20 Things That Are Surprisingly Accurate

There are some people who are able to see the world in wonderful, and sometimes just weird, ways. They are the people who can make connections between things that would elude the rest of us.

Anyway, along those lines, from people who managed to make bread sexy to individuals who found the signs they were looking for, here are 20 things that are surprisingly accurate.

"Context is Important!"

I have never thought about it like that before, but they're pretty correct. And I thought that I was bad at answering children's difficult questions, it sounds like this person has an existential nightmare at any question posed to them!

"If that's really what you want..."

The fact that the person who crafted this also took the time to add back in the second legs makes this perfect. One thing is for sure, I would be putting this new version on the front of the fridge in my house!

One Hell Of A Dad Joke...

I cannot believe that I have never heard this joke before. I thought that my dad had managed to tell every terrible joke in this vein, but clearly there are still some rare dad jokes out there to be told!

That's Pretty Slow!

"Stuck in a traffic jam today. Did not think that I was going THIS slowly," explained the person who posted this. I have often felt as though I am actually going backwards in traffic, but I have never had it proven to be a fact!

"Damn those unrealistic body standards."

If only people could look like this, then the world would be a much more interesting place...and we would be able to spend a lot more time underwater. Maybe Viktor Krum took inspiration from this for his response to the second challenge in the Goblet Of Fire. A very specific reference, I know.

"Romeo & Juliet."

Well, I think that this description takes something of the romance away from the text, but it's not wrong, I suppose. I wonder if Shakespeare would have been happy with this being the official description of the play used to get punters into the theater.

The Truth About Pizza!

I marvel at the kind of mind that thinks like this. This person must have such insight into the way that the world works, they must be operating at a higher level to the rest of us...or, maybe they just really like pizza.

"Yes, indeed they are."

I hope that there was no one on the escalator when it came to a stop. I ended up falling down one once when it stopped suddenly, I didn't get injured or anything but it was unbearably embarrassing!

"Now thats an accurate description of cooked steak."

One very diplomatic chef did add: "Chef here, don't care that you order well done however you automatically void two major complaints. How long it's taking and that the steak is dry. People will come into a place and order a well done 10oz filet then proceed to wonder why it takes so long. Wtf?"

"Technically a selfie with Messi."

It was very difficult to get selfies with people whilst also maintaining social distancing rules, but it's good to see that this guy managed to get around them! If you zoom in very closely, you can see Messi giving the camera a thumbs up.

Not Wrong...

It is the question that has plagued humanity for eternity, just a simple "Why?" Who knows what the answer to this question is, we may never find it for as long as we live. There's some nice cheerful food for thought for you!

"I love pi..."

This guy is really out here using mathematics to make the world a more delicious and sin-free place. If I had known that I could use math for such incredible purposes in school then I would have paid more attention!

"Sadly true."

I never really got the appeal of a seesaw either. The swings were always a much better option as you had the chance to get some real speed and height from them! I'm not here to rank all playground equipment though...but what a job that would be. 

"My neighbour is a real jerk."

I can imagine that school was a fairly difficult time with a name like that. It was hard enough for the kid in our school whose surname was "Bater," and that was only half of a word that can inspire giggles from schoolchildren.

"Bread is sexy!"

I know that sex sells and all that, but do they really need to try so hard when it comes to marketing bread? I mean, bread is a staple, people are always going to be buying bread, surely? It's bread!?

"Outside my hotel..."

Sometimes the most direct signs in life can be the most effective. Although, that is not always the case of course, there are some people who might see this as a challenge to smoke even more bifters in a day!


It is perfectly natural to miss your pets while you are at school, or work, or generally anywhere away from them for any extended period of time! I don't think that my cat misses me when I am out though, she's indifferent to most things to say the least.

"Our 5-year-old drew a 'have you seen me' of our cat, pretty accurate imho!"

I think that this is nothing short of a masterpiece. In fact, I am finding quite hard to tell the difference between the two. The actual cat does not look too sure about its rendering though, perhaps it thinks that the ears could be a bit more accurate.

"I saw this at work today and I was crying."

Every time that I look at this picture and read that message, I cannot help but emulate the action that it is depicting. You always need to be on your toes when you think that someone may be about to tickle your neck!

"This fortune I got from a fortune cookie."

The other fortunes from this batch of cookies also read, "Breathe frequently to live," "The sky is blue," and, "If you pass your driving test, you can drive a car." One person did suggest though, "I'm going to frame this and hang it over my toilet."

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