30 Fascinating Things People Came Across And Needed To Share

Do you ever just come across something that's super weird, but in the most fascinating way? Because it looks like these people have, and they're more than a little excited to share what they've found.

And I don't blame them. Some of these pictures show the kinds of things people wouldn't believe unless they saw them. And, well, they saw them.

"This piece of steel was left out in the weather with leaves sitting on it for months."

It's pretty important to pick up the leaves in your yard every fall. They start to smell after a while, and they're pretty messy. Plus, they can create leaf prints on pieces of steel that have been left outside all year. Apparently.

"My local climbing store 'locks' their carabiners like this."

I wonder if carabiners are items that get shoplifted a lot. They're compact and easy to hide, sure. But they're...carabiners. It's not like they're super valuable.

But these will probably be enough to deter hikers and gym-goers who happen to also be kleptomaniacs.

"This tiny abandoned bee/wasp nest between my blinds and window."

On the plus side, it's abandoned. But, if that belonged to wasps (or even bees for that matter), just get rid of it. The last thing you want is for them to find their way back in.

...How would they even get in there in the first place?

"A couple of years ago, my sister began hunting for uranium glass at estate sales."

Uranium glass collections are nice from afar, but I wouldn't want to be too close to one (it's the uranium part for me).

I imagine, though, that something like this would've taken months or even years to put together.

"Today the sand at the beach looked cool."

You can actually see where the water ends during high tide. And that's honestly such a cool effect. The sand on that beach is probably super soft if it can get pushed around that easily.

Whelp, time to build a sandcastle in that spot.

"This moth landed on my window!"

This moth looks like some kind of abstract painting. Or even like the camouflage pattern. Staring at it too long kind of creeps me out, but it's worth being able to check that design out in detail.

It's apparently an oleander hawk-moth, also known as a green army moth!

"Mom found her 5th gen iPod... in the original box... and it still works."

Man, this brings me back to my school days, walking or riding the bus while listening to music on a chunky iPod. Back when the chargers were so wide for some reason.

It's so amazing how old this technology looks now, even though it's not that old.

"I work in a coal mine and the coal dust does not stick to the scar on my wrist."

It's really interesting how scar tissue repels things like dust and dirt. You'd think that, if our skin can do that sometimes, it would be able to do that all the time. But I guess that just isn't how things work, is it?

"The storm cloud before it hits our town."

Some storm systems move in so quickly, you'd almost miss it if you blinked. One second, the skies are nice and clear. The next, it feels like the sun completely disappeared. Scary, but kind of neat at the same time.

Hopefully this storm didn't do too much damage.

"Twin fawns born in my yard few weeks ago."

The miracle of childbirth is a wonderful thing, even if it is kind of gross. Doesn't matter what kind of mammal it is either; humans, dogs, deer, it's all pretty similar.

Seriously, those fawns look like they're fresh to the world. Adorable, but kind of icky.

"My girlfriend found this rock that looks like a moustache."

Something tells me this isn't a rock... or at least if it is, it didn't end up looking like this naturally. Somebody out there made this moustache.

Is it plastic? Is it metal? Who knows. At the very least, it's a pretty fascinating find.

"Slushee machine in urgent care waiting room."

This is a pretty random spot for a Slushee machine. Or, maybe it's the perfect spot. If you're in an urgent care waiting room, chances are you're waiting for someone you care about. Maybe they put that machine there so people could drink Slushees to calm their nerves?

"Rebranded labels but not bottles."

When Aunt Jemima's decided to rebrand to Pearl Milling Company, they went through a whole label change, too. But they didn't change the mold for the bottles, I guess. Not that it really matters, as long as the syrup tastes the same as it always has.

"Stepped away from my drink for a sec to come back and find a little grasshopper(?) hanging out in it."

The worst part about summer is the bugs. You go outside with a drink, and next thing you know you have a swarm of wasps on top of you. You turn away from your drink for a second, and next thing you know you have grasshoppers in it. Ew.

"Accidentally filled my cup perfectly to the brim so it looks empty."

