30 Times The Human Brain Came Through In Fascinating Ways

A lot of people have a lot of ideas. They may not all be winners, or losers for that matter, but most of them are actually really interesting when you think about it.

There's something incredibly fascinating about all of these ideas. I can't promise that they're all necessarily the most amazing things in the world, but they sure are entertaining at the very least.

"My workplace put these up in all the washrooms with the summer heat settling in for those unaware about heat effect."

This is something that should probably be posted in as many public places as possible. You don't always know you're experiencing heat stroke or dehydration until it's a lot worse. Good reminder to stay hydrated.

"This gum that isn’t individually wrapped comes with 'post-chew wraps.'"

I think there are a lot of people out there who need these. It would at least keep people from sticking their gum under tables or next to bus seats. Whoever thought of this might be a bit of a genius.

"I 3D printed a refrigerator magnet to look like the vent scene in Die Hard."

Someone came up with an idea, executed it, and it worked out pretty well. Is Bruce Willis actually crawling out of someone's fridge? Not quite. But it looks like he is, and that's the most important part.

Seriously, how cool is this?

Somebody at Lay's has been working overtime.

I really want to know who at the Lays head office decided that they were going to take on their competition head on like this. Because it's kind of amazing. I haven't had the cool ranch Doritos yet, but I bet they taste like the real deal.

A true 24-hour clock.

This is... well, it's an idea, that's for sure. Someone decided to make the world's most confusing clock, and it's almost cool. If you aren't used to 24-hour time, you might get a bit lost here. Personally, I'll be sticking to regular 12-hour clocks, thank you very much.

"Someone knitted a purple sweater for this sign post on Prince Street."

I really need to know how this person did this. They must've knitted a rectangle and then stitched it all together around the post, but how did they even get up there? Those posts are kind of tall, after all.

(And yes, I get it. Purple because Prince.)

"Froze a water bottle and cut the plastic off and made a bottle made of ice."

I'm not sure if this is a very practical idea, but it's cool at least. Who would've thought to just freeze an entire bottle of water and then cut the ice out of it? Not me, that's for sure.

It makes for one interesting ice sculpture, that's for sure.

"This old Pringles can my grandma uses to hold her paint brushes."

Cool, old can of Pringles aside, this is a pretty decent idea. Why go out and buy a container to keep paint brushes in, when you could just use something you already have at home? You get the added bonus of showing off old packaging, too.

"This children's mat I bought has some weird animals."

Look, there are a lot of animals out there. Like, a lot. So maybe it's a good idea for kids to learn about them. Even if some of the examples on this particular mat are...weird, it has the right idea.

"Tissue box in case the ramen is spicy."

I love spicy food, but it doesn't love me. I can't be the only one whose nose runs uncontrollably if the food is too spicy, right?

Whoever decided to provide their customers with tissue boxes as they eat ramen (or any other spicy thing) is a genius.

"Fruit cup came with tomatoes in it."

I mean, technically a tomato is a fruit, so this shouldn't be that out of place. It's clearly an idea someone had and then went out and did it. Did that idea pay off? That would probably depend on who you ask about it, honestly.

"My Oreos are disguised as vegetables."

I need to know where someone got this from. A package like this could be used to hide all sorts of junk food from kids, partners, or annoying siblings who are always stealing your snacks. The side view would definitely fool anyone. Maybe not the top, though.

"3 shot glasses full of sand that comes from their corresponding regions. From left to right: Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Acapulco."

I feel like this is actually such a genius way to display sands from different parts of Mexico. Hopefully no one decides they want to do tequila shots and tries to use those glasses, though...

"Hidden in bushland in Western Australia lies Gnomesville - home to over 10,000 gnomes!"

Someone out there (probably more than one someone, but still) decided to fill this empty space with so many gnomes. Like, this is an absurd amount of gnomes, and this picture probably doesn't even scratch the surface. It's fascinating, to say the least.

"This Czech bar’s toilets has a place to rest your head when drunk."

