15 DIY Jobs That People Should Have Let The Professionals Handle

Do you know how they say that sometimes it's just better to make something yourself? Well, that's definitely true when you're a great DIYer. I really wish I could do more of that myself. My excuse is that I lack patience and time.

However, not all DIY projects end up turning out the way the person imagined. The below examples show you exactly what I mean by that, ha, ha!

1. This Funny Guy

Here's one of those instances where you end up scratching your head. This guy was like, "Honey, I installed the pool and did the deck." Um, wait a minute. That's not what the wife had in mind, hee-hee.

2. This Inconvenient Toilet

I don't know about you, but I require privacy when using the bathroom. So I'm surprised to see that this person forgot that important aspect here. The toilet is in, but now you can't close the door, lol.

3. This Horrible Fix

I'm honestly not sure what exactly went wrong here, but I don't think this is how you fix this issue. I bet they thought, "All looks good. Crinkle crackle walls are all the rage these days."

4. This Even Wall

So, you were asked to put up a wall. That can't be that hard. Now can it be, huh? Hmm, somehow, I don't think this is what anybody had in mind. Better luck next time, ha, ha!

5. This Rookie Mistake

Ladies and gentlemen, please don't make this rookie mistake. Always remember to leave the paint can right where you need it, so you can avoid a gaffe like this one. I think I wouldn't paint it over. Would you?

6. This Cool Idea

When you're stuck inside without a wine cooler, you must improvise. Am I right? Unfortunately, somehow I don't think this trick here will suffice. Is it even remotely cold outside? Um, I think not, ha, ha!

7. This Obvious Omission

Folks, seriously, let's not be lazy. This person here thought they can get away with painting around their furniture. And to that, I say, "Not so fast." Doesn't this paint job look absolutely aghast? I can't believe this job.

8. This Pie Fail

I think somebody was trying to be clever here. That's why they created an unusual crust decoration I've ever seen. The only problem is, they seem to have forgotten how to count. I would still eat it, though.

9. This DIY Dog Grooming Fail

If you've been stuck in quarantine and really itching to cut your dog's mane, let this be a warning to you. It's not as easy as it seems. This poor doggo here is too embarrassed to play with his friends outside now. Aww!

10. These DIY Stairs

Why hire a professional when you can DIY your own stairs? Am I right? On second thought, perhaps it's better to spend the extra dough unless you want to spend the rest of your time looking at this at home.

11. This Odd Fix

The door handle at this person's apartment complex broke recently, and this was the odd solution the management chose to go with here. Hmm, I would have gone another route, but perhaps that's just me. What do you think?

12. This Plumbing Solution

Who says plumbing is a hard job? As it turns out, anybody can try it out. This person clearly did, but they made one fatal mistake. They forgot to remove the step ladder before they installed this pipe. Ah, they clearly don't need it anymore, hehe.

13. This Kitty Door Surprise

This is what happens when you leave your husband in charge of installing a kitty door at the house. This wife came home to find this DIY disaster. At least she had a good laugh about it.

14. This Wall Fix

This person told their neighbor their mortar needed fixing, and they left it at that. The next day they came back and saw this abomination on the wall. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to use spray foam, huh?

15. This Painting Gaffe

Word to the wise, next time you plan on painting your house, make sure your math does add up. This person totally overestimated the amount of paint they needed, and well, this just happened. Oh, wow.

Okay, as much as I like DIY, sometimes things just don't work out.

So next time you plan on doing it yourself, think about it first. Do you even know what you're doing? If not, perhaps hire somebody who does. Am I right?