20 People Who Seem To Have Lost Their Mojo

We've all been there: you're feeling good, feeling confident, then some random thing goes wrong and your day is ruined.

In the long run, you can always pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get back to whatever you were doing. But man, sometimes fate just wants to ruin your mojo.

"Stainless steel, two weeks old."

Reddit | WeSaidMeh

Ikea deserves some blame here, but at the same time, I understand their motivation. "Stainless steel" just sounds so much better, and has more of a ring to it, than "Steel that will actually get stained after two weeks."

"I ordered chicken wings for dinner and got a box of only veggies and sauce."

That side order of celery and carrots is integral on wing night, but when you subtract the wings from the equation, the whole thing just comes off as sad — especially considering the state of those veggies.

"Halfway into the pizza, noticed there's a huge footprint inside the pizza box."

Reddit | Werocia

I'm going to say OP is at fault here for ordering from Big Stompers Pizza. What did they expect the box to look like? That's just the chef putting their mark on things.

"I picked something up at work, all of a sudden my leg started to hurt, I reached into the pocket at my leg and realised that my spare blade made it out of the case somehow."

Reddit | NixonXIV

I call this one the knifey surprise, now with more jabbing!

"Ordered a Gromit coffee mug online."

Reddit | mattpond

This looks like a classic Wish order. I think OP could play this off as intentional. Like, it's a mug with a picture of a mug on it. That's enough to blow some people's minds.

"What the hell is even the point of a note like this?"

Reddit | GamingImpaired

I guess this note is enough to solve the scratch mystery for the owner of this car, but not enough to allow them to seek out the person who did the damage.

"Brand new box of nails forgotten outside for four days."

Reddit | CaligulasPeri

It sucks to lose out on a box of perfectly good nails, but it's also kind of cool how quickly things can rust over completely. That's my take, at least.

"8 year old remembered to take the foil flavor packet out! She forgot to add water."

Reddit | motomermaid

I guess this represents progress for an eight-year-old who aspires to be a chef. Ramen's cheap, too. At least the house didn't get set on fire or anything like that.

"I see everyone's Legos for all time and raise you a half chewed ostrich bone. At least I bought fun bandaids last week."

Reddit | emo_monk

I really appreciate how this person went outside the box when they went out and injured themselves. Like, who even has half-chewed ostrich bones lying around?

"Received this today. Kinda resembles my mental state."

Reddit | Normallyeffusive

Sometimes it feels like you've been battered and beaten down by life. It's like the clear signs that you're fragile and need careful handling have been totally ignored. All you can do is try to hang in there.

"Got home from vacation only to find out our fridge and freezer have been dead for 10 days."

Reddit | deadfeather19

This is part of the experience of going away for a few days: leave things unattended, and everything breaks down.

"Gift from Mother Nature."

Reddit | sleepyhead242

Look, if you park under a tree, you can expect leaves, sticks, bird poop and maybe even big branches to fall on your car. Having a...pumpkin? Is that a gourd of some kind? fall on your car is a bit different.

"My dad does the lottery every week, this is 4-5 months of losing tickets."

Reddit | funfacts2468

Even though we all know that the lottery is heavily stacked against us, that's a large, large pile of losing tickets. Like, you'd expect a few out of that to hit at least a few numbers in that time, wouldn't you?

"I’m being overcharged by insurance after my daughter was born. This is the pile of mail I have to go through to prove they’re ripping me off. Pear for scale."

Reddit | ethicalgreyarea

There's nothing like a gigantic stack of paperwork while going toe-to-toe with a faceless corporation to sap your will to live.

"Had a sandwich from the market wrapped from the deli like they wrap meat in the meat department. Didn’t grab the sandwich one this morning."

Reddit | no_sam

This is a big problem if you want a sandwich. But if you want a slab of raw meat for lunch, it's a big win.

"My boss's secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast."

Reddit | whothefuqisdan

This goes against the theme of this list somewhat. It kind of looks like the boss's secretary found their mojo with this kiss-off of a going away present. Well played, former secretary.

"Current heatwave has caused my glass table to explode (all over my freshly painted decking)."

Reddit | WRODavid

Why do glass surfaces explode sometimes? It's something to do with heating and cooling, maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that it's terrifying when this happens in the middle of the night.

"The box said 3000 pieces. A week of quarantine tells me it's 2999."

Reddit | NotACrowbot

I can't imagine how boring it must have been to figure out that this puzzle had nearly, but not quite, 3,000 pieces. Boring, and frustrating, of course.

"There goes our precious pie."

Reddit | huudss

Some pizzas can be dropped and still be salvageable. This pie is, regrettably, mangled past the point of no return. As a pizza lover myself, seeing something like this truly is a heartbreaking sight.

"Just got home with my new shoes. About to go for a run."

Reddit | Goochslayr

At least these shoes are the same size. Even though they're both for left feet, they can probably work, so long as the wearer is okay with having a super uncomfortable right foot.

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