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15 Tips To Keep In Mind Now That Our Kids Are Returning To School

With the last year and a half of remote learning and choppy school schedules seemingly behind us, parents are getting ready to send their kids finally back to school full-time. With the new school year upon us, some parents could use a bit of help to get their kids ready to go back to the building and start a new year, fresh and ready.

Get them on a schedule early.

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One thing that you should try and do is to set the kid's "back to school" alarms from two weeks before the school year starts. Start getting them into a routine way before the first day comes, so that they won't be shell-shocked and exhausted the first week back.

Organize, organize, organize.

To make things easier on everyone in the morning, buy a bathroom caddy or a storage bin to get their "getting ready" things in one, easy place for them to access. From a hairbrush to deodorant, it can take the pressure off parents and let them have some independence.

Make a family calendar and keep it visible for everyone.

Most schools send out monthly calendars and newsletters, and if you're a mom or dad to multiple kids, this is crucial. Invest in a big whiteboard or even a big calendar that you can hang and fill out month-to-month. This way, everyone is on the same page.

Make a space for your kid's learning.

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Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, it's important for all kids to have a space for them to do their school work. The dining room table just doesn't work as well as their own desk or work area.

Meal prep.

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Meal prepping and planning is the best way to stay organized for the new year. Week-to-week figure out what you're making for lunch and dinner for your kids, so you don't feel overwhelmed to burnt out. Plus, it makes shopping much easier.

Label everything.

If you have multiple kids at home, start labeling everything now. Water bottle tumblers, school supplies, and bags. The last thing you need is sibling fights right before the school day. Streamline it now before the arguments begin.

Lay out their clothes the night before.

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Instead of worrying about outfits in the morning, lay out their outfits for the day the night before. That way, everything is ready for them for the next morning and they can get ready faster and easier.

Establish a rule for screen time early on.

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The divide between school work and screen time can be a lot for parents and children to agree on. Set these rules early on, before the year starts. Even setting a timer on their iPad can be useful so they know when their time is up.

Have them read over the summer.

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Get their minds moving and grooving by having them read over the summer. Getting into the learning flow can be a lot if they have been "off" all summer long. Having them read a book or two over the summer is helpful to keep their mind sharp.

Create to-do lists.

Stay organized by making to-do lists so that you don't forget anything you need to do, and also your kids learn from your modeling. Giving them their own to-do lists for their work and studying is a great way for them to stay on task.

Have your kids purge.

Every year, kids grow out of clothes, toys, and even supplies. Have your kids go through their stuff and purge things they no longer need or use. You can donate them to a local shelter, or even to GoodWill.

Make a snack area in your kitchen.

When your kids get home, allowing them to be their own snack makers is a great way to get them to gain independence and also give you some slack. Create an area of the kitchen that is a "snack area" for them to pick and choose their afternoon snack.

Go to BJs or Costco.

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Buy in bulk. Grocery shopping is super expensive with inflated prices and everyone needing the same things. Hitting up a store like Costco or BJs allows you to buy things in bulk and lasts longer. Chips, snacks, even lunch meat.

Create a shower/bath schedule.

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Not only do kids need a school schedule, but also make a shower/bath schedule for them. When you have multiple kids, having enough time for everyone to bathe and shower can be rough with getting everyone to bed on time. Get them on a routine early.

Introduce yourself to teachers early on.

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Make it a priority to connect with your kid's teachers early on in the year so that they know who you are and how to reach you. Email them and let them know of any concerns or things you need early on before things get busy for the year.