15 Details From Romantic Comedies Fans Probably Overlooked

Who doesn't love a good romantic comedy every now and again? They give us something to cheer for and remind us to never count out the underdog in a fight.

What I bet you might not have known is that some of our favorite rom coms are actually chock-full of Easter Eggs. Have a look at these 15 details from romantic comedies that fans probably overlooked.

In *Love Actually*, the only movie that Mark owns is *Rear Window*.

This horror classic, directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, is a staple of voyeuristic filmmaking. Ironic, being that Mark's entire life is spent behind the lens, watching the world pass him by.

Dom aka "Woogie" says that he hates his life in the very first scene in *There's Something About Mary*.

While drinking a beer in the backyard, Dom turns to Ted and says "Each day is better than the next." Which is another way of saying that his life is getting worse and worse as the days go on.

Cynthia Nixon has a cameo in *Forgetting Sarah Marshall*.

It happens while Jason Segel is sitting at the bar, drinking delicious albeit slightly effeminate cocktails. As soon as he says "I'm on Sex & The City; what's up, Miranda?" Cynthia Nixon walks behind him.

Ben and Alison should have known better in *Knocked Up*.

Ben and Alison choose Dr. Howard because he assures them about how he never takes a vacation. However, if you look closely at the pictures on his desk, they're all from family getaways.

In the end, he misses Alison's delivery because he's away.

A classic Canadian rock band gets their due in *Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World*.

It's a little hard to read but the logo on the front of Neil's shirt is for the band Sloan. Bandmember Chris Murphy served as the music coach for Michael Cera as well as the other actors on set.

There's a nod to *Easy A* in *Friends With Benefits*.

If you look at the sign Mila Kunis grabs to try and get Justin Timberlake's attention, the name on the front reads "O. Penderghast." this is the name of Emma Watson's character from Easy A; both films were also directed by Will Gluck

The opera that Edward and Viviane attend in *Pretty Woman* sounds eerily familiar.

The opera is called "La Traviata" and it's about a prostitute who falls in love with a rich man. If you haven't seen the movie, then spoiler alert — that's the entire plot of the movie.

The hospital in *50 First Dates* is sponsored by Callahan Motors.

This is a clever nod to the Chris Farley classic Tommy Boy. In the film, Dan Akroyd portrays auto parts king Ray Zalinsky; Callahan Motors' largest competitor. I guess we know who came out on top.

In the movie *13 Going On 30*, Jenna becomes a woman at precisely 13 minutes and 30 seconds into the film.

The next time you cue it up to watch, follow along on the progress bar of whatever streaming service you happen to use. It's a subtle but effective Easter Egg.

The cake topper in *The Wedding Singer* foreshadows how the film will end.

After Robbie gets left at the altar by his ex Linda, he sits on the front porch and sadly examines the bride from the top of their uneaten wedding cake. A closer inspection reveals that the wedding topper looks a lot like Julia!

There's a nod to *The Office* in *Crazy, Stupid, Love*.

In the movie, Steve Carell's movie wife Julianne Moore has a nameplate with a title that reads "Associate to the Vice President."

It kind of sounds a lot like Dwight Schrute from The Office back when he was "Assistant to the Regional Manager."

Jenna Fischer makes an appearance in *The 40-Year-Old-Virgin*.

Jenna is best known for playing the beloved Pam Beasley on The Office. You can spot her for just a moment during the scene when all the guys go out to the bar.

Annie's apple-peeling is used as foreshadowing in *Sleepless In Seattle*.

While Sam mentions to his son Jonah that he used to love the way the boy's late mother would peel an apple in one long strip. This happens just a few scenes after the audience sees Annie do the exact same thing.

That's not Cary Elwes real body in *The Princess Bride*.

20th Century Fox

This happens during the "Miracle Max" sequence. Apparently, Cary simply couldn't contain his laughter and after ruining take after take — they decided to have him sit out and used a mannequin instead.

Paul Rudd is wearing a Paul Rudd t-shirt in *The 40-Year-Old Virgin*.

Take a look as Paul and Seth Rogen insult one another playing video games. The face on the front of his shirt may be a little scruffy, but a close look reveals it is indeed Rudd.