20 Pics That Show The Difference Between Boyfriends And Girlfriends

Relationships can require a lot of work, you need to be able to compromise at times and you also need to both be putting the same amount of effort into it!

However, there are some boyfriends out there who are not exactly pulling their weight, particularly when it comes to the photography department. So, please enjoy these 20 pics that show the difference between boyfriends and girlfriends!

"The photos I take of my husband and our baby versus the photos my husband takes of me and our baby. What the crap, dude."

If this is the state of how dads take pictures then it is a miracle that there are any mothers out there who manage to get any decent pictures of them with their children — unless their partner is a professional photographer.

The Look Of Joy!

This is just perfection, what else is there really to say about it. I am struggling to think of any times that I have seen anyone look as shocked and amazed as she is in that photo on the right.

Don't Take Pictures With Your Mouth Full!

Nothing quite like getting a good picture of your significant other while they are eating to make them feel uneasy! He really captured the perfect moment! I can imagine that this picture gets brought out during many an argument in their house!

A classic "pictures I take of my boyfriend vs. pictures he takes of me."

In fairness, if someone is wearing sunglasses indoors then they should expect this kind of thing to happen. You have to be Bono to pull that kind of thing off — and even then, who really likes Bono in this day and age?

Caught In The Act...

But the photo on the right is much more true to how life actually is. It is pointless just having pictures of your partner when they're all put together, you need some real-world pictures of them raiding the fridge for snacks as well!

What A Stark Difference...

This was another picture uploaded on the "photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me" chain. Also, someone pointed out that he has made her look like Sid The Sloth from Ice Age and I cannot see anything else now.

Holiday Snaps!

There must have been something very interesting in the water judging from that picture on the right. Why did he even feel the need to take a picture at that moment? Whatever the reason, I am sure he was made up with how this one came out.

"My boyfriend used my computer for a zoom call with his buddies and then I had a meeting with the SVP of a major insurance company..."

This guy is lucky that it seems as though the rest of the people in the call found this funny. Also, this person's boyfriend needs to get his own Zoom account, who doesn't have their own Zoom account after the last two years?!

The Perfect Shot!

It is almost as though he has gone out of his way to capture a picture this bizarre! He has somehow managed to make this poor woman look like a creature trapped between dimensions that can stare into your soul and unearth your deepest secret.

"My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses."

There is not a chance that they could accidentally capture this photo again. I feel as though their little tiny face is about to reveal the secrets of the universe while their bigger face remains unaware of what the tiny face is saying.

Dear Lord...

How did they even manage to capture a picture so weird?! The person who posted this did go on to add, "I LOOK LIKE THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME," and I can see why that would maybe annoy you a little.

"Mums vs Dads."

I can already hear the combination of the kid's cries and the dad saying, "It'll toughen him up a bit, he needs to learn how the world works!" And I am sure that I just brought back a lot of people's childhood memories with that bit of dialogue.

One Of These Is Not Like The Other...

It is becoming increasingly apparent that boyfriends clearly just enjoy taking pictures of their partners while they are mid-way through eating. I do not know who decided that this was to be a common theme, but it has sure as hell stuck!

"My boyfriend thinks it's funny to piss me off by figuring out what outfit I'm wearing out with him and matching it..."

I love the lengths that some people will go to in order to wind up their significant others. Also, I enjoy how, in the picture on the right, the cat is just looking at the camera as though it's saying, "Yo, this is pretty messed up."

The Scowl...

Look at your man there, caught mid laugh, sunglasses hanging effortlessly off the crisp white t-shirt, his girlfriend snapped the perfect pic. Although, I do kind of like the whole, "Come with me and I will devour your soul" aesthetic of her picture as well!

Someone Missed The Memo...

"I guess my boyfriend didn't quite understand when I said he should be the penguin..." wrote the person who posted this amazing photograph. If you are going to give your boyfriend instructions about their halloween outfit, then you need to be very specific!

"I got caught taking a 'Boyfriends of Instagram' photo."

Wow, judging from the expression on this guy's face, this is far from the first time that he has had to take a photo like this. Something tells me that he will have to retake the one he is currently taking as well.

"I was complaining to my boyfriend that we never cuddle anymore and this was his solution."

I mean, he has clearly got stuff that he needs to be doing and yet here he is putting in the effort, you cannot knock him for that. Truly, this guy is a gentleman for the new age, a hero amongst men.

"Pictures I take of my boyfriend with our new puppy vs. pictures he gets of me."

That is a bit of a crappy picture that your boyfriend took, although it does sort of have its own charm! I cannot tell whether that would be the perfect photo to put on the mantlepiece or the worst choice of all?

A Matter Of Perspective.

I would much prefer to have a picture like the one on the right than the one on the left. There is a lot more character in the one on the right, even if that character is that of a sort of jellybean creature.

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