20 Signs That We Couldn't Help Giggling Over

Signs, the world is bloody full of them. They're always telling us what we can do and what we can't do, but sometimes they're just there to give us a bit of a chuckle.

So, from signs that warned of needlessly aggressive peacocks on a warpath to signs that made us follow weirdly specific rules, here are 20 signs that we couldn't help giggling over.


Jesus and the Mary Chain, what on Earth is wrong with the peacocks here where they are specifically going out to maul young children? What did a child do to these peacocks to incur such a longstanding feud between peacock-kind and child-kind?

"I work in the concert industry. Found backstage."

Christ alive, can you imagine how much it would suck to have to wear a Nickleback shirt? It doesn't bear thinking about! This would be a bad sign to read if someone had come into work with a Nickleback mask as well.

"Just say yes!"

This has just made me think of the old Drink Aware advert where the guy thought he was Batman only for him to fall to his death as he was just drunk. Anyone else remember that? I'm just here to brighten up your day by reminding you of horrible adverts about systemic social issues!

"Adultery confusion..."

I never really understood the core of that saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it." I mean, who is buying a cake just to stare at it for hours on end until someone else comes along and eats it?

Damn It, Doug!

Apparently this Doug problem isn't isolated to this workplace either. Another person added, "I worked with Doug once. He's the reason everyone in the [company] had to take mandatory patient lifting training because he thought he could pick up a 300 lb man on his own one night and put his back out. Thanks a lot, Doug."

Raising Awareness!

I particularly like how this company has not even tried to think of a joke remotely linked to the idea of heating and/or cooling, they've just gone for straight up toilet humor! Although, there aren't many good jokes about ventilation, they all blow.

"Very specific forklift rules at work."

I would love to know what accident occurred here for them to have these rules be put in place. I like to imagine that Ethan Hawke was incorrectly preparing for a new role and just caused absolute pandemonium in this workplace.


I bet they get a wonderful amount of strange looking fellas hanging around these bathrooms trying to buy, or sell, "shrooms." It must be one hell of a weird atmosphere in these toilets, which really isn't something that you want from a toilet.

"Ah yes the 11th commandment!"

Well, I sincerely hope that our lord and savior Jesus Christ comes back and parks his Honda Civic in this spot, only for this pastor to come out and tear him a new one before realizing what is happening.

Apply Now!

It is good to see that people with long hair who are giving off really strange vibes are now able to find full-time employment! No longer will people have to hide their hair in suspiciously large caps any more! Hooray! It's been 50 long years since the Five Man Electrical Band pointed out the problem!

They Clearly Hate Ohio For Some Reason...

Okay, so this is not strictly a "sign," but by God I just had to put this in as it had me in hysterics. Why did anyone make this, and why did they have to single out Ohio like that?!

"Wow, David!"

I do not know what David has done to cause the swimming pool to be closed for so long, but it should never have happened this many times. I mean, really David, 19 times you had to cause this "situation"?!

Watch Out!

I know that this is meant to be a warning about avoiding this kind of thing happening, but there is something about the design of this sign that makes it look as though the person in the wheelchair is trying to crash into that alligator as fast as possible...on purpose!

"I can hear their reviews now!"

I never thought that people actually left Trip Advisor reviews that much, but by God there are some people out there who are incredibly dedicated to the art of complaining about minor things. It is like a sport of its own nowadays.


I wonder how they decided upon eight as the appropriate number of "short blasts" to send out in case of an emergency? Are there seven other protocols for people when they hear different amounts of short blasts? I need to know!

"Meanwhile at 10:30 PM in the Denver Airport."

Peace and quiet is that hard to come by in an airport that even the soulless machines are happy to be left alone finally. Although, in my experience, when people in an airport want some time off work they just cancel a flight for fun.

"I'm sure it'll buff out."

"So, you are telling me that it is how much to get this fixed? Yeah, I'm not paying that."

"Well what are you going to do then?"

"Do you have any ways to make this into a joke? Maybe some funny stickers instead?"

"Found outside Dalton, GA. No idea what it means."

This is one of the most quietly terrifying signs that I have ever laid eyes on. I am really curious about what it the meaning behind it is, but I am also aware that it is probably something really depressing or unsettling.

Believe In Yourself!

And not only did they go on to make that insane film, but they also made five sequels! The person who had this idea must have gone from being the butt of all the office's jokes to the busiest person in there!

"Friend saw this on her walk this morning."

I love this idea an unbelievable amount. Although, I do not think that I have ever met a dog who is polite enough to leave a stick behind! It is about time that dogs across the globe learned some basic manners!

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