15 Packaging Designs That Are The Definition Of Infuriating

Get ready to scream.

We love good design around here. The more clever the design, the better. But sometimes, we have to take a break from praising good designers to dunk on the bad ones. Why? Because the world is chaotic, and mindless dunking is therapeutic, dammit.

Let's do this.

I have seen the face of evil, and it's this chocolate box.

This has to be some kind of crime. Not only do you get robbed of more chocolate, it's made of crappy plastic packaging! This is a 0/10 product. I bet the chocolate tasted awful, too.

Misleading packaging is the WORST.

I mean, does that product look totally gross? Yes. Am I still infuriated that whoever bought it totally got fooled? Also yes. I contain multitudes, unlike that paté.

I'm gonna fight whoever did this in a Denny's parking lot.

You know what that very much isn't? A paper bottle! Here's the ridiculous explanation from the company:

"We used the term ‘paper bottle’ to explain the role of the paper label surrounding the bottle."


Why? Just why?

"One of the few good things about plastic bottles is that they can be re-used time and time again, so less plastic waste right? Well, not anymore: I introduce you to single-use plastic bottles with [a] non-removable cap!" said the Reddit user who discovered this design.

Remind me to never order from Papa John's again.

Or, consider this: Papa John's could pay their employees a living wage, and not pocket their delivery fee. What's the point of the delivery fee if it doesn't go to the driver?

I would be so mad.

Time to tuck into my nice thing of shortbread cookies! Oh, wait...

Y'all, I would be SO mad. Just say you're a cheap company and go out of business, you cookie liars.

Note: this is in no way a natural product.

Want to try and stay healthy by buying all-natural products? Want to buy "natural" brown sugar? Good luck! "Natural" is a trademark name. Get outta here, Natural.

This should be a crime.

You could sell a whole chocolate Stanley Cup, or you could cut it in half and trick your customers. Which route do you think Hershey's took here?

I'm begging companies to stop this.

I've seen far too many companies try this little move, and it is infuriating. Just fill the whole package, or cut your packaging design in half!

This has Aritzia energy.

Have you ever been to a "sale" at a store that feels like a scam? I always have that experience at Aritzia. The discounts are usually something like $5 off of a $150 cardigan. Sigh.

I would so be out of a warranty.

So you're telling me that I have to keep a huge TV box in my house if I want my TV to have a warranty? I don't think so!

Something about this feels illegal, you know?

Same formula, new packaging.

Why make it look like the product is new, or that the formula is fresh and updated? You don't have to announce you have new packaging — we can see it.

The explanation for this one is enraging.

" They changed the product to a smaller one but they are running through old packaging. [...] they’re shrinking your portions without shrinking the price."


Well, the stickers are ugly, anyway.

Essence, you jerks. These are clearly meant for kids, and it's not nice to trick kids into thinking they're spending money on more than they really are.

(If they're not meant for kids, my bad. My point still stands.)

What is the point of this packaging?

Oh, did you think you were going to buy three pens in this set? Think again, sucker. I get the point of having aesthetic packaging, but at least make it functional!

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