20 Signs That We've Inherited A Future That's Stupid

Everyone assumes that the future will be a glowing idyllic paradise of fantastical machines that work wonderfully. However, the fact of the matter is that we are in the future now, and it's not that great at times!

So, from washing machines that require the internet for washing your clothes to individuals who got caught out when signing stupid fake names, here are 20 signs that we've inherited a future that's stupid.

"It's almost as if a clear glass door would've made more sense…"

But then we would not be living in the future, would we? Even if the technology does not work in the slightest it is still important to have it so that we can say that we are living in the damn future!

"I feel bad for anyone in this lecture."

At least this person has a laptop. I feel really sorry for anyone in this class who has a big old desktop computer, they are going to have one hell of a sore neck at the end of this class!

"Yea, the printer will not print if you leave the plastic packaging on the paper!"

Look, printers are temperamental enough without adding more confusion to the situation! I don't understand how people can have the inner strength to tangle with these horrific creatures on a daily basis, the people in IT departments must have unending patience.

"Then why did you even put a button for the 9th floor on the panel on all 8 floors?"

The best answer that someone had as to why this might be a thing is, "Floor 9 used to exist but then Floor 7 8 9." It is truly incredible to me that variations of this joke are still in circulation!

"These showers at work. With proximity sensor instead of a valve and no way to control the temperature."

Perhaps they designed these showers like this so that people using them would not be in there for ages and therefore limit water usage? Although, if that is the case, then it is a little cruel to say the least.

"This computer..."

And yes, this is a real computer that was genuinely put into production! I just assumed that this was some custom job, but no! Someone genuinely pitched this monstrosity in a meeting and it got approved?! How on Earth did that happen?

"Fitbit doesn't support gaining weight as a health goal."

A few people had similar problems with their FitBit, including one person who wrote, "I’m a lifter and I’m trying to gain weight right now." Now, I don't know about you, but I would probably try the old trick of just taking it off.

"User spilt coffee on his laptop, so he put it in the oven to dry it out..."

Look, if we are being picky, then I suppose that he achieved what he set out to achieve. There is no way that this laptop is still wet after being in the oven! Although, it might need a bit of TLC to start up again.

"Who else does this bother?"

And the prize for the most "first world problem that ever first world-ed" goes to this guy! Although, I have found myself getting very, very annoyed at this in the past as well, so I can sympathize with their pain!

Never Sign A Fake Signature...

The unfortunate soul who posted this explained: "Throwback to the time I signed a 'funny' signature, and then the computer froze and I had to explain to the three employees that came to help that no, my name isn't Poop Mouth and no, I don't know why I wrote that, and please just take my money so I can go home and die."

"An unknown reservation has been declined."

Apparently the person who posted this was going on a mini vacation and had consequently made loads of reservations for their time away. After ringing around every single place where they had made reservations, they were ultimately able to figure out where the reservation was cancelled.

"This projector attaches to the air vent so it is constantly shaking."

It is a good thing that the people who installed this projector had the foresight to attach the stabilizing strut to the most unstable thing in the entire room! I bet that it is really relaxing to watch things through this.

"The reduce volume button..."

What people may not know is that this is not actually the button to lower the volume on your laptop. Rather, this is the button that will suck you into the internet through the speakers. Press it at your peril!

"My friend rearranged my keys on my keyboard."

I can't imaging how much this would slow down my typing. I am quite curious to try it though, but I would just end up destroying a keyboard as I lack the technical skills to pull this sort of thing off.

"I can't do my laundry at my apartment because the internet is down."

This kind of insanity has actually forced some people back to much more simple solutions, with one person suggesting, "Buy a plunger and a 5 gallon bucket (with a lid). Punch a hole in the lid for the plunger handle. You can make a simple washing machine. I did this when I was living on my friend's porch and kayaking guiding for a living."

"Your wife can not be born in '99."

I should be focusing on something else here, but I just cannot get past the fact that people who were born in the year 1999 are fully functioning adults who can get married and stuff. Christ, time just keeps chipping away at you, doesn't it?

"Someone drew with a marker on the wall, of an almost 600-year-old castle, to promote their Instagram and Snapchat account."

Anyone who does something like this should have their accounts banned immediately. I mean, it is just straight up vandalism, as well as being crushingly insensitive to your local culture! And yes, this has pissed me off much more than I thought it would.

"The braille on this ATM is underneath of plastic so it can't be used."

"But, it is supposed to be contactless payment, so can people not just read the braille instead of touching it?"

"Dave, how are blind people going to be able to read this?"

"By reading the braille!"

"Dave, do you actually understand what being 'blind' means?"

"People who use PC cables to rest their feet."

I did not know that there were people out there who actually commit such a heinous crime?! Is this a common thing that I was just not aware of until now? If it is, then people need to start buying themselves footrests!

"Homemade hinges."

When it comes to breaking your laptop, drilling into the battery is one hell of an effective and rapid way to kill it stone dead! Although, on the plus side those are some really jazzy hinges that they have managed to "install."

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