20 Times People Caught Hilarity Happening

To stumble upon a funny situation entirely randomly is one of life's greatest pleasures. A little laugh, a chuckle even, to brighten your day. Especially if you're involved in said funny situation, it makes for a great memory!

To those who not only found these moments, but captured them for the world to see, we salute you, and honor you in this list of 20 times people caught hilarity happening!

"Spilled my drink so the bartender made me a sippy cup."

You only get to have big boy cups if you act like a big boy, okay? You need to keep yourself neat and tidy if you want the lid off.

"This landlord sign in my town got vandalized and I love it."

Now it looks like a warning more than an ad. "Start packing, because I'm rapidly approaching your home as you read this sign, and you don't want to know what'll happen if I catch you!"

"Meanwhile at 10:30 PM in the Denver Airport."

I can imagine that silence is quite the commodity at an airport. Rarely found, but coveted when it rolls through.

"Today my little brother came to me to show me what he has invented. Something is very wrong with this child."

I already agreed with the second part without even knowing what these were because they looked scary. Then I found out they're modified Nerf darts, and now I'm absolutely terrified.

"Spruced up the bathroom at work."

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable where they work, especially in the bathroom, one of the few times where you can have a moment to yourself. With these decorations and improvements, you've really turned this outhouse into an outhome.

"I tried to swat a fly using some paper in a plastic envelope. One lucky swing and I somehow caught the fly - alive - INSIDE the envelope."

I don't know what you put on the top there to keep the opening closed, but it looks like a filing cabinet. You do not want that fly escaping, huh?

"My sister in law wanted a wedding cape. So she could pose as a villian during the whole process."

First of all, wedding capes are an excellent idea that should totally become popular as capes look great on everyone. Second, if there's any day you should be allowed to live out your supervillain fantasies, it should be your wedding.

"Gonna have to call that repairman back."

What, you mean you didn't want a photo of a screwdriver in every scan you make? It's a nice accent piece, really leads the eye, y'know?

"Small town of Loa, Utah uses a mannequin to patrol the highway. I’ve hit the brakes for this cop for years, until I realized he’s just a well placed decoy."

This seems like a great way for any department to save money. Decoy cop cars on the side of the road might have even more power over people than ones driving right beside you!

"Got married last week, our dog decided to steal the show by scooting his butt down the isle."

That's certainly one way to make a wedding memorable. What a...good boy. Thanks.

"This restaurant I went to has an up charge for loud and wild children."

I don't think $30 is enough of a charge. With how often restaurant workers have to put up with this and how awful these types of kids are, they should charge double whatever the bill ends up being.

"This little dude managed to open my pizza delivery within 20 seconds of delivery drop off."

Clearly he's hungry, he staked out at your front door after hearing you order! You should just give him a little, just for the commitment and to commend his incredible speed.

"One of my garden gnomes sadly passed away this year. So with the help of my crafty neighbour, we are holding a funeral service in his honour for the rest of summer."

An open casket? When he's in that state? Seems a little severe but whatever, not my gnome to mourn.

"This is definitely one of those 'Nice try kiddo' type situations."

Maybe some dad named Will decided to name his child 'The'. Weirder things, and weirder names, have happened before.

"A lady pulled her phone out and snapped a photo just as i dived into the ball pit."

That's a pretty big dive into a seemingly shallow pit. Are you okay after that? Didn't break or bruise anything? Did the balls break your fall?

"Environmentalists are getting a bit more aggressive."

We've reached the point where a nickel deposit doesn't quite cut it anymore and aggression seems to be the only way. You will recycle, got it?

"Thrilling chase underway here..."

It's less about catching up with the pallet truck, and more about the passenger balancing on top and essentially truck surfing while throwing pallets behind them into the bed.

"A squirrel won today."

Great, now that hawk is going to get made fun of by all his buddies tonight at the bird bar for managing to lose a squirrel of all things.

"Wendy's crushing souls before their first day."

People who are already broken are less likely to quit. It also lets people know what type of work environment they're walking into, no surprises here.

"Got new cat beds; found them doing this."

It's like a memory foam mattress, except not at all because it's a cat and doesn't hold the shape of another cat.

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