Here Are 20 Trending Pics People Had To Share With The Rest Of Us

Do you ever see something really cool, and your first thought is about how you have to share it with as many people as possible? I know I have, and the people who shared these images probably thought the same thing, too.

And they were right to share these pics. Not only are they entertaining, but they've had their fair share of online attention already.

"I grabbed an onion that was jammed in the dicer."

I'm really glad that someone shared this with the world. There's something just so satisfying about the way this onion's been chopped up. It looks pixelated, almost. Like staring really closely at a television screen.

I can't be the only one who thinks it's cool, right?

"I found a bomb while on a hike."

This is probably the last thing you'd ever want or expect to find while hiking. I bet you anything this person lives in Europe, where there are still a bunch of undetonated bombs and devices left over from WWII. That's honestly got to be kind of scary.

"This incredibly detailed picture i took of a bonfire."

To me, fire is fire. It all pretty much looks the same, with some different colors mixed in depending on how hot it is. But this particular flame is so detailed, with a bunch of different tendrils in there. As far as fires go, this is a really cool (or hot?) one.

"This deformed corn, only one out of the bunch that looked like that."

Something about this corn feels so wrong. That's probably why it ended up being a bit of a trending topic online. Considering how uniform corn cobs usually are, this almost feels cursed. I'd almost be too afraid to try eating it.

"Little Delivery Robots In The Wild."

Whether you love or hate automated delivery systems, you have to admit that these Amazon robots are kind of cute. Look at them go, just roaming around, delivering packages. I hope they get to their destinations safely, because you just know someone out there is gonna try to pilfer them.

"These straws made out of pasta so they don't dissolve like paper."

The problem I have with paper straws is the fact that they dissolve too easily (and they also taste weird). But pasta straws? This is the future. They're a bit sturdier, and they're pasta, so you know they taste good. Maybe don't use them in hot water, though.

"My gym's vending machine organizes water based on its temperature."

Some people like their water a little warm, while others prefer it to be ice cold. This vending machine has the right idea, providing water at different temperatures (in Celsius, it seems).

Whether you go to the gym or not, you can probably get behind this.

"The way my wife eats Cheetos without messing up her mouse."

As nice as it is to have a snack, Cheeto dust and computers just don't mix. But using a pair of chopsticks to pick up Cheetos? Genius-level idea right there. This is the kind of thing the world needs right now.

"Some lady brought in a macaw where I work and let me hold it!"

I once worked at a store where a woman came in with her pet duck. It was cool. I never got to hold the duck, though.

I'm kind of envious that this person got to hold a macaw. That would make for one fun story to tell at the dinner table.

"Injuries at my local Amazon warehouse."

It's good that they're keeping track of workplace injuries. Ideally, every single box would read zero, or wouldn't have a number in it.

Hopefully, this info can help Amazon figure out better safety training. I can't be the only one who agrees with that.

"This flat fire extinguisher I found."

Are... do fire extinguishers usually come flat like that? I've only ever seen round ones, but I guess anything is possible.

I think this strange, flat extinguisher is strange enough to capture a lot of attention online. What a weird little thing.

"My bruise kinda looks like a nebula in space."

Ouch... that's got to hurt. It must've taken a huge injury to end up with a bruise that size.

But, it really does look like a space nebula. It may be a painful reminder of a past injury, but at least it looks cool.

"Someone's entire family photo collection. from old black and white to modern. each photo ripped in half and dumped in the alley."

Honestly, this is kind of sad. It's the kind of picture that you just know has some kind of deep backstory that we'll probably never learn about. It's interesting, in a very sad, powerful way.

"Few years back I opened up this SkyMall magazine to find the MyPillow ad was vandalized."

To be honest, I wasn't sure what the vandalism was at first. That pig is so well-drawn that I almost can't see the pillow underneath it.

But, a pig being there wouldn't make any sense. That should've tipped me off.

"This toe, with its own toe, complete with its own nail."

Some people really like seeing uncommon things like this. I doubt there are a lot of people in the world who have a tiny extra toe attached to their big toe.

Does this person have to cut the tiny toenail too, or...

"When I opened my Roku I found a bunch of signatures on the inside."

Are these the signatures of people who worked on this Roku? Is it used, and someone signed a bunch of signatures on the inside before giving it away? Well, in any case, it's cool. And cool images almost always get a lot of attention.

"I 3D printed a refrigerator magnet to look like the vent scene in Die Hard."

Any 'Die Hard' fans reading this? Well, it looks like there were a bunch of fans of the movie and its iconic vent scene on Reddit, since everyone seems to love how this fridge magnet turned out. I know I do!

"This stripe of ivy in an alley where two buildings let some light through."

You've just got to love nature. That ivy grew almost exclusively where that strip of light shines, showing that it really relied on the bit of light it gets each day to thrive. And honestly? It makes for a really cool picture.

(I think a lot of people really liked the way the dumpster was lit up, too.)

"Exact center seat, 3rd row from the back of the theater gets a lot of use."

I wonder why this seat is so popular. Could it be because it's the best seat in the house? Yeah, probably.

As much as the (faux?) leather theater seats are way better than the fabric ones, I guess this is the only downside to them.

"My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase."

Now that's probably the last place I'd expect to find a secret staircase. But now that I've seen this, I'm going to be on the lookout at friends' houses for similar things.

Not to mention that it's awesome! It's no wonder that the internet flocked to it.