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15 Dad Moments That Probably Deserve Awards

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone very special to be a dad. Being a dad who is hands-on and there for their children is something that not everyone does, but the ones who do it do it so well, they deserve an award.

Being a good, hands-on, caring parent will forever change a child's life. And, to celebrate, we're honoring these dads!

Saying goodbye to his son with one last kiss before he goes.

Nothing is more powerful than watching a father have to leave on deployment and say goodbye to their child. Clearly, this dad knows where his priorities are and who he is fighting for back at home. So sweet and brings tears to our eyes!

Girl dads are the best dads.

Something about having a daughter changes you as a man. You don't care about any of society's toxic masculinity cues and instead, you have no problem crawling into a princess bed or wearing a princess dress to make your little girl smile.

Some dads go the extra mile.

Not all dads will get down on the floor and allow their kids to literally use them as a parking garage for all of their Hot Wheels cars. Some dads really do just go above and beyond to see their kids smile.

Nothing like quality time with your dad.

“My dad has dropped some hints about porch coffee with me some time and apparently just couldn’t wait any longer. Later update: I showed up early with his favorite jelly donuts, Pops already had the good stuff brewed," one Reddit user said.

The very first moment.

That very first moment where you hold your child for the first time is something unlike anything else. Of course you are going to be overcome with emotions. And, real men and real dads don't feel bad about showing those.

Shared hobbies are the greatest.

Like father like son with these two over here! There's nothing quite like sharing your love of something with your child. Music, art, anything at all. And, this is just too sweet to see the little one standing just like his dad, too.


It's those picture-perfect moments that we get on camera with dads and their kids that last a lifetime. We love seeing how kids grow and mimic their parents in ways that only the camera can capture. So adorable.

He loves his grand-dog.

One Reddit user shared that their father not only loves his dog, but makes sure to mail his "grand-dog" money for gifts on the regular. There's nothing like a love between a man and his grand-dog, right?!? This is just so sweet.

Skin to skin matters for dads, too.

We all know about the skin to skin bonding for new moms. But, some dads want to feel that bond with their newborn baby, too. This dad just knows that he wants to bond with his baby girl, just like mom. It's almost too sweet.

Giving mom a break.

Most moms are lugging and carrying around their babies on their backs, fronts, arms, you name it. This dad isn't afraid to wrap his baby up right around him and wear them around, giving the other parent some much-needed time off.

The Rock is the ultimate husband AND dad.

After giving birth, moms go through a lot. And, nursing just adds on to the stress on their bodies. Luckily, The Rock gets it and doesn't mind helping his wife feel better and stay well fed and healthy. We all need a man like this!

He just wanted to make sure the garden department was taken care of!

Another Reddit user said that they couldn't find their dad in the local Walmart, and finally found him in the garden department. Except, he was standing around watering all of the plants in the plant section. Real dad things going on over here.

No problems over here.

Dads who go above and beyond to make their kids smile are the absolute trophy dads. Throw on a tutu and have an entire tea party with your little girl, no one is judging you over here sir. We are actually applauding you for doing this all.

Making time for everyone.

When you make time for all of your kids, you make all of your kids happy. Dads who stop and realize that their kids need some solid parenting bonding time are the ones who are the winners, truly.

Teach them young!

It's just so sweet to see kids who want to grow up and be just like their dads. Sometimes, it's everything that we ever wanted to see in life, without even knowing that they are missing from our world until they come.