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15 'Normal' Things That People Find Disgusting

There are certain things that people find objectively disgusting — like the smell of a dirty diaper or the way that eggs begin to turn after they've gone bad.

However, among the usual suspects of what people find rank and rancid lies a whole assortment of incredulous things. Have a look as these 15 people point out the normal things they find disgusting.


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The way that Redditor BoxMediocre explains it: they enjoy the taste of grapes but can't stand raisins. That's something I can relate to; raisins have a way of ruining everything from cereal to cookies. They're not for me, nor should they be for anyone.


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"I hate that Mayo is so popular that it comes by default on everything forever," Reddit user salsasharks laments. "Pre-made sandwiches are the bane of my existence."

I'm not a huge mayo guy myself but I love Miracle Whip — is that weird?

Chewing gum.

Few things on this earth are more annoying than being forced to listen to someone chomping down on a piece of gum.

Fun fact: certain countries like Singapore have gone as far as to make the sale of chewing gum illegal.

"Wearing shoes in your own house."

Who are these people that think wearing dirty sneakers while you are inside your or someone else's home is a good idea? Is this seriously considered normal? Wouldn't that add so much unnecessary cleaning to your routine?


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"I have always been of the opinion that coffee was someone's solution to being frustrated at not being able to burn water because if I ever had to describe what coffee tastes like to me, that would be it... burnt water." - Reddit u/sarcasticorange

Allowing a dog to lick your face.

"Oh[sic] I used to let dogs lick my face when I was young and didn't know better. Then we got a dog that ate his own poop along with the cat's and welp... no more face licking[sic] for me." - Reddit u/RandomArtistBlock


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That's right, plain old celery sets Reddit user Zukazuk on edge. They said that "Apparently it's a genetic thing like cilantro with three levels watery, floral, and boar urine. Guess which one I got.[sic]"

Does boar urine smell differently than normal urine?

Soft drinks of any kind.

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"The worst is cheap root beer that kind of tastes like cola. You expect that sweet vanilla and get that god awful[sic] cola flavor why would anyone do that to poor unsuspecting people." - Reddit u/dastardly740

Foot fetishes.

Fetishes are incredibly common among both men and women and foot fetishes are actually the most prolific. That said, Redditor xnxbars isn't hating on anyone for liking feet — they just don't see the appeal of rubbing someone's stinky foot.

The smell of lavender

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"I absolutely despise lavender. Have a child with mood/agitation issues and everyone was like use lavender to calm them. Use lavender to help them sleep, blah blah blah. It makes me sick to smell it." - Reddit u/kats1294

Food play during sex.

I've never quite been able to understand people who bring food into the bedroom — especially sticky stuff like chocolate, whipped cream, and syrup. How are you supposed to go to sleep after turning your bed into a soggy dessert?

Cotton candy.

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Reddit user Mateololero says that the few times they've ever tried cotton candy did not go over well. They said that the first time they tried it — it felt as if they were dying due to massive dehydration.


Redditor margeauxnita can't stand milk but it's not because of the taste. According to their post, they grew up adjacent to a dairy farm, and that the smells produced as a result made enjoying the taste of milk all but impossible.

Kraft American cheese slices.

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"You could hold me up at cheese point and I’d give you everything I’ve got," jokes Reddit user al_bc. "I can’t even stand to look at the stuff."

All that means is that there's more cheese for me!

Water parks.

"The water is never clear and a bunch of people’s pee and spit is all over the place, plus they’re always hella crowded," writes Reddit user scared4lyf.

Call me crazy but I don't see water parks functioning in a post-COVID world.