If you look close enough, you can actually see some reflections that show you there's water in the mug. But if you aren't paying enough attention, it really does look like it's empty. That's kind of trippy, but at the same time it's really neat.

"Discolored leaf I saw today had a shape of a tree in it."

It's a leaf within a leaf. It's a leaf inception. Leaf-ception? Well, it's that.

And it's pretty fascinating, too. Nature doesn't really make shapes like this on purpose, so this could be, like, a one in a million leaf pattern or something.

"Upside down sockets on the train."

For those of us who take a train to work, something like this would be a really cool idea. If you're working on your laptop during the commute, then you might need to plug it in. And these plugs would be the perfect places to do that.

"Truck rolled over mileage now its brand new again."

I'm not sure that's how that actually works, but that's got to be a pretty amazing achievement. If you've driven a car so much that the mileage reset to 0, that means the vehicle is either super old, or an important part of your life.

"This vehicle is learning how to be a bus."

Not quite a bus, but not quite not a bus, it seems. Well, it at least looks the part, even if it hasn't finished its training yet.

Seriously, though, the driver is probably the one in training. Still, that sign conjures up a pretty funny image.

"Sailors’ knots that hang in one of the care homes I work in."

That's...a lot of knots. You know at least a few of the people living in that home were probably sailors at one point, and probably still know how to tie each and every one of those knots. Even the ones that don't look like they'd be that useful.

"I saw this fox riding in a car like a dog."

Needless to say, something like this would freak me out for sure. That's not the kind of animal you'd expect to be sticking its head out of a car window.

I'm sure the fox is having a good time. But yeah, it's still freaky.

"This 117-year-old newspaper scrap that had been under the floor boards in my bathroom whilst refitting."

It's amazing that such an old piece of paper was able to last for so long! Then again, if it was underneath the floor in a bathroom (and presumably not getting as wet as the bathroom itself), it was probably being preserved.

"This really weird toilet seat at my best friend’s mom’s house."

I'm a little torn. On one hand, this is the ugliest toilet seat and cover I've ever seen. I would absolutely hate to sit on it.

But on the other hand, it's really well made? You have to hand it to whoever did this; they at least knew what they were doing.

"This auto repair service vehicle looks like an ambulance."

I guess there aren't any laws against making your truck look like an emergency vehicle. As long as it doesn't have sirens? Who knows...

On the plus side, this is definitely pretty good advertising. It would really turn heads, that's for sure.

"How big my sister's cat's tail is."

That's not a cat. That's a giant squirrel! Okay, but seriously, it's a very cute kitty. It's almost too adorable for words.

Some cats just have bushy tails. I'm no breed expert, but this one is probably a mix of a few different ones.

"Best bargain: Buy shoes get free universal remote."

The tread of this shoe is awesome. Imagine walking through snow in those things. Your footprints would be so cool, you'd almost forget about all the snow that made its way into your socks. Almost.

I wonder if they came in this person's size.

"Seeing this side of the *Price is Right* wheel feels illegal."

The Price is Right has an iconic wheel that contestants spin for a chance to win the big prize. We only ever see it from one angle. But...this is what it looks like from the back. I don't think we were supposed to see this...

"This jar of mayonnaise has an expiration date that spells out 'mayo.'"

I wonder if the people who work at mayo manufacturing factories ever see this happen and laugh. I mean, it's mayo that's best used by MAY0(222). It's just very fitting. And yes, it's not actually that exciting, but still!

"A cat inside the office, acting like a Surveillance Cat."

I have a strange feeling that this building's surveillance cameras don't actually work. But that surveillance cat? I wouldn't try anything shady if I were ever there. That cat looks like it sees all, like it knows all. Don't mess with it.

"Family of raccoons. Pic taken in my neighbor’s backyard (near Seattle)."

The vibe of this picture is not a good one. It feels vaguely threatening? Like, these raccoons look like they're ready to defend their turf. And I would not want to mess with multiple racoons at once (or even just one for that matter).

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