20 Interesting Views That Are A First For Most Of Us

There are so many things in this world we probably haven't seen before. Even more things we'll probably never see, and won't even know about for the rest of our lives.

But we can at least take a look at these pictures, which show really interesting things that you really don't see every day. These sort of put things into new perspectives, too.

"This bear I saw has a condition called mange."

That's both creepy and sad. Creepy, because bears are supposed to have a lot of fur, and when they don't it just looks wrong. But sad because that poor bear is probably sick. Even if it's an apex predator, you can still feel bad for it.

"A huge volume of superheated plasma just shot into space from the surface of the sun, and I was able to capture it using a special telescope from my backyard."

It's amazing how much the sun "moves," so to speak. It's always doing things. And it's so big, way bigger than it looks from Earth. What a cool view!

"Hidden Mothers: Mothers used to hide under a cloak to keep their children from fussing."

Way back when cameras were first invented, it took forever for pictures to be taken. It could take upwards of 20 minutes for a shot to come out. So it makes sense that moms would have to disguise as furniture in order for their kids to get a photo.

"A lizard that was not going anywhere without a fight."

You really have to hand it to that lizard. Even though it's probably not going to escape that snake's stomach, it's giving its all to stay alive.

Definitely never seen this kind of lizard fight before, though.

"There is actually a racetrack around 23.8 miles from Mount Fuji called Fuji Speedway."

In theory, there could be a racetrack anywhere, even this close to Mount Fuji. If you paid attention to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, you might have seen it.

But man, what a view. How could you concentrate on driving with Mount Fuji in the background?

"Pictures taken in Pakistan of the same place before and after the 'Billion Tree Tsunami Project.'"

Usually, we see before and after photos of how we've damaged the environment. But this time, it's showing how one landscape has transformed for the better. And it's honestly so nice seeing all these trees in the midst of growing. Time to plant some more!

"Possum playing dead today."

People will say "playing possum" for a reason. Possums play dead. But, how many of us have actually seen a possum play dead? Because this is a first for me.

I can definitely see how other animals (and even people) would mistaken this possum for actually being dead.

"UFO clouds in Iceland."

As if Iceland needed anything else to look unreal. I know a cloud shaped like a UFO is nothing like an actual UFO, but seeing what I've seen of the country so far, I wouldn't be surprised if they were hiding out there. What a strange country.

"Rainbow fire in the sky in Franklin, West Virginia."

This is one super cool cloud. I feel like we've all seen at least a few cool rainbow clouds in our lives, but this one is especially unique. It looks like a row of fire. Like it's trying to keep us out of a room full of treasure or something.

"Ice Age short faced bear."

All I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't alive during the most recent Ice Age. There were so many large, weird animals alive back then, like mammoths and those giant ground sloths. And these big old bears. As if today's bears weren't big enough.

"Starfield Library, South Korea, is home to 50,000 books and 42 feet [*sic*] high book cases!"

Now that's one incredible library! It probably has the same amount of books as a regularly-shaped library, just stacked together in a super unique way. I wonder how you'd go about getting the books at the very top...

"Larva under microscope."

I don't want to know what kind of animal (or organism) that is. This microscopic image is just downright creepy. I think most of us could've gone our entire lives without ever seeing this, but you know what? If I had to see it, you do too.

"The ice formation on my car windscreen early this morning."

Most of us will see frost on our windshields during cold mornings. But I feel like we won't all see the frost look quite like this. It's almost too pretty to heat up and wipe away. But you kind of need to see out of there, so...

"Underside of a mushroom cap."

Ever really looked at the bottom of a mushroom? Well, now you don't have to go and find one to inspect. This one's right here for you. And as an added bonus, it's still in the ground. So it looks even cooler, like some kind of strange tree.

"Hummingbird eggs and nest with a key for scale."

I think it's safe to say that most of us have never seen a hummingbird nest before. To be fair, though, they're so tiny, they'd probably be easy to miss in the wild. The nest itself is smaller than that key, let alone the eggs!

"Pablo Escobar's sunken plane in the Bahamas."

Being the plane of a notorious drug cartel leader aside, that's a pretty cool sight. The ruins of the plane are completely submerged in the sea, but they're still close enough to the surface that you can actually see it. All in all, it's actually kind of nice.

"Comparison on the effect of light pollution after the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, changed all its sodium lights to shielded LED lighting - credit Brad Phipps."

Light pollution is a problem, if only because of how few stars we can see in the sky these days. Those new lights in New Zealand don't solve the problem, but they let a lot more stars shine through. How cool!

"US-Canada border is guarded by a couple of logs at this spot bordering Vermont and Quebec."

I feel you're probably not supposed to cross the border at this point. But it's still a pretty funny thought. And it makes you think about how borders are really just imaginary lines drawn on maps, and Canada and the US are really close together.

"This is a truck carrying the signs you see on the interstate."

Now here' something you may not have ever seen on the highway before. Sure, you'll see plenty of signs telling you which exit to use, but you probably haven't seen those signs in transport before.

Huh, so that's what it looks like. Interesting.

"The Eureka Tower Car Park in Melbourne, Australia. It has optical illusion lettering."

That's so trippy! You can only really read the word if you're looking at a specific angle. Which is actually really smart when you think about it. Since people would be facing that way to go up, anyway, that's just a really clever sign.