friends, so we were able to get through it."

David Schwimmer wasn't sad when it came time to say goodbye to Marcel on *Friends*.

David explained during the Friends reunion that Marcel would often miss his mark and screw up the timing of the choreography. This caused the cast to have to reshoot the same scene, time and time again.

Courtney Cox hated filming the fountain scenes for the *Friends* opening credits.


“We were in that fountain for a long time," Courtney explained to Ellen Degeneres. "I don’t know who, somebody thought that would just be really fun,” Cox said. “It’s not fun to be dancing in a fountain for hours and hours.”