20 Emotional Posts That Got Us Right In The Feels

As human beings, we chase emotion. We want to feel, that's why we watch shows and movies that are sad or scary or dramatic. To feel a big emotion is a cathartic experience, so we seek whatever will draw that out of us.

I'm here to help with that, but in a far better way than some tragedy-filled TV show. Here is a list of emotional posts that got us right in the feels, but the good ones. The happy feels.

Turning everything around.

This incredible woman told her story in the caption of this photo, "Four years ago, I survived a suicide attempt and dropped out of college. On Friday, I graduated with both my associate's and my bachelor's. In two weeks, I start grad school!"

Trying his best.

This girl got to learn just how much her father cared. "My dad passed away a month ago. He never fully understood what I was doing in grad school. I found this notebook a few days after he passed. He always cared and he was always trying to understand."

He's not going alone!

"Son is a little nervous for his first day at a new school- I snuck a supportive friend in his lunch."

And Blob looks like such lovely friend, I hope they both had a great first day!

Delayed celebrations.

"We couldn’t see each other for her 100th birthday but today my Oma turned 101!!"

You both look elated to see each other again, what a sweet reunion!

Trial after trial.

"After 8 years on a failing leg barely being able to walk 5 minutes at a time. After getting said leg cut off and 6 months of healing. After 7 months of getting used to a prosthetic, I am finally whole again. I am myself again."

Overcoming so much pain and having to completely relearn a part of yourself is a huge feat, and nothing to be taken lightly.

True love and care.

"My wife got up at 2am this morning to hike a mountain with some friends. She's on her way home right now and probably thinks she's going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids so I can get my work done. This is what I have waiting for her instead."

Now this is an example of a great husband, as he obviously cares so much for his wife and wants her to have nothing but the best.

Years in the making.

"After 14 years, my wife became a citizen today! Celebrated at Independence Hall."

An arduous process that, while you're both celebrating, you're probably also very happy to be done with.

Support system.

"After a suicide attempt, having the love of my life dump me, and failing my classes, my mom put these affirmations up while I was sleeping. Love you mom."

And your mom clearly loves you, too! It's always good knowing that you have somebody there for you, no matter what happens.

Really looking out.

"Uber last night was great."

Though the sign is definitely silly at parts, the last message and the fact that this driver cares enough to supply all this is incredibly sweet. There are some people who care very deeply about their jobs and their duty as someone who is meant to keep people safe!

Proud of herself.

"She'll be one next month so she isn't too far behind, however she seems rather happy at being able to sit up unaided!"

Well, if this isn't the sweetest baby I ever did see. She's doing amazing, and I think she knows it!

Giving everything a try.

"I had some fun with my hair before losing it to chemo."

It's good to see him having some fun while staring in the face of something pretty daunting. With an attitude like that, he'll be just fine.

Working hard.

Reddit | StormingSunshine

"My husband working on his Masters degree while holding one of our twin boys."

How does he manage to look so serene while juggling those two things? He's mastered inner peace.

She's a hero!

"Shout out to all the farm dogs in the world! Port survived a wolf attack while defending the lambs!"

Though Port's owner did confirm that she's retired now thanks to this injury, this photo really makes it look like she'd be ready to do it again in a heartbeat. What a good girl!

Unconditional love.

Seeing parents and grandparents really make the effort for their children in times like this, especially when you might have thought they wouldn't, is so touching. Kudos!

Farther than before.

"My sixth pregnancy but first time making it to the third trimester."

For anyone wondering, she had her baby! He's perfectly healthy and she's incredibly grateful as it took a lot to get to this point!

A long journey.

"Inspired by another user—I, too, had no one to celebrate with. 2 years alcohol free as of [August] 5."

Well, now you have tons of people celebrating with you, congratulations! That's no easy task, and you're killing it. Also, that cake looks really good.

The rest is history!

"My grandparents in front of the house my whole family grew up in. Still madly in love and my role models."

Your grandfather's shirt really says it all here, they both still clearly have such a lust for life.

Goals met.

"My dad finally bought a house after 10 years."

That pose really says it all! What was surely a ton of work and planning is finally paying off.

Celebrating in style.

"My grams just made her 100th trip around the sun and also finished a book on her life."

And she's still having the most glamorous birthday parties! Look at that smile, she knows she's amazing.

A magical discovery.

"My 2 year old nephew discovered the library today. This was him most of his visit."

This is how you spark a life-long love of books and storytelling. Make sure to bring him often, it's a lovely passion to have!

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