20 Cool Finds People Came Across And Decided To Share With Us

There are some really weird and creepy things out there. At the same time, though, there are some really cool things in the world. Totally random accidents, or amazing things that people actually made.

Whatever the reason, these things exist. And they're awesome. As an added bonus, people took pictures of them for all of us to see. How thoughtful!

"The way the grate lines up with the horizon in this random photo of me."

Is it a break in the simulation? Well, maybe. But more importantly, it's incredibly satisfying.

The way the fence looks like it's the dividing line between the water and sky (instead of the horizon) is just so cool. Talk about a lucky shot!

"I saw a little room with two chairs and a table in the sea today."

That looks like a relaxing little vacation spot (staycation spot?). It might not be the best place to sit during high tide, but it has all the vibes of a tropical resort, so that's great.

It's amazing what random little things you can spot while out and about.

"Transport truck for a Bugatti in Los Angeles."

I guess a luxury vehicle needs a luxury transport? I'm not really sure why it had to be moved in such an unnecessarily ostentatious transport, but you know what? It's sights like this that make the daily commute a bit less boring.

"On the wallls of Madrid’s metro system is the entire novel of *Don Quixote*, so you can read while you wait and pick up the next time where you left off!"

I'm not sure how convenient this would be, unless you plan on stopping at every stop just to get to the next part, but it's such a fun idea. I think everyone should spend a bit more time reading, and this seems like a fun way to do it.

"Cat hammock made from masks."

As cute as a big ole' pile of kittens is, these kitten hammocks are just too precious. They look like they're all resting in a maternity ward for cats. Though, you might not want to wear those masks after they've been used as cat hammocks. Just sayin'.

"Instead of annuals (flowers), my town planted peppers in the medians."

My first thought was, "how do they stop people from harvesting all those peppers?" But apparently, they're ornamental, and not really all that tasty. Well, at least they look really pretty, and will probably sprout up again next year.

"This intricate ice pattern on my car this morning."

I'm not really ready to think about winter yet (even though our neighbors on the other side of the world are going through it now). But I guess the one cool thing about your windshield frosting over is that it makes cool patterns like this.

"While making breakfast got four eggs in a row with two yolks each!"

I used to think that double yolk eggs were this super rare occurrence. That is, until I bought a carton that guaranteed that at least 50% of the eggs would have two yolks. It's a thing you can just buy, apparently. Still cool, though.

"This time traveler's grave that I came across."

I don't know what's more worrisome: the fact that this person's grave is from the future, or the fact that this person only lived until 68. As unsettling as it all is, it's kind of cool too. At least it probably isn't real. Probably.

"Memento Mori ring from the 1700s."

I guess even people in the 18th Century needed a grim reminder that they'd one day die. Is it ironic that whoever made this ring is now dead? It's morbid, at least.

It's amazing, though, how long old jewelry can last. That thing's still kicking, all these centuries later.

"My city has mosaic art on its sidewalks."

Street art is cool enough. But street art with a message? Top tier.

This gorgeous mosaic serves as a reminder of the environmental impacts we cause by doing pretty much anything. It's kind of sad, but it gets you thinking, that's for sure.

"This small indent underneath the tab for easier opening of the can."

Am I the only person who has trouble opening soda cans? No? Good. I think that these little indents will help a lot of people like us out. It's a genius idea for sure. Subtle, but it really works.

"This big ass leaf. Wife for scale."

That's... one big leaf. Assuming that woman is an average height, that's got to be at least 11 feet, which is insane! I really wonder what kind of tree that leaf came from. Would the whole plant be massive too, or does it just have big leaves?

"Cicada freshly transformed."

A year from now, we're going to be looking back at this summer as one that had a whole bunch of those darn cicadas everywhere. You're probably bound to see one or two of them emerge from their shells like this, so look out for them while you still can.

"This tomato from our garden looks like Jack Skellington."

When a tomato splits like that, you know it's probably been ripe for a while. And when it has random holes on it, it ends up looking like a face. Like a strangely skeletal face. Just like our old pal, Jack Skellington, I guess.

"Found a nest on my balcony, 5 minutes later there were eggs in it!"

The person who posted this awesome pic probably feels really special, knowing that a bird family chose their balcony to lay eggs. Just... don't get too close to them. Birds don't like the smell of humans, after all.

"A spiral cucumber grew in my garden."

I'm guessing that didn't grow because it was inside some kind of mold. But then, how does a cucumber just know how to grow in a spiral shape like that? Should I keep questioning it? Nah, I think we should just enjoy it for what it is.

"Someone recreated the Mona Lisa from all the dust on this box truck!"

That's... actually so impressive! I can barely write my name in dust, so I can only imagine that recreating the Mona Lisa on a truck is probably the most time consuming pastime ever. But good for whoever did that.

"This tire print on the curb."

Amazing. You can actually see part of the Goodyear logo, stamped surprisingly clearly onto the curb. I'm not really sure how you'd get a print like that, but you either have to be a really good driver, or a really bad on in order to pull that off.

"This box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the 2017 Eclipse craze that's still at my local Walmart."

On one hand, it's kind of cool to think about that solar eclipse from 2017. On the other hand, that eclipse happened 4 years ago. So... this cereal is that old. Which is terrifying to think about.

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