15 Easy Decor Hacks To Turn Dorm Rooms Into Cozy Homes

Moving into a dorm is exciting. It's a step towards freedom, new beginnings, and... realizing that you need to get creative to make the space your own.

These DIYs will help you decorate your dorm even if you're on a budget and maximize all those nooks and crannies.

Never underestimate the power of spray paint.

Little essentials can be pretty boring, but they don't have to be! Things like step ladders and small tables are great canvases to really personalize your stuff. I mean, look at that ombré!

Rolling carts are a MUST.

Having storage that can roll is an underrated concept, you guys. You get tons of extra space for your stuff, and you can roll it away when you're not using it!

Use contact paper to cover up ugly counters.

I have done this trick, and it works perfectly! It'll take some patience to get the whole counter done, but trust me when I say it's very worth it when you see ugly laminate disappear under the contact paper.

Buy aesthetic things that you don't mind keeping out.

Items like bowls and plates are hard to hide in dorm rooms. Buy some that you won't mind looking at if they have to sit out, like these pink mugs from Target!

Store essentials on the wall.

If you're allowed to put holes in your wall, my god. Do it. This handy rack holds everything a crafter will ever need! Wall space has so much potential for storage.

Add a little organizer into your freezer.

If your freezer is like mine, then you have a bunch of random food stacked in a pile. This little hack would benefit both of us, don't you think?

Use these hooks to cover up ugly rental blinds.

You can use these brackets to fit over the top of your existing blinds and then hang your own curtains without drilling a single hole in the wall!

Peel and stick tile is a live-saver.

See that tile? It's adhesive! Peel and stick tile is the perfect solution if you don't have the funds — or permission — to change out real tile!

Invest in an stove cover.

Stove covers and trays are a GREAT way to create some extra counter space! Use your stove as a prep area, then take the cover off when you want to use it!

Use door space as storage.

If you can hang something on it, use it as storage — that's my apartment motto. This clever spice rack hack creates a lot of vertical space for your kitchen!

Use washi tape for your weird decor ideas.

Wanna get wild in your rental or dorm? Washi tape is the perfect way to get wild with no consequences. The sprinkles on the wall and the backsplash were both done with washi!

Swap out cabinet hardware for a small upgrade.

If your cabinets need some love, replace the handles and knobs with something more your style! Keep the old ones and pop them back on when you move out.

Cute baskets go a long way.

Instead of storing all of your blankets right on your bed (looking at you, dorm dwellers), grab a basket! You can style them however you want, and they'll be in easy reach for cold nights.

DIY yourself a headboard out of placemats.

DIY queen Emily Rayna posted this super simple headboard hack on TikTok! She used some placemats, glue, and a poster board to create this masterpiece. Check it out here.

Get an attachable bed shelf.

These things will be lifesavers if you're short on space and don't have enough room for a bedside table! Bed shelves (or caddies) are the perfect place for drinks and phone charging.

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