30 Things That Ended Up Much More Awkward Than Intended

We all have ideas that do not exactly pan out how we had imagined from time to time. Whether through general poor judgement or terrible execution, there are many reasons why ideas can fall through.

So, from people who inadvertently made CDs into terrifying nightmare babies to individuals who designed the world's worst bathrooms, here are 30 things that ended up much more awkward than intended.

"Well at least they tried..."

And yet, I kind of wish that they had not tried. Somehow this baby looks like it is wearing a monocle that is made out of its own flesh — and, though I just said that, even I don't really know what it means.

"Just die...?"

They really needed to make sure that the "T" was very clearly marked out before agreeing on this design! Although, decomposing away to a skeleton is one hell of an effective way to shed some extra pounds now that I think about it.

"A sign that looks like it says 'Follow someone home.'"

I have seen some bad ideas in my time, but this has got to be one of the worst. Following the traffic rules is the whole point of this sign, so why is the actual "traffic rules" section in tiny font?!

"Felt like my head was spinning when i saw this..."

This looks as though it was designed with the old red and blue 3-D glasses in mind. That's just what you want when you are driving along, headache inducing 3-D text leaping out at you!

"I'm 6'2" and couldn't reach the TP in the stall."

They did also go on to say that this weirdly designed bathroom was at a Brazilian Steakhouse as well. Judging from how my body reacts to the wonderful food at Brazilian Steakhouses, this would pose quite the problem.

"Gas station in Nebraska. The station's color scheme was red. They tried to get artsy."

"Excuse me, but where do you think that you are going?"

"To the toilet?"

"The toilets are at the other end of the station, this is clearly the murder room! Could you not tell by the decor and the screaming from within?"

"Maybe her parents should have said her name out loud."

They had to have known what they were doing when they named her Crystal, surely? If they didn't then they must have been the most innocent people on the planet!

"This is supposed to say 'EAT,' I guess one leads to the other…"

I don't think that I would be too keen about my shelves mocking me every single time I went into the kitchen. You could keep lard on it though, I guess?

The Watch That Couldn't Understand Context!

"I was golfing today and said 'ok if I don’t hit a good shot after that nice drive I'm gonna kill myself' and this popped up on my watch," wrote the person who posted this. Also, I'm aware that "The Watch That Couldn't Understand Context" sounds like the world's worst children's book of all time.

"How my landlord 'fixed' the lamp."

If this is the "fix" then I dread to think of what was wrong with it beforehand! Could you really look up at that heinous abomination every single day, with it glaring back at you mockingly?!

"Disabled toilets not accessible by those who need them."

I think that there might be a ramp lurking at the bottom that they simply haven't pulled out. Although, this is still an abysmal job. How could they forget that one critical aspect?

"Our baker is a clown!"

The placement of that brake light is absolutely spectacular. With the amount of children out there who are terrified of clowns, it is a miracle that this bus doesn't leave hordes of crying kids in its wake.

"'Aesthetic' urinal covers in public restroom must be touched with your hands in order to open."

Why could they not have made it so that they raise automatically? I mean, it looks as though there are already sensors above them anyway!

"Die Young Possible!"

Blimey, and I thought that the "Just Diet" van was needlessly aggressive with its messaging! Also, why are there two "possibles" on this? That completely ruins this already terrible design even more, which I did not think was possible.

"You cannot chose your license plate in Portugal. Some people get unlucky."

Ah now that really is very unfortunate. I dread to think how many people go up to the owner of this car to say, "Hey, you know what it looks like your license plate says..."

"Inconveniently place hand dryer."

Oh come on now, I thought that we had already seen the most ridiculous urinal-based design possible in this list, and yet here we are. How hard is it to design a normally functioning, not creepy bathroom, seriously?!

"The marbling in these floor tiles makes it look like someone pooped all over the floor."

I just hope that these tiles weren't being used in a bathroom, for the love of God don't let them be in a bathroom. Although, they'd be a pretty poor choice for any room now that I think about it.

"An outlet in a mirror over a sink, crappy or genius?"

I like how it looks as though the little faces on the plug are equally confused as to why they have been placed there! Either that or they look as though they are singing in harmony.

"Hedge archway in the neighborhood."

You can really see what sort of a classy entry they were going for here, but the lack of other hedges, as well as the trim job on it — guaranteed someone gets a branch in the face trying to walk through it — really undercut the effect.

"Anti-homelessness benches at Liverpool bus station are actually anti human. Attempting to sit down now and just sliding off it every second."

Huh, what a turn of events — it's almost like homeless people are actually, you know, people, and human beings, and deserve real seats like everyone else. Ruining a space for one group of individuals ruins it for everyone, who knew?

"The good ol' reverse lock."

Directionality really does matter with locks, especially where bathrooms are concerned if you want to avoid some potentially extremely awkward scenarios. And let's face it, locking someone into a bathroom is a recipe for disaster, too.

"The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it."

All that I need on my bed is something that makes it look as though there is a swarm of insects in my bed. Most of my nightmares are about swarms of insects anyway!

"This Soda-Syrup Cola Bottle has ZERO TASTE."

That's, uh, not quite the selling feature they were going for, I don't think. Zero sugar? Maybe. Zero taste? Well, you may as well get yourself a nice glass of water at that point and save yourself the money.

"Bon appetit."

This is the kind of place where you only go to a dinner party once — and hopefully that's not because you wind up as the entree for the next dinner party. Yikes.

"Want a sixpack? Nicer body? How about a second bellybutton?"

If it's been said once, it's been said a million times: photoshop is a privilege, not a right. Use with care, lest you end up breaking the laws of nature.

"The skim milk has a blue logo and a red cap. The whole milk has a red logo and blue cap. Why?"

I guess maybe they want their customers to examine their products just that closely every time to make sure they're getting the right thing? Wouldn't want people to be overly familiar with their various milks, would they?

"Sure, place an ad with a guy drinking water next to rubbing alcohol of the same brand."

At least rubbing alcohol and water don't look anything alike so it's hard to get them confused with each other.

Holds finger up to ear

Wait, I'm being told they're actually indistinguishable at a glance. So, this is not a great look.

"My mom got me this bracelet years ago when I was going through a rough patch."

"Today, these are the only three letters still hanging on..." the person who posted this went on to say. I think that it might be time to encourage those last three letters off.

"This glasses bottom makes it tip very easily."

Drink containers haven't seen that much innovation, so credit to whoever made this for trying, I guess? I mean, it looks like a fancy glass. But if it can't keep liquids inside for very long, maybe retire that design.

"This uncomfortable cup which you can't hold without touching the hot side."

Likewise, this mug is sleek and modern and minimalist and probably looks great on a shelf — but it fails spectacularly at the one thing it's actually supposed to do. Unless you really want scalded fingers to help wake you up in the morning, I guess.

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