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19 Very Weird Stories Told By Hotel Staff About What People Leave Behind

You gotta give it up to hotel staff: working that job isn't easy.

They have to deal with strange guests during and after their stay. That's because some leave behind some truly big messes.

We're talking fecal matter, "toys," even dead bodies. shivers.

Here are 19 truly weird stories from the hotel staff who had unfortunate discoveries.

Lots of chocolate.

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This one is a doozy! A bunch of parents decided to get drunk while they let their kids run rampant on sugar in the presidential suite.

They left $7k in damages by leaving crushed M&M's into the carpet, chocolate footprints on the wall, and so much more.

$400 of glitter.

"A bachelorette party came through and after they left the next night we had a new rule that charges a $400 glitter fee. But I mean you couldn't see the floor so much glitter. It's been a few years and you can probably still find glitter in the carpet throughout the hotel." - u/jordan_mcafee

A bear.

Yes, really. Since the guest had left food uncovered and the balcony doors open, a bear nearby had waddled its way in there. When they found him inside, he was enjoying the room service!

The bug infestation.

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"Three guys in one room left ALL of their windows open and lights on overnight in the summer. I have never seen so many different types of bug flying around the room, it was terrifying. We ran in spraying bug killer like our lives depended on it, then ran out and left the room for an hour. We can back to a floor that was almost black with dead bugs. I can still hear the crunching." - u/scarlett_pimpernel

Bags of fecal matter.

This one's hard to stomach. Since a woman had a fear of germs, she never let the maids in to clean her room.

When they finally got in there, they noticed a strong chemical odor and found bags of pee and poop in the drawers. WTF?!

The condom.

Gravier Productions

"I was in housekeeping for a while in the winter and a co-worker of mine found a poop in a condom tied to the microwave door. Definitely the most baffling thing I'd heard of anyone finding." - u/GaborDienes

The naked man.

"Once my family checked into our hotel and go to our room and open it up only to find a very mortified naked man sitting on the couch watching tv. Made eye contact and just backed out of there. He has the same exact name as me so that’s where the mess up came about." - u/JpizzelMyNizzle98

The fistfight.

A couple came to the front desk early in the AM to let the workers know that they had been in a fistfight and there was blood all over the room.

But that's not all. Since they were both HIV positive, the room was out of service for a year.

The potty.

"Worked at an upscale ski resort. One family let their toilet-training kid pee behind the toilet and under the sink throughout their whole visit, then put our white towels on top of it to 'help clean up the mess.' Whole place smelled like a freakin rhino enclosure. Ruined the towels." - u/zorpthedestroyer


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"A baseball team stayed in a couple rooms and I guess they had those like caramel popcorn balls? That they had just thrown all over the room. At the walls, furniture. It stuck to the carpet and was almost impossible to vacuum." - u/slpofrsn

A synringe.

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Unfortunately for this Redditor, they found it AFTER it prickled their finger. They were rushed to the hospital and got several different shots, including hepatitis and tetanus.

They were also put on HIV prevention medication and had to have monthly blood tests for a year.

The anime doll.

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"I once cleaned a stayover during an anime convention, found a bunch of anime girl plush dolls and a tail butt plug in the half-made bed, and what I fondly refered to as a 'family size' bottle of lube with a lotion pump just chillin on the nightstand." - u/zeriibean


"Everywhere. In the bed, the tub, the toilet, drawers. It was ground into the carpet. No clue why. That's the weirdest one. The worst thing to find is when someone has died. Those are really bad days." -u/motherofxmen

The USB.

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It's what was on the USB that's really interesting. This Redditor said that they found two different versions of their obituary that the guest typed up for themselves... Let's hope they never had to use them.

Drug paraphernalia.

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"My hotel found heroin and used needles scattered in the bedsheets. They got lucky they didn't get stabbed. We had to close the room, call in a deep cleaning crew contractor, who spent the greater part of four hours completely breaking the room down in search for more. It cost something like 12k I think overall." -u/boomer343

Lime JELL-O.

"Someone apparently had a lime jello bath in the jacuzzi tub. They had to get it professionally cleaned and taken apart because it was inside the jets and even then I think they had to completely replace it but I wasn't working there by then." -u/imminent_riot

A sex toy.

This Redditor's dad had the unfortunate circumstance of finding a 12-inch moist dildo suction cupped on the writing table. When he looked up who stayed in the room, it was two old ladies with canes...


"Entire room covered in blood. No guest or belongings, just blood wall to wall. We never found out what happened and the police never found a single lead as of two years later when I left." - u/hobosonpogos

A dead body.

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You knew this one was coming. Sadly, maids and hotel staff find dead bodies more often than you'd think. This person found the dead body after it had been hanging there for a few days.