20 People Who Know Funny When They See It

There are some individuals who love to seek out the humorous and the ridiculous in the world. They're the sorts of people who always liven up an evening.

So, from people who discovered that their new boss was a seal to individuals who froze their children's birthday assets, here are 20 people who know funny when they see it! Enjoy!

"Got married last week, our dog decided to steal the show by scooting his butt down the aisle."

At least the dog looks very pleased with himself, and the bride seems to be finding it amusing to say the least! Although, this would be a lot less funny and adorable if it was a human being doing it.

"This opportunity art I found on a trail near my house."

If stone golems who have been buried for centuries want to paint their toenails from time to time then they can absolutely do so! This is supposed to be the 21st century, this is not the time for shaming stone golems!

"A different way to offer discount to your customers."

I can imagine that this could potentially get very old very quickly if you actually worked at this place. Also, one genius person did point out, "Would be pretty funny to put this outside random bars/shops."

"Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust accumulated on the truck box."

Jesus Christ, how much time did the person who did this have on their hands? Painting nail polish on some stones is one thing, but recreating an artistic masterpiece in dust and dirt on the back of a van is something else!

"Cat hammock made from masks."

And there you have it, one of the most unexpectedly cute things that you will ever lay eyes upon. They do also kind of look like tacos, but you would have to be one hell of a heartless person to eat one!

"This ornamental hand at my local IKEA with the middle finger ziptied down."

A parent who had encountered this product also added, "I pointed this out to my 11-year old with, 'to help practice drawing hands.' He wanted it. We bought it. It's been sitting in my living room with only the middle finger extended for just about every second of his ownership. I'm still optimistic about the drawing thing."

"Ah yes. Cat."

When I read, "Angry at life," and "seems to be nocturnal," I did for a moment think that this could actually be the perfect pet for me. Although, I really do not fancy being bitten by a badger every day.

"Saw this on the way home from work today. Genius branding."

It would be even better if they hadn't meant this to be a joke. Perhaps this company is owned by a Mr. Stiff Nipples? A man who has never been introduced to a room of people without hearing a chorus of immature giggles.

"The motel we're staying is on a septic system and warns about what not to flush."

Well, if I am not allowed to flush my ugly old sweaters down the toilet then how am I meant to get rid of them? Christ, this world is really changing, you used to be able to flush sweaters whenever you wanted, but not nowadays.

"Looks green to me!"

I love that they could not even be bothered to find green paint to write this message in, the blue really adds to the aesthetic. As far as quick fixes go, this one has got to be one of my favorites.

Take Note!

Cannibals are actually very snooty about the proper use of punctuation. Some cannibals will not eat people who use improper punctuation as well, as they say that it makes the skin taste of rancid bacon bits. That is definitely true.

"Thrilling chase underway here..."

I tell you what, the stakes have really gotten less and less impressive in the most recent instalments of the Fast And The Furious franchise. Who could have foreseen this film series becoming about Vin Diesel trying to hunt down old pallets for arts and crafts?

"Car math."

I would almost have been tempted to write the wrong answer on there just to annoy everyone else who is sat behind this car. It is amazing the things that people will do to entertain themselves when they're stuck in traffic.

"Ate at this Mexican restaurant that used to be a KFC."

Look, I guess that glass can be expensive, so why should they bother taking something down when you can just repurpose it. Also, this turned out to be the best marketing move that they could possible have made given the situation.

"Saw this boat at a gas station near my house."

Something tells me that the person who named this boat must be a father. I don't really see the point of owning a boat if you cannot give it a terrifically daft name like this. I like the classic name, "Cirrhosis of the River," as well.

Please Call!

"Either somebody in my apartment is really lonely and thought this would be a fun way to get friends, or someone is in the middle of a prank war. Either way, I love it," explained the individual who found this.

The Weather Rocks!

You would be pretty hard pressed to find a more accurate weather forecast than by looking at this stone. Well, unless someone steals the stone and then you're just left thinking that there is perpetually a tornado occurring around you.

"My son said he just wanted some cold hard cash for his birthday..."

It appears that the person who posted this is really leaning into world of dad jokes. I suppose that this guy's son will also have to look into liquidating his assets. If you cannot beat them, then you may as well join them.

"Interesting Guitar!"

You cannot really argue that this is one hell of an interesting "guitar." I would love to see the person who designed this try and actually play a guitar by blowing into it. That would get some really "interesting" sounds.

"The conference room we rented was connected to the seal aquarium."

Of course it was next to the seal aquarium, this guy is your new boss! Why else would they have organized for a conference in such a place? Well, it is either that or this guy is a corporate spy!

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