13 Eco-Friendly Ideas That Should Really Be Everywhere By Now

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing wastefulness around me. It's about time we all shape up and start caring more about our environment.

Even if you do small steps today, they can add up to a lot. So to inspire you, I thought it would be helpful to share some of these eco-friendly ideas that I think we should implement everywhere.

1. This Alternative Building Concept

Nigeria uses its waste plastic bottles and turns them into affordable eco-friendly houses. Building a two-bedroom house uses 14,000 bottles. OMG, wow! I'm so impressed by this amazing idea here. We should totally start looking into this.

2. This Amazing Farm

What's so different about this dairy farm? Well, if you can believe it, they actually recycle manure into methane gas for power. How incredible is that? I wish more farms were able to do something like this, too.

3. This Local Coffee Shop

As it turns out, you can use things again and again. Case in point with this local coffee shop — they use milk containers as their carrying trays. Just make sure you do recycle it once you come home with it.

4. This Optical Shop

Whoa, what am I looking at here? That's an interesting-looking wall. Am I right? Well, this optical shop uses recycled sunglasses as decals for their walls. Isn't that such an amazing and unique idea? I absolutely love it.

5. This Banana Leaf Packaging

Leave it to Thailand to come up with something really eco-friendly. Instead of using paper or plastic, they actually wrap their produce in banana leaves. What a forward-thinking idea, no? Please, no more plastic in supermarkets.

6. This Eco-Friendly Paint Idea

Speaking of creative countries, this concept came out of Finland. The Finnish government created eco-friendly spray paint that glows to protect animals at night. I honestly never heard of an idea like that, but I love it.

7. These Eco-Friendly Stuffies

These two cuties are actually made completely out of plastic bottles! Even the tags and the stuffing are made from recycled materials! A brilliant use for old bottles! I wish there were more toys like this.

8. This Recycled Notepad

There's no waste in school. That's why this university uses everything it can. They even made this notebook out of recycled pieces of paper. It's still pretty usable on one side, so why not utilize that, huh?

9. This Trash Can

Ladies and gentlemen, get a load of this idea. Somebody used a total of 1495 recycled milk jugs to make this trash can. There's no need to throw them away. As you can see, they can have a greater purpose.

10. These Eco-Friendly Pens

What happens when you use up your pen? Do you just throw it away? Not so fast with this one, though. It contains seeds, so once you're done, they can grow. Oh, I want one of those.

11. These Biodegradable Golf Balls

If you go mini-golfing at this particular pier, you might notice something unusual. The golf balls they use there are biodegradable fish food and fall into the sea at the 18th hole. How amazing is that, eh?

12. This Unique Bottle Return Machine

Would you return more bottles if you could get a discount on shopping? I think that's the idea here that this Dutch supermarket is trying to encourage. And I definitely praise them for it.

13. These Eco-Friendly Shirts

You wouldn't believe how much fabric gets wasted there. So it would be cool to see more shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles. Here's a good example of how nice they could look. What do you think?

Honestly, it's not that hard to think of the environment if you try.

Unsplash | Karsten Würth

We could all do so much more to compel everyone around us to do what's right. What eco-friendly ideas have you seen lately? I would love to hear about them.

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