13 Specialized Tools We Didn't Even Know Existed

If there's a specialized job out there, I bet there's a tool for it, too. Well, what do you know in most cases, that's exactly right.

So much so that there's even a Reddit all about it. It's called r/SpecializedTools, and you wouldn't believe what cool stuff you can find there. So let's check it out together and learn something, okay?

1. This Truck Attachment

If your job is to water public park spaces, there's got to be a better way to do so. Am I right? Oh, wait. There actually is. Check out this awesome truck hose attachment here. Isn't it so amazing or what?

2. This Tree Mover

Speaking of public spaces, get a load of this idea. Am I seeing this right? Are they using a tree mover here? Wow! I've never even heard of something like that. Ha, ha, that is so awesome!

3. This Snow Clearing Machine

Did you know it’s illegal in many states not to clear snow from the roof of a vehicle? It's no wonder there is a cool tool like this to help remove snow from trucks like these. It's definitely needed.

4. This Gelato Dispenser

If you've ever gotten gelato in a jar, this is how it got there. What do you know, they actually use a gelato dispenser to do this job. I don't know about you, but I could watch this all day, ha, ha!

5. This Airplane Pushback

As it turns out, that plane you're about to board doesn't always get to the taxing area by itself. Many times an airplane pushback vehicle like this one is needed. It must be awesome to operate that, huh?

6. This Barrel-Filling Bridge

All that content in the barrel has to get there somehow. Am I right? So to fill it, you need to use a barrel filling bridge like this one. Guess what they're filling in here? If you guessed Tabasco sauce, you would be right, ha, ha!

7. This Metal Twister

Have you ever wondered how do the twisted metal rods get that way? Well, obviously, there must be a machine that does it. Check out this interesting metal twister here. Who knew it even existed, eh?

8. This Curb Shaper

Have you ever wondered how the construction workers get the curb to be so perfectly round? Well, there's a tool for that. Oh my goodness. You do learn something new every day. I absolutely love that.

9. This Train Moving Tool

Is it possible for one man to move a whole train? No, it's not some sorcery here. This ladies, and gentlemen, is actually possible when you have the right tool. Wow, isn't that pretty incredible?

10. This High-Tech Knife

"This titanium-coated butter knife with internal copper alloy heat tubes. It’s made to heat up when held in your hand so that it is easier to spread butter," said one Reddit user.

Woah, I definitely need this knife.

11. This Surgical Suture Training Pad

Doctors-to-be need to practice their surgical suture skills somewhere, no? So instead of using pigskin or cadavers, this training pad must really come in handy. Wow, I had no idea they even had that.

12. This Hair Remover

If you have long hair like me, you know getting it out of the brush can be a pain. So I should really get myself this specialized hair remover tool, no? Isn't this the cutest thing?

13. This New Parking Enforcement

If you ever parked in the wrong spot, you might have gotten the boot. Now, this is some kind of new measure that places a device on your windshield. Good luck trying to remove that 700-pound obstacle here.

Whoa, I'll admit I'm not usually the type of person who gets excited about tools.

However, I have to say those were some cool ones, huh? What do you think? Are you digging these as much as I do?