30 Things People Came Across That Are Making Me Twitch With Annoyance

Sometimes, it just takes a single picture to completely ruin your day. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Some people do such annoying things, or some designs are just so nonsensical, that it gets you angry.

These pictures represent some of the most irritating things about being human. We really are annoying, aren't we?

Don't stop, but also, stop.

So...which is it? Do you stop, or are you not allowed to stop? Whoever put these conflicting signs together either didn't think things through, or really likes to push people's buttons.

I bet you anything there's a traffic officer waiting to see what you do, too.

How many patterns does this tiled wall need?

Subway tiles can be laid down in plenty of different patterns. Stacked, staggered, herringbone, you name it.

But...maybe just pick one pattern for one wall? Because the random stacked rows in the staggered wall look weird. Like, frustratingly weird. It almost makes you want to tear the whole thing down.

But...what are the lines for?

Lines showing how much water is in your bottle is great. But... if the bottle is opaque, what's the point? You won't be able to see where the liquid measures up to the lines. Sigh, things like this make me more than a little frustrated.

So close, yet so far...

That's a cool pattern for a fence. At least, it would be, if the pattern were done properly. That one part that's flipped the wrong way is super annoying. Like, aggravatingly annoying.

What a shame, since it would've been such a nice pattern if it were done right...

These answers are all out of order.

I guess this is the test's way of making sure you're paying attention. At the same time, though, it's kind of evil. What if you get something wrong because you picked the wrong letter, thinking it was a different one? This is why I hate multiple choice.

Time to get a new toothbrush.

Yeah, if I found a bug inside my toothbrush's case, I'd just buy a new toothbrush. Even if it was an expensive electric one. It wouldn't matter. That toothbrush is as good as dead to me.

How did it even get in there in the first place? And why??

This one pen cap that's a tiny bit shorter than the others.

If I'd bought these pens, this would annoy me big time. Everything is so nice and uniform. And then bam. There's a green pen with a short cap. How did something like this even happen? Just looking at it is too much.

This TV remote should just be replaced at this point.

I don't know what's worse, the exposed circuits, or the fact that the two sides are held together using rubber bands. This is all such a mess, and doesn't seem very safe to hold on to. Just get rid of it and buy a new one...

Gotta love Amazon packaging.

How many times have you ordered something from Amazon, only for it to come in an unnecessarily large box? Especially when envelopes exist. If we needed any more proof that Amazon is secretly evil, well, here it is.

Seriously, though. They couldn't have even used a padded envelope?

Whoever put a banana peel in this person's bike basket is a menace to society.

Seriously, who does this? If you're in public, chances are there's a trash can somewhere reasonably nearby. Don't just stick your garbage in other people's stuff like this. That should result in a fine, like for vandalism or something.

Fun fact: this bottle hasn't been opened yet.

This reminds me of the bottle of vitamins I bought, only to find out that the tablets themselves took up less than a third of the container. It just seems like a waste of packaging.

And it's misleading to the consumer, too. Talk about evil.

There's no way that was done by accident.

I refuse to believe that someone accidentally installed that light crookedly. There's just no way, especially considering all the other lights in the hallway are the right way.

Someone did this on purpose. Someone who's not very nice, I'm guessing. Or maybe they just had a bad day.

Did they not know that painter's tape exists?

This could've been avoided easily. All it would've taken was a bit of painter's tape. Even if someone had just been paying attention while they were painting, they could've not painted the door frame blue.

As it is now, that whole thing is going to have to be painted.

Paper straws! And...plastic wrapping?

I get that companies and restaurants are moving away from plastic straws because of pollution and stuff. But to put a paper straw in a plastic package seems counterintuitive. There's...still plastic. It still uses plastic. You might as well keep using plastic straws at that point.

Now who would just leave those like that?

Someone cruel, that's who. How can someone take a bite from a donut (and a donut hole?) and then just leave the rest? No one else is gonna want to eat that, and it doesn't look like the person who did it is, either. Just mean. Just cruel.

This chocolate pie that looks nothing like chocolate.

Yeah, that's just gross. I can't imagine spending money on a snack, only to open it up and see... this. The chocolate part looks more like minced meat that hasn't been cooked properly. I couldn't even imagine trying to eat this thing.

This toy that was put together like this...

This is one of those toys that you assemble to make different shapes. Which means someone went out of their way to make this nearly perfect square have one corner that's different. It was so close, too! Looking at this for too long is really starting to bother me.

Don't you just love it when the spoon is too short?

What a frustrating feeling. A frustrating image, too. When the spoon is too short, it can't really do much. You can't stir your coffee (or drink of choice), and you can't even get the spoon out. Yeah, this one is really making me twitch.

"Asked for light sauce."

So, not only does this pizza have more sauce than the person asked for, but it looks like a whole mess, too. Honestly, it looks kind of gross. I don't know anyone who would want to eat a pizza with that much sauce on it. I'd be asking for a refund.

When you try to peel the tab off and this happens.

Ugh, that's just about the most annoying thing ever. When you think you've peeled the tab off a bottle perfectly, only to find that the weird film is still on there? That's really not fun. You might even get tempted to throw the whole thing out.

The way the margin in this graph notebook was printed.

The good thing about graph paper is that it provides you with nice, consistent cells that help you with math homework. Unless, of course, your notebook is filled with these pages, which have weird margin lines. There are no words to describe how aggravating this is.

A pizza delivery, but worse somehow.

Everything about this is just horrible. It's hard to tell what kind of pizza it was, but after being delivered, it ended up looking so gross. I'm sure it'll still taste the same, but the moment has passed. Time to think about getting something other than pizza for dinner.

YouTube and their endless ads.

Remember when you could sit down and watch a YouTube video without any ads? Because I don't. It feels like they've always been there, slowly eating away at our souls, forcing us to sit through the longest 15 seconds of our lives just to watch a 10 minute video.

"My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined."

Talk about some serious false advertising. The real thing doesn't look anything like the picture on the box. It's just like that weird "chocolate" cake, but even worse. What is that thing even supposed to be?

Yeah, definitely not worth the money here.

When you pay for coffee but they give you grounds.

That's so gross! When you order coffee from a shop, you shouldn't have to deal with the grounds. If I wanted gross coffee that was more grounds than liquid, I'd probably just stay home and make a cup for myself.

"Here there was previously a fountain..."

Imagine taking a water fountain away...and replacing it with a vending machine full of water bottles. Like, where's the logic in that? Other than making people spend money on water instead of accessing it for free, that is.

Evil, unnecessary, and above all, annoying.

"Bought two, combined them. Still only fills the container half way."

Here's a crazy idea: what about filling the containers up all the way? For some manufacturers, you'd think something like that would be an impossible dream. But. This just doesn't seem right. A total waste of space if you ask me.

A perfectly normal way to charge a phone.

Yeah, maybe don't do that. You're going to wear the cord down, and it could break. Or worse.

Like, this is actually dangerous. Please don't do this. Just charge your phone somewhere else, or get a longer charging cable. Literally anything other than this.

Makes perfect sense.

Sometimes, I get a little mad when I think about how there are a lot of public places that treat recycling the same as trash. It all goes to the same place, even if the signs make you think you're doing something good. How disappointing.

Isn't it supposed to be one seat per passenger?

Whoever did this is a real jerk, no doubt about it. Way to have zero consideration for people around you. What if someone was going to sit there? Even if they did move their feet, it just wouldn't be the same. You'd know that there were feet up there.

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