I feel like we've all been at the level where something like this would be useful at least once in our lives. Hopefully, you won't drink until you get to this point, but it's nice to have. Just in case.

"I grew my own popcorn after planting a few kernels from the last time I popped popcorn."

I never thought something like this could happen, but I'm glad someone decided to test it out. For some reason, I always assumed popcorn kernels wouldn't be able to grow corn. Glad I was proven wrong, though.

"I work on the air pillow machines that are inside some Amazon fulfillment centers. They have Jabba the Hutt's native language as an option."

This is...really random, actually. Does anyone actually want to speak a fictional language? Probably not. But someone came up with the idea and made it happen. Points for creativity, at least.

"I’ve named my hard boiled eggs after hardened criminals to differentiate them from the raw eggs."

That's one way to make sure you know which eggs are boiled, and which ones are still raw. The last thing you want to do is mix the two up.

And hardened criminals adorning hard boiled eggs seems especially fitting.

"French cars parked in a very French way."

I wonder if these people did this on purpose, or if these cars belong to three complete strangers who just happened to park this way. After all, what are the odds of parking cars in a pattern that resembles the French flag?

"This walking trail has a wasps nest near it."

Now this is what I call using your head. Someone decided to plan ahead and put a wasp warning sign on this trail, and I think we can all agree that it's genius. Sometimes we need reminders that wasps suck, and they're basically everywhere.

"This Doctor's Office light cover."

This is a pretty awesome light, no argument there. For a split second, I actually thought people were flying their kites above this doctor's office. I bet it makes the whole room feel a lot more bright and airy, especially if it doesn't have windows.

"Our hotel’s valet tag has all the local radio stations for people from out of town."

For all the people who love to listen to local radio no matter where they are in the world, this is probably a godsend. And honestly? I think it's pretty genius. It really helps people get to know the town they're in.

"Every gas station should have 'Gas Mitts.'"

Gas station pumps are gross. Even if you don't accidentally spill gas on it, someone probably has, and they leave your hands smelling and feeling gross. At least these gloves would help.

Though, using plastic like this seems like a waste. The execution probably could've been better.

"These rainbow bagels I found at Wegmans."

Rainbow bagels are like regular bagels, except they're rainbow colored. I've had one, and while they don't taste any different, they really feel different.

I would love to know who decided to start making rainbow bagels. Because this is one idea I can always get behind.

"I've been wanting to buy a cat tower for that pretty lady but it couldn't be a priority financially. So I made a Popper Castle out of what I had at home."

It may not be the fanciest cat tower, but I'm sure these pets don't care. They look like they're having a good time, both in the crate and above it. And that's really what matters the most.

"This is a 'delivery only' Wendy's operating out of a trailer in an alley in Toronto."

This is... honestly kind of random. But I like the way this Wendy's thinks. Few people go to Wendy's to sit down and eat, and there's a big demand for delivery right now. So, why not open a small location that does delivery only?

"Cat hammock made from masks."

Is this the most efficient way to use a mask? No. Is it the cutest way to use a mask? Yes. Those little kitties all look so cozy, like they're sleeping in a hospital's maternity ward.

Still, they'd probably be even cozier in a little kitten pile.

"This path in Belgium lets you walk or cycle trough a lake at eye-level."

This is such an interesting idea. Rather than build a bridge, they built a path that runs right through the lake. And it looks like it probably won't flood too much, which is an added bonus. It would be so cool to ride through that lake.

"The way this Target distribution center has their solar panels arranged."

It makes perfect sense that a Target facility would have solar panels arranged like a giant target. This was probably done for airplane passengers to see, since it's too high up for anyone on the ground to notice. Still, what a fun idea.

"This Tex-Mex restaurant paints sombreros on their handicapped parking spot indicators."

I'm a sucker for decor that carries out into the parking lot of a store or restaurant. These specialized markers for the accessible parking is definitely one of the cooler things I've seen today. I love that little sombrero so much!