15 Online Shoppers Who Should Have Read The Fine Print

Shopping online is always a gamble. After all, you can't really see the item you're buying in person. So you pretty much take a chance every single time.

It's also very important to read the description thoroughly. Otherwise, you may miss an important detail like mistaking size small for extra large, ha, ha! These folks must've had a brain fart while shopping because their purchases didn't exactly work out.

1. This Sizing Issue

Word to the wise, you always need to be wary of stuff you order from China. Why? It's because their sizing is usually off. What should have been 2 XL ended up more like a shirt for a child, ha, ha!

2. This Mini Desk Lamp

See, I told you to read the online description more carefully. This person thought they were getting a full-sized desk lamp, but what came in the package gave them quite the surprise. At least, I hope it made them laugh.

3. These 10-Foot Lamps

And now we went from tiny to huge in one fast swoop, hee-hee. This gentleman here thought he was getting just regular lamps, so I bet he was pretty surprised when a truck showed up with these instead.

4. These Sandbags

This person thought they were buying six sandbags until the order arrived. Now they've realized that they got sandbagged. Perhaps they can donate the excess to someone who really needs to protect themselves from a flood. Isn't that right?

5. This Major PJ Set Fail

When you're pregnant, you can easily make a shopping mistake. This lady thought her belly would be so big by now that she would fit in this. Awe, I feel bad for her indeed.

6. This Stylish Mistake

Sometimes, you see an item on sale online that looks super stylish, so you take a chance. This lady did, but sadly it didn't turn out to work out in her favor here. That doesn't look like the picture at all.

7. This Ginorous Floaty

I've always wanted one of those cool pool floaties. They're so cute, right? I'm pretty sure that's what this person thought, too, until they got this giant one in the mail. Well, it's still cute, no? Hee- hee.

8. This Chair Fail

This boss of a guy ordered a chair for his breakroom online, and this is what arrived. Well, I think it's not all lost here. He can just use it as a stool instead. What do you think?

9. This Tiny Scale

I finally got a scale for my house. I don't know if I really need one, but it's good to have. This person probably wanted to do the same, but then this online shopping fail bit them in the ass.

10. This Inflatable Surprise

I don't know if these folks read the description wrong or whether it was some kind of bait and switch type of scenario. Either way, they're having some fun with this online ordering fiasco, ha, ha!

11. This Wedding Ring Fiasco

I've been contemplating ordering our wedding rings online, but now I'm questioning the whole thing. I would be super peeved if this is what I received instead. Oh my goodness, lol. What do you do now?

12. This Tiny Pillow

This guy wanted to surprise his girlfriend with an adorable pillow. However, what he got instead wasn't even close. I hope he at least gave it to her and make a joke out of it, hee-hee.

13. This Yeezy Surprise

If you're a fan of Yeezys, you'll get a kick out of this online purchase here. For once, the reality turned out to be bigger than the expectations, ha, ha! No kidding about that, huh? I can't stop laughing.

14. This Cast Iron Skillet

I've never ordered a cast iron skillet online, and I'm really glad about that. Because if I got sent this tiny one, I would have been quite annoyed by that. I guess now they need a play kitchen for it, huh?

15. This Tiny Swing Set

This person's mom thought she was getting a good deal when she bought this child's sized swing set for only $17. The other option was one for $22. Hmm, is this one for a hamster and the other one for a cat? LOL!

Wow, can you believe these online shopping fails? Ha, ha!

I'm so happy I've never had to deal with something like that. But let me ask you: what was your worst online shopping fail. I'd love to know, so share with all of us in the comments below.