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19 'My Parents Are Going To Kill Me' Stories We Can All Relate To

Whether you broke curfew, drank underage, or took your parent's car for a joy ride, we've all gotten into trouble as teenagers.

While these things were fun at the moment, there was always the fear of getting caught.

And when we did, there was only one thought running through our minds: "my parents are going to kill me!"

Here are 19 stories you can surely relate to!

The first time getting drunk.

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This Redditor was only 14 when it happened.

They had a bottle of rum and four Mike Hard lemonades all mixed into a big jug. Yikes! Their mom made them go to school hungover the next day as punishment.

The ticket.

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"Getting pulled over by 3 police cars for doing 70 in a 45. My dad happened to call as I was talking with the officers. They asked to speak with him. After a few min they handed the phone back and said 'you better go home, that is going to be worse than the ticket we are giving you' that was a whole lot of yelling at home." - u/NYankee1927

Adults only...

"For a month I kept taking the internet cord from my parents room and running it to the living room. Plugging it in the TV box. I was washing the dishes when my dad started reading out the porn titles on the bill..." - u/deleted

The car accident.

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When you're 16 and have your driver's license, it almost seems like a rite of passage to drive like a maniac with your friends.

When this Redditor went too fast, the car ended up in a ditch. The good samaritan who helped them out turned out to be the dad's co-worker!

The juice stain.

"When I was 6, I spilled grape juice on the tan carpet in the living room. I put a pillow over it, laid on the pillow, and vowed that I would stay there the rest of my life so my parents would never find out. I lasted about 45 minutes. My mom was more upset that I got grape juice on the pillow, rather than the carpet." - u/warriorgramma

The cheap pens.

"I put my cheap gel pens in a microwave when I was 11 because they wouldn't work and my teacher told me that it's because the ink has 'frozen'. Let's say I had to work extra that summer so I could get a new microwave." - u/deleted

The bun in the oven.

This Redditor knew they were in a world of trouble when they discovered their girlfriend was pregnant during freshman year of college. This meant telling their parents during the Thanksgiving break.

Hop, skip, and a punishment.

"I skipped school by leaving the house, climbing on the garage and waiting for my mum to leave. I jumped down to let myself in as she drove off and set myself up for a day on my PS1. She then came back as she’d forgotten something and I wanted to die in a hole. The yelling was something to behold. Didn’t do that again!" - u/cardboardshrimp

The rescue.

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"There was a small lizard trapped in our garage under a pile of wood so I moved some of them so it could get out. I must have accidentally knocked over a larger plank in the process, that landed on my dad's car and went straight through the windshield. Lizard was fine though." - u/BirdInASuit

The party.

Remember high school parties? This Redditor hatched the perfect plan to prevent their parents from finding out that they had one. Unfortunately, for them, their parents decided to come home early...

The locked door.

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"One time I snuck out of the house, and when I went to sneak back in the door was locked. We NEVER locked the doors to the house, so I knew I'd been caught. Lived on a farm so I just went up to the hay loft to sleep the rest of the night." - u/therachelgoody

The burnt couch.

"I thought it was a good idea to play with some candles while having a LOTR marathon. Turns out that was a bad idea because I ended up getting distracted and set the family couch on fire. I frantically put it out and threw a blanket over it. I didn't leave that couch for a week." - u/deleted

The joyride.

When this Redditor's parents were away, they decided to take their dad's car for a joyride, unlicensed and unsupervised.

They almost got away with it until their dad pointed out that the seat was still adjusted for their 14-year-old legs.

The cellphone bill.


"My parents paid for my mobile phone subscription. Got a girlfriend and called a lot more. Too much more. Raked up a 600 eur. bill. My soul left my body that day." -u/Stotakoya

The front-page news.

"Me and a few buddies got arrested for some very foolish and regrettable criminal mischief. We managed to keep it from our parents by getting to the mailbox first to destroy court notices and targeted letters from lawyers. We thought we were in the clear too, until the newspaper article with our names in it came out..." - u/Joshtice

The accidental text.

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Sending a bad text to the wrong person is extremely uncomfortable.

This Redditor faced that when they called their mom a bitch in a text that was meant for their brother. Guess who got the text instead?

The smoke.

"Well I went into the bathroom to smoke thinking I could blow smoke into the window AC unit which would evacuate it. Turns out it recirculates the air which was starting to spill underneath the bathroom doors. My father was upset." - u/The_Burn

The explosion.

"When a rod of magnesium exploded in our garage when I held a blowtorch to it for like 5 minutes I had to cover up the burn marks in the carpets." - u/CricketMeson

The walk of shame.

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"Getting drunk at the age of 14 at a house party. My mum met me a few minutes walk away. She could hear my ridiculously drunk self the entire walk." - u/Shelldonix