Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

15 Bad Tattoos I Simply Can't Look Away From

Getting a tattoo can be a positive way to make a big change in your life. Some people absolutely love the way that tattoos look on their skin, like artwork on a canvas. However, getting a tattoo is a very big deal because there's no turning back because those things are for life!

Make sure you check out your artist and ensure they are experts at what you want or else you could end up like this.

Always check the language!

People who get tattoos of words in other languages without actually finding out what they mean are the worst people in the world. Stop stealing a language you know nothing about, y'all. It's a bad look and a bad vibe overall.

This is just embarrassing.

One person showed a sample photo of what they wanted their tattoo to look like. But, the artist thought that the original person's nipple was part of the actual tattoo. So, now they have a nipple on their arm. I just cannot.

I'll never be able to unsee this.

For the rest of my life, this tattoo and haircut is going to haunt me. Why would anyone ever get this done? Imagine going to a wedding, or a job interview, and just straight up having a whole second face?!?

Straight out of a fever dream.

Dolphins definitely don't have feet and to be honest, this. makes me wildly uncomfortable to look at. This is the kind of thing you would dream about if you have a 104 fever and you're fighting it off. cringing so hard

Those lines. THOSE LINES!

I feel so bad for whosever arm this is because they will have to explain that their tattoo artist was definitely drunk when they did this. Those lines aren't even close to being straight. Ugh, my eyes hurt just staring at this. But, I can't look away.

I hope he never takes his shirt off.

Why on Earth would anyone want to endure the pain of actually tattooing their nipple? This is just something that looks like a bachelor party went so far south, that the bride would probably cancel the entire wedding after finding out about this.

Get someone who is better with fonts.

If you are going to get words put anywhere on your body, you better make sure your artist specializes in fonts. The last thing you want is for your tattoo to read poorly, like this guy, who now looks like his arm says "We We People." Major yikes.

I'm so confused.

Why do you need to have a baby with a wolf head on it? Are you trying to say something about all babies being absolute howling savages? Or, are you trying to say that all wolves are babies? I'm really just lost over here.

Ah, yes, stars.

I mean, she apparently requested stars. And, some tattoo artists may take things literally. From Earth, that's what stars look like to us, right?

Be specific with what you want or end up with a bunch of black dots on your chest forever.

Michael Jackson? In a Jordan jersey? What?

So who made this request because I need answers. Michael Jackson's face on Michael Jordan's body? Did they say Michael Jackson really quietly and then say, "No, I said Michael Jordan," and the artist just went with it? I mean...what is happening?

What in the world...

It's is my life. First of all, as an English teacher, I want to crawl into a hole. Not even counting the absolute trash fire that is the grammar of this tattoo—the name of the artist is totally wrong. Jon Bovi. Yup, that's it!

Is he eating your belly button?

Not even touching the fact that this tiger looks like a tiger is on drugs and hallucinating. But, why is the tiger looking like he is going to go in and eat your belly button for lunch? Can we even call this a tiger? Unsure.

I'm uncomfortable with this one.

I'm not entirely sure why someone would want to make a second, tiny body of someone else with very little arms driving what appears to be a spaceship?

Is this some new Star Wars stuff that I'm not up on yet?

What IS this mess?

This looks like this woman took her toddler's finger painting disaster and said, "let me tattoo it forever! Right on my chest! huge! for the entire world to see! Yes!"

Why?!? Just why would you want this on your chest so large and so...bad?

Hoop is life.

Spellcheck everything. 100 times. 1,000 times. Because when you put words on your body, they are there forever.

Now this guy has two huge spelling mistakes on his arm for the world to see for the rest of eternity. NICE!