20 Terrible Designs Someone Was Actually Paid To Make

Do you ever come across a design so bad, you can't believe someone made it? There are plenty of them out there, so if you haven't yet, you will.

What makes it worse, though, is the fact that people get paid to design these atrocities. It cost actual money to make them. Man, the world really isn't very fair, is it?

"This pole in the middle of the sidewalk/crosswalk."

The funniest thing about this is the fact that the post could've easily been moved. But instead, they left it there to block the pathway. Good luck riding your bike or pushing a stroller (or wheelchair, shopping cart, anything really) along this crosswalk.

"This very well placed tree in a parking spot."

You know when you think you've found an empty parking spot, only to find a motorcycle or something in it? This is that, except with a whole tree. At this point, they should've crossed the spot out, instead of painting it like the others. No one can or should park there!

"I grab the wrong one from the fridge. Every. Single. Time..."

Now why would they do this? Why is the red box salted and the blue unsalted, but the colors on the actual packages for each stick the other way around? If you happen to have both on you, you're going to be in for one confusing time.

"Fun in the UN."

Is this supposed to say "fun in the sun?" Is it a piece of summer-themed UN merch? I'm guessing that the latter isn't true, so this object is missing an important letter S in the mix.

I guess you could probably draw an S in there, but it's just not the same.

I don't think that faucet fits that sink...

Rectangle sink with a faucet on the side? No problem. A faucet that looks like it's much too short for the sink it's next to? Big problem. The tap doesn't need to be on for me to know that not all the water is going to reach the sink.

Climb some stairs if you want to use that ramp.

The whole point of a ramp is so that you don't have to climb stairs. Some people can't even climb stairs to begin with. Do wheelchairs and strollers ring a bell?

Talk about a swing and a miss. So much for accessibility.

"This lightswitch positioned right behind a sharp metal sheet. Can cut your finger pretty badly. Speaking from experience."

Yeah, that metal edging looks pretty sharp. I wouldn't want to put my hands anywhere near it. But of course, that's where the switch is. Not only is this design terrible, but it's dangerous, too.

"This carpet looks moldy."

That carpet looks like it has weird mold and burn stains all over it. I couldn't imagine spending money to buy something like that.

What makes it worse is that someone thought of that design and decided it was good. It's clearly not good.

They had to build a wall on top of the outlet?

I feel like there are safety codes that stop things like this from happening. This just seems a bit dangerous, especially if there are still live wires inside the outlet. I may not be an electrician, but even I wouldn't make a design that bad.

They really couldn't decide on a style, could they?

It looks like multiple designers took a crack at renovating this building over the span of a few years/decades. The windows don't match, the colors are all off, and there's a random rectangular part among all of those circular bits. It's all so weird.


If you really squint, you can see that the O, D, I, and E of "good vibes" are in yellow. A color that matches the carpet a little too well. What could've been a perfectly fine design ended up looking really dumb, all because someone chose the wrong color.

"Indoor balconies in an apartment building."

What's the point of this? Other than to make this complex look like some sort of dystopian home. The fact that the balconies are all indoor, facing one another like this, makes me feel a little claustrophobic. what a waste of space and time!

"The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it."

If you thought there were hundreds of tiny ants on that pillow, you were wrong. That's the actual design. Really. Someone decided it was a good idea to make the pillowcase look like that.

It's definitely something I wouldn't want to sleep on.

"This bench has a fountain for a backrest."

You know why seats have backrests? To rest your back, of course. But, if you tried to rest on this seat, you'd just get wet. What a terrible design oversight.

This is probably why benches and fountains are built separately. They don't really go well together.

A very special dog indeed.

Reddit | Dbelowsomething

I can't tell if this is an actual bad design, or if someone just put the wrong picture in the frame. Either way, it's pretty clear that that's a cat and not a dog. Still cute, but the wrong animal. Close, but not really that close.

"So what are you hammering there, little fella?"

This seems harmless enough, until you look a little closer. The kid looks like he's about to hammer that nail straight through that thin piece of wood, which just so happens to be resting on his leg. So... uh, yeah.

Don't worry though. It isn't real. It can't hurt us.

Is that even usable?

Three hole punches are the bane of my existence. I can never get them to line up properly. Add a binder like this into the mix, and you have the perfect storm of impossible papers. This design is so bad, it's starting to give me a headache.

The classic triple urinal combo.

It's one thing to have urinals right next to each other to save space. But this is kind of ridiculous. It doesn't look like there's room for more than one person there at a time, which means the other two are pretty useless. And it's just weird.

"This fire exit is blocked by the sink which is cool."

Yeah, someone messed up here, big time. The whole point of a fire escape is to, well, escape a fire (if it happens). This defeats the purpose. Another design that isn't just terrible, but dangerous too.

And what a shame, since it looks like the room might have been kind of nice.

"Some people just want to watch the world burn."

The worst thing about this is that the left/right part could've just been left out. It's clear that the only way to get out of this road is to turn, so they could've just left the right and left arrows and called it a day.

But no, they wen't above and beyond to make this look as horrible as possible.

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