19 Classic Cartoons People Think Should Be Rebooted

We all have fond memories of the cartoons of our childhood.

Are these memories influenced by nostalgia or were the cartoons truly that good?

Well, without a proper reboot, it's hard to say. The r/AskReddit subreddit posed the question, "What cartoon from 1990s-2010 do you think deserves a reboot?"

The answers are sure to make you feel nostalgic.

*X-Men: Evolution*

"X-Men Evolution! It never got the love it deserved but I loved that show as a kid. They had to cut it short after season 4 but I read they had 2 more seasons planned. I wish I'd gotten to see them."


*Batman Beyond*

"The ending scene of the last episode of Batman Beyond where he is flying through skyscrapers and startles two pilots in a ship who say “did you see that” is an homage to the first episode of Batman the Animated Series (1992) where OG Batman is gliding and startled two blimp pilots who say the same thing."



"Greg Weisman also created Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice and still faithfully answers questions in a comment room on Station 8 Gargoyles website that answers fan questions more than 20 years later. He had at least four other series in mind across the millenia of time Gargoyles covers."


*Clone High*

"As far as I'm concerned this is the correct answer, so many of the other replies here are for highly successful shows with multiple seasons already, let's give a shot to the show that only got 1 season that ended on a cliff hanger."



"Spin it! Let's begin it Bare and grin it Spin it! OHEEAY!(talespin) OHEEOH(talespin) Friends for life through thick and thin with another tale to spin.

"Loved that show. It helped my parents were both pilots so I was airborne quite a bit as a youngun."


*Johnny Bravo*

"He was misogynistic, sure, but it was done in a way that made it clear that the vast majority of what he said/did was wrong. I think I was like 5 when I used to watch the show, and I understood that without any issues."


*Mission Hill*

"Seriously, this was my jam and it is a national outrage that it was only 13 episodes. (14 if you count that story board read they did). Awesome animation/color, Brian Posehn is in it, I think it had the first animated gay kiss on TV, oozes the era of early 00’s and Gen X/Millenial/Hipster, and had Cake for the theme song!"


*Beavis and Butt-Head*

"Shame you'd need a complete reboot to have Beavis & Butt-Head make sense again. It would have to be like centennials streaming YouTube music videos since the whole concept of MTV as a music channel doesn't exist any more."


*As Told By Ginger*

"It should've had more seasons. The topics they handled weren't really touched in cartoons. I think it also won an animation award for having all of the characters in different outfits each episode, besides Hoodsie and Carl."



"I wanna agree with you, because [expletive] yeah! More Futurama!

"But I'm inclined to disagree because (despite a few tricky years) the were able to redeem the show and give it a pretty solid ending.

"Just rebinge the series again."


*Rocket Power*

"I can't believe I had to go this far down to find Rocket Power. When I was a kid I thought the kids in the show were awesome and envied their athletic ability, to be able to surf and skate."



"I think they should reboot Rugrats, but make it so they aged in the meantime. So like Tommy is now a lawyer, Lil married Chuckie and treats him like [expletive], and Angelica is a full blown Karen."


*Hey Arnold!*

"I don’t think Hey Arnold gets enough credit. It had 5 seasons and very relatable episodes along with a lot of good life lessons. That show touched racism, neglect/ alcoholism by Helga's mom. Not having a 'perfect' family. I could go on and on. Really loved that show."



"This show was rather amazing for its time. This show dealt with actual death and didn't shy away from it, even used the words to make it clear.

"Keep in mind that while this show was on, we were getting dubbed and censored Dragonball Z episodes where the words 'Death, dead, died, die, dying, kill, killed, killing...' were not allowed to be used."


*Dexter's Laboratory*

"My first instinct would be to say Dexter's Lab.

"But since Christine Cavanaugh passed away several years back, I don't want a reboot without her voicing Dexter.

"edit: In case you want to compare Dexter's VA's (Christine Cavanaugh, Candi Milo, and Tara Strong), here's a link with some comparisons."


*Mighty Max*

"Seriously, that show had a solid mythology and a crazy ending that blew my ten year old mind. Recurring villains that evolved from appearance to appearance, globetrotting adventures, and Norman and Virgil were two of my favorite side characters of all time. The only unfortunate thing is you’d never be able to get the same voice actors."


*Sonic the Hedgehog*

"I don’t know too many people who remember it but I REALLY miss the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series that used to come on. I have fond memories of rushing to the TV to turn on Toon Disney at like...3 pm lol."



"Sometimes I wonder if that was a massive collective illusion. A cartoon directed by Spielberg, with an amazing sense of humor."


*Kim Possible*

"How about all the KP characters are older, Kim and Ron get married and have 2 kids, Drakken, Shego, etc. aren't villains anymore, Kim and Ron retired from being saving the world heroes and then one day one newcomer bad guy pops out of nowhere and then Kim, Ron, Drakken, Shego, Senor Senior Sr., Senor Senior Jr, Professor Dementor, and Duff Killigan came out of retirement and join together to save the world? And oh, it would've set in around 2018, 2019 or 2020. And Rufus is still with us! If this happened, I hope it would've get 6 or maybe 12 years airing on TV."