30 Details That Were Easy To Miss

We often spend our lives focusing on the bigger things in life, the large-scale issues and occurrences that demand our attention. However, there are plenty of minute things out there that are begging to be noticed.

So, from unexpected dog libraries popping up around the place to individuals who marked their life in strange ways, here are 30 details that were easy to miss.

"Dog library!"

They should have one little dog who sits and guards this library dressed up in a shirt and tie. Then the dog-librarian could hand out late return fines to other dogs who hog all of the sticks! What a world that would be.

"Found in our baby name book."

The name Gax is great on its own, but I particularly love that Gax's sister name is "Spamela." I would have to go through that book with a fine tooth comb after finding this, just to see if there were any other hidden names!

"Contact your elected officials if you don't know how to cook bacon... Seriously."

I do not think that it is just the fault of your local educational system that you do not know how to cook bacon. I cannot remember who taught me how to cook bacon, but I know that it wasn't anyone at school!

Good To Know...

In fairness, there was a guy who used to drink in our local pub who used to eat a full bulb of garlic a day, and he was never once troubled by the presence of vampires. He did reek of garlic though.

What Are They Doing With That Baby?

"The sign says 'teaching kids good manners,' but it looks like you're just yeeting the baby into trash," wrote the person who found this. Maybe the sign wants you to teach kids good manners by threatening to throw them in a bin?

You Do You!

This wonderful bit of menial vandalism was found in Manchester, UK. What happens when poor old Motley snuffs it, will someone be ready to come along and update this, or will this bench be his way of living forever?

"So Considerate of them to put Braille on the building so blind people don't get lost!"

Maybe this is braille that is specifically designed for giants? Some giants can be blind as well you know, this is the 21st century after all! I would love to meet the person who designed this, just so I could find out how their head works!

"Don't you hate it when your corded mouse runs out of battery."

What I like about this most is that hey are referring to a flashlight as a "High tech device." I think that flashlights are obviously great things, but I would not exactly think of a flashlight as being remotely high tech!

"The builders decided that they wanted this bannister to clip through the wall."

I quite like this design aesthetic. I think that it could be quite interesting to do up a house with an entire, "We didn't finish programming out all of the bugs before launch" aesthetic. You could get Bethesda Studios to sponsor it!

"The tag on the sweater I just bought."

Well, there we go, that really was not the sort of joke that I would have expected to find inside of a sweater. Although, I guess that it is always good to be 100% certain what things your clothes are not made out of.

"Cute little snorkel dog inside lagunitas hop water bottle."

I had never heard of this stuff before, but it sounds absolutely marvellous. One person also pointed out, "You can make this stuff at home [...] Put water in a pot. Bring to a boil. Add lemon juice, and hops. Soak for 15 min. Strain the hops. Then put that into a carbonation machine, like a Sodastream, to add carbonation."

"The acronym would've worked anyway..."

I don't even know why they felt the need to create an acronym around the phrase, "Waste, Electrical, & Electronic Equipment" in the first place. Also, what is going on with the "E" in SER? Is that meant to be a plug?

"This closet in a German hotel needs several warnings...and I still almost hit my head."

Instead of having to cover your wardrobe in tonnes of warning stickers, you could always just buy a wardrobe that wasn't designed by a madman who hates people's foreheads! I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would want this in their house.

"Mildly infuriating carpet lines..."

Look, the carpet not being properly aligned is a massive issue here, but I simply cannot help but wonder why there is a duck in this picture. Is he waiting for a takeaway or maybe he is just trying to pay off his bills?

*Screams In Plant...

I did wonder why it said "Vegan friendly" on this, as I really hoped that there weren't people out there who were eating this stuff. Although, you never know, natural lawn food might go really well on toast or the like?

"I'm 6'2" and couldn't reach the TP in the stall."

There is a toilet brush right next to the toilet, maybe they are hoping that you will use that instead...I sincerely hope you didn't though. This person also added, "This was also at a Brazilian steakhouse which I feel adds extra irony."

"Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Turbo features a stethoscope in honour of the designer's cancer doctor, who owned the real car."

The person who posted this went on to add, "The designer of this model was undergoing cancer treatment, and when he found out that his doctor was not only a car guy, but also drove a red Porsche 944 Turbo, he made sure the moulding included a stethoscope on the rear shelf as a tribute to him."

"Didn't see the problem until a week after the job was completed."

I didn't see the problem with this one for a good while. Although, now that I have seen the issue, I cannot see anything else. It is absolutely remarkable how one single mixup can cause such utter destruction to something!

"This car is decorated with old floppy disks."

I wonder what inspired them to go for this particular aesthetic? It would be incredibly ironic if they couldn't remember why they decided to do this in the first place though now that I think about it.

"The lovely piece of 'meat' shown on the box for this fondue set."

Well, that certainly doesn't look like any "meat" that I have ever eaten, and it definitely doesn't look like anything that I would want to eat. Talk about crappy design.

"There's a patch on my leg that doesn't get goosebumps."

This is very strange indeed! This person went on to add, "The spot is very sensitive. Like if I'm getting a massage I will ask them not to touch that area [because] it feels weird. It's also lacking some feeling, like a tad bit of numbness. It's hard to explain."

"Magpie moth blending in with the urban environment."

I can just imagine advertisers looking at this and thinking of ways to make QR Code moths that can populate the world with living adverts. What a terrifying future that would be.

"Can't close the bathroom door in the hotel room I just stayed in, it hits the toilet..."

I hope that you are in a room to yourself. Or, alternatively, I hope that you are really close with the person who you are sharing a room with!

"Use not Heat resistance material for fried egg mold."

Wow, there is so much wrong with this product. Sure, the fact that it is not heat resistant is a massive red flag, but it would also be impossible to get that yolk into the sun section without breaking it surely?

"This grave stone I found in the woods..."

I would be worried about finding a body popping out from underneath it! The text was in German, but the person who posted this translated it to read: "Here rests, Christian R., born 1903, died 1963, also in memory of his brother, Georg R., fallen in 1916 in the Somme."

"Local shop in town has dolled up their fire extinguisher."

That is a pretty neat way to jazz up your fire extinguishers! Fire extinguishers can be art! But, they are mainly useful for putting out fires, that's kind of their main deal, don't forget that...

"Found an E than survived the recycling process on the cardboard we use at work."

From where other paper letters feared to go, this little guy emerged unscathed. Is this like the letter equivalent of Jesus? I never thought that the phrase, "letter equivalent of Jesus" would come up organically.

"Hidden creatures under the slides in Washington."

I am sure that I am not the only person who, for a moment, thought that this was a snail that someone had painted over and inadvertently killed! What a way to go that would be, painted over and sealed into the underside of a slide, that's how I want to go.

"My dad has been refilling the same bottle of Tylenol for 25+ years."

If it ain't broke then don't fix it! Although, is their dad throwing away other little bottles just to fill this one back up again? This is either really green or horrifically wasteful.

"The smiley face on my cat's head."

Something tells me that the cat's actual face is far from as smiley as this little face in its fur. Cats are not exactly known for their happy attitudes...well, unless it is feeding time.