19 Funny Pics You Need A Darker Sense Of Humor To Appreciate

There are some things in life that you look at and think, "I probably shouldn't laugh at this," but you simply cannot help yourself. Sometimes laughter can be the best way to break a tense moment...sometimes.

So, from people who laughed their way into their coffin to individuals who made Batman feel bad, here are 19 funny pics you need a dark sense of humor to appreciate!

"Am I gone?"

One particularly delightful individual went on to suggest, "I bet there's a hospice around the corner called 'Notyet' hospice." I think that he should maybe consider opening such a place if it doesn't already exist, he could make a killing.


All things aside here, I cannot think of any actual meal that I would like to eat less than a Burger King hot dog. They're the supposed kings of burgers, not hot dogs...and their damn burgers are pretty awful as well!

"Well that's convenient, or cruel, not sure."

There surely have to be laws against this kind of thing? Do you think that Michael Mischer actually planned this torturous shop placement out, or do you think that it was all some sort of happy coincidence? My money is on it being deliberate.

"That's just cruel. Really cruel."

That would have to be one hell of a special phone that Batman had to talk to his mother! Maybe he has some sort of unique Batphone that can contact people from beyond the grave? I highly doubt it though.

"I'm all for environmentalism, but this is a step too far. Water I received at my local vet's office."

I don't know about you guys, but I just cannot drink a bottle of water anymore without knowing for 100% certain that it has been made from the crushed up remains of someone's beloved household pet! I'm just doing my bit for the environment.

"Today my little brother came to me to show me what he has invented. Something is very wrong with this child."

I think that you maybe need to find out what your little brother is planning on doing with his new invention. It would be slightly more terrifying if he had put these down and gone, "Look what I made. Now run..."

"This is just evil..."

Maybe the doctors wanted to use this as a sort of test to see how severe a person's condition was prior to actually getting to the treatment room. Although, I think that it is more likely that this was just someone arsing around.

"McDonalds/Uber Eats calling me out."

I am sure that, if this happened to me, I would spend a few minutes quietly contemplating my life choices only for me to then immediately tear through all of the food that I had ordered without a second thought.

"I shouldn't laugh... But I did. All they had to add was drive at the beginning."

I mean, there is a line there, which is something. Although, I can see how at a glance this might indeed suggest something a little less subtle. This also strikes me as the sort of thing that would garner complaints from the HOA.

If You Say So!

I wonder what type of food it is that they serve at this establishment? Jessica must also have one hell of an extensive family if they are able to be chopping up brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles every night!

"But I don't want to be invited!"

It does not sound like you have much of a choice in the matter! I feel as though inside of this envelope will be a warning that your name has been put on a hit list. Although, maybe I've been watching too much John Wick at the moment.

"This Taiwanese teacher probably shouldn't have labeled each kid's plant with their pictures."

The best idea that one person had from seeing this was to plant flowers for their friends and family in their garden, and to make them like this. It would sure as hell creep out any family and/or friends who came over!

"In the end it was all we wanted."

If you are also the kind of person who loathes "live, laugh, love" signs, then pity this one person who posted:

"I was training a new coworker and said, 'Could you imagine dating someone, getting married, and then you move in together and they have Live, Laugh, Love signs everywhere?' He replied that his wife had them all over the house."

"The Big Lebowski: Donny Kerabatsos "Action Figure" (Funeral Edition)."

God I love that movie, and I now know that I need to hunt down one of the action figures. I cannot remember the last time that I wanted something as much as I want that. I just need that action figure of Donny. Donny, who loved bowling.

"I'm trying, but they won't leave me alone."

Now I am just picturing parents stood at their kitchen window, lobbing lumps of mashed potato from ladles to the other end of the garden where two kids are sat trying to catch it. You have got to keep your distance guys!

"Please don't park too close I'm fat."

The rear, right-hand side window seems like a strange place to put that sign — but hey, your car your choice! From my experience in parking in multi-stories though, there is no sign you can put on your car which will stop people parking like asshats next to you.

"Parents checking out the view from their future grave plots they purchased in the cemetery."

I like to think that these two will make sure that they are doing this pose when they are put into their coffins, so that they are forever flipping off anyone who comes to this place to pay their respects.

"These biker gangs are getting out of control."

Be very careful, if you mess with the Sons Of Arthritis then they will hunt you down and complain at you loudly for days on end. They'll complain about anything as well! The one thing that you do not want to get caught doing is messing around on their lawn.

"Using the baler can feel cruel at times."

It is almost as though I can hear their little high pitched voices calling out, "Help us! Don't let us be crushed to death!" And yet, there I would stand at the controls, like a God amongst cardboard men, crushing the life right out of them.