20 Things That Are Admittedly Making Us Nervous

A lot of things can make us nervous as be potter about our daily lives — wasps, James Corden's face, concerns about what cats actually dream of, and much more. However, ramshackle DIY jobs and poor "fixes" can be more worrying than most other things.

So, in order to prove to you that most human beings should not be trusted, here are 20 things that are admittedly making us nervous!

"This looks safe. I particularly like the propane tank next to the bundle of rebar on the back."

I really do not know why Jeff Bezos and all those other dingbats are spending so much money on going to space! All you need to do is crash into the back of this car in a truck and you're on your way!

"An idiot in my town was following a logging truck just a little too closely today."

Why was this person staying anywhere close behind this wagon, have they never seen a Final Destination film before? I hope they were alright! Christ, this has reawakened a lot of old fears that were buried deep in my brain.

Incredible Balance!

Not only is this a feat of incredible balance, but it is also an incredible feat of stupidity! I wonder if this guy is still alive to tell the tale. Although, something tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

"Today my little brother came to me to show me what he has invented. Something is very wrong with this child."

In the name of Jesus's incredible abs, this kid needs to be kept a very close eye on. Also, if you combines this "invention" with the last creation then you have one hell of a deadly Nerf Gun on your hands!

"I require the 'sauce.'"

If you ever find yourself in this restaurant then, whatever you do, do not as for the "sauce" and wink at the person behind the counter. The thing that they put on your food...well, look, just do not eat it.

Nerves Of Steel...

This becomes an even more baffling picture when you find out that the car is actually being held up by his head. Those wooden posts are just decorative, his steel skull is what is keeping that car balanced on its side.


Look, I know that this thing is likely to leave you with nothing but a horrific string of injuries, but there is no way that I would not love a go. Sure, it'd be terrifying, but it would be briefly worth it!

"My dad, master welder of 15 years, sent this to me."

It looks as though someone up above has just won this person's father in the world's largest claw-grabbing game! How could you not resist lifting this things up while he was still in there...not that I would ever do such a thing.

"The flag is a nice touch."

How long will it be before those boxes are scattered all over the road, with that flag abandoned limply to one side. You'd have thought that they could have maybe stretched to having two straps to secure this at least!

Is It Really Spaghetti Then?

I know that it can be difficult to tear your eyes away from the astronomically extortionate bill and the fact that they are selling golden steaks, but the "spaghetti" is truly unsettling. For this price, you would think that you would get real spaghetti...not "spaghetti."

"It's such a long walk all the way around… Let's take a shortcut!"

This sort of thing is surely against some sorts of rules or regulations, but there is not a chance in hell that I would turn down the chance to be craned across a small lake. It would probably be quite underwhelming, but that doesn't matter.

"Telephone pole 'repairs,' don't worry that third one will hold."

"Look, Dave, I really do not think that this third pole is going to hold for much longer!"

"Okay, don't worry, I have a foolproof idea to sure it up."

"Dave, please don't tell me that your 'idea' is to put on a fourth pole?"


"Who needs a male to female adapter?"

This sort of this is more common than I initially thought, as another MacGyver fan added, "I've done that same thing, except instead of soldering I wrapped thin copper wire around it and tied it so I could cleanly remove it all later. If you're going to solder it just cut the wires though."

"I'm confused...?"

Maybe this "on" button is actually just a "no" button that has been put on upside down? And yes, I am sure that this just turns "on" the emergency shut off, but I like the upside down "no" button explanation, okay?!

"Gotta make it work..."

One person pointed out that, and it helps if you read this in David Attenborough's voice: "It's amazing in nature how as conduits grow, they can break through much stronger materials, like solid stone and high pressure pipe."

Seems Ominous...

I think that the main reason why this is making me nervous is that I cannot help but think that inside there is a horrific chamber of horrors. I just keep picturing a Buffalo-Bill-type coming sauntering out of the door.

"No honey, I’ll do it myself."

The person who "fixed" this is the perfect guy to call if you're on a really tight budget. In fact, I have heard tell that this guy will perform any repairs that you need for the simply price of a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

When You Really Need A Hand!

I think that the people in that truck are going to be needing a new windshield after they attempt this. Also I don't fancy that ratchet's chances of survival. I like to imagine that whoever came up with this idea was, briefly, made up with their own ingenuity though!

"Who needs em?!"

I like that they spelt "lightz" with a "z," that means that they're really cool as well so they're allowed to get away with this sort of thing. Although, I suppose that as it gets dark, people won't be able to read this warning due to...well, due to there being no "lightz."

"Got tired of losing nerf wars…"

I would love to see this thing actually firing. However, I would like to see it from a very large distance away. Based upon this picture it looks like Javier Bardem's character in No Country For Old Men should be wielding this.

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