Here Are A Boatload Of Brilliant Pictures The Internet Fell In Love With

It's pretty easy to fall in love with an amazing picture. Maybe it's just too adorable for words. Maybe it's awesome, uplifting, or downright fascinating. Or, maybe it's a combination of all of those things.

You might find yourself falling in love with some of these pictures. And I wouldn't blame you, since I definitely have myself. They're just too amazing!

"Lobsterwoman discards lobster that is too small."

I'm sure people are obsessed with this woman, if only because of the way she threw that tiny lobster off the boat. It almost looks like she's using telepathy to get rid of it, which is equal parts hilarious and awesome. Seems like a rewarding job.

This surprisingly photogenic horse that wanted in on the action.

We'll all end up getting photobombed by a friend or stranger at some point in our lives, but how many of us can say that our photobomber was a horse?

I don't know if these officers invited the horse to be in the picture, but it found a way regardless.

"Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat."

It took me a second to figure out which cat was the real one. The groomed fur and collar are a bit of a giveaway, though.

But people seem to be loving this combination of cat and cat decor. The fake ones are almost as cute as the real deal.

A possum, skunk, and raccoon all walk into a bar...

These are three animals you probably never want to see together while you're outside. Especially the skunk, which will leave you smelling for days if you get too close.

And yet... the three of them together like this? Kind of cute, actually.

"My mom made an UNO belt."

All I can think of is how much UNO this family must play. Like, to the point where they probably get super competitive (which probably wouldn't be hard with a game like UNO anyway). Whoever gets to wear that belt is probably the least favorite member of the family for a while.

"This pressure washer looks like Mike Wazowski."

Wow, look. Mike Wazowski finally made it to the front page! Or, at least this pressure washer that looks like him did.

Seriously though, the hole that looks like an eye, the green tint, the slightly roundish shape. It's almost like looking at the real deal.

"This LEGO Bonsai set uses small pink frogs to portray cherry blossoms."

There's something about these pink frogs acting as cherry blossoms that's just really awesome. Is it because they're frogs? Is it because this beautiful LEGO bonsai has a bit of a secret to it? I couldn't really say. All I know is that I (and a bunch of other people) love it.

"A pack of feral balloons in our alley."

What's not to love about balloons? They're colorful, cheerful, and they represent celebration. As long as they aren't floating around ominously, they're usually fun to look at.

These balloons seem a little random, but that's what makes them so much more fun. They're really bringing that party energy.

"Baby octopus I found inside a seashell!"

It's almost small enough to miss entirely. But look along the bottom-left part of the shell, and you'll see the tiny eyes of a baby octopus. Even this soon after being born, the octopus is already a master of camouflage. It blends right in with the grains on the shell!

"The biggest floatie I've ever seen."

I think my favorite part of this giant unicorn floatie is the fact that all the people sitting on it are adults. It looks like a group of friends opted to buy or rent this to float in the water, rather than using a boat. That's actually super adorable.

This good dog having a good snooze.

I kind of wish I was this dog right about now. Taking a nap in the middle of the day like it's nobody's business, looking all happy to boot. This dog is seriously living the dream.

Even if it's lying down in the most awkward position ever.

"I thought I was on Cash Cab when I saw all the LED lights in this 'bling bus.'"

This bus seems like it would be really fun to ride in. It's definitely a lot better than boring old buses, which pretty much look like this but without the lights.

Maybe we just need to put rainbow LEDs in more places...

"My husband came home early from work. I think they missed him."

You just know that, if multiple cats want to sit with you at the same time, you're probably super popular among your pets. The fact that two cats and a dog had to come sit with this man? Just too pure for words.

"This 'wild' wallaby (or kangaroo) in my parents backyard… in central Pennsylvania."

So, in case you didn't already know, wallabies (and kangaroos, for that matter) are not native to the United States. So... where did this one come from? Is it a zoo escapee? Did it come from some illegal exotic animal trade?

Whatever the case, I hope it's having a good day.

"Kid being rescued in Haiti. He’s radiating happiness."

Talk about a picture that just makes you feel good. This kid got rescued after the tragic earthquake that happened in Haiti, but he looks like he's happier than any of us have ever been in our lives. It's hard not to smile looking at this photo.

"A woman sculpting a sand dog and its puppies in Munich, Germany."

This woman is doing an excellent job portraying a momma dog with her pups. The whole scene looks so nice, like these puppies are just having a good day or something. It's hard to believe that this whole thing was made out of sand.

"The spilled yolk from my fried egg looks like a chick."

When I tell you people were loving this chick egg, I'm not exaggerating. The fact that the yolk made the perfect outline of a baby chick isn't just impressive, it's also surprisingly fitting. You almost can't eat that now, though.

"My cat’s food bowl looks like a lion."

I wonder if the owner put the food in like that on purpose, or if the cat only ate the kibble in the middle of the bowl, leaving the face on the bowl exposed by accident. Either way, it's very cute. I really love it.

"Townhouse in DC has a cute little model townhouse in its front yard (and the model has its own model!)."

As if this townhouse's replica wasn't cute enough, there's a smaller replica of the replica right next to the larger one! That may seem confusing, but just look at it. It's too cute for words. Amazing.

"My husband’s socks + my socks add up to a balanced breakfast."

Speaking of eggs, here's a balanced breakfast. Well, the sock version, in any case. Bacon, eggs, and some kind of fruit (in this case, a banana) are what you need to start your morning off right.

I wonder if this was accidental, or if they bought those socks